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I must be stupid,

Must be crazy,

Must be out of my mind, to say the kind of things I said last night.

Mirror, mirror hanging on the wall.

You don't have to tell me, whose the biggest fool of all.

A petite redhead sat there extremely pissed. She did not want to go to Konoha. She walked in a dense forest next to four jounin from the Whirlpool village. Why did they think it was a good idea to take her? All this walking felt like a punishment instead of a reward.

The gates opened slowly. There wasn't a body of water to be seen. The town seemed friendly but it just wasn't what she was used to. Apathetically she walked through the gates. There she spotted a conceited blonde boy with a crowd of people surrounding him. This is too much! That kid has everyone waiting at his beck and call. Just what makes him so special.

"Oh of course, you want to see this new jutsu I've been working on?" Blondie said to the crowd of peers. There he made a shadow clone. One shadow clone. There were murmurs of ooohhhs and ahhhs, also that's a jounin technique. Please, she could do that if both her arms were cut off. Ok no, but you get the point. Staring at the boy, she walked over. He looked at her and their eyes met.

"Hey prissy bitch, watch this!" There were tons of gasps and shakes of heads. That little boy just cursed they thought. The whirlpool jounin came to grab her. Until she screamed, "Multishadow clone jutsu!" There over a hundred little redhead boys appeared and started laughing and pointing at the blonde boy. "Next time, don't be so pretentious and look down on me."

There the redhead stood triumphantly as on command all of her doppelgangers disappeared. She walked away with her head held high and the jounin followed in suit. The blonde stood there baffled. He felt like an idiot with no talent. He was also mad. How did that stupid boy do that. He looked about two years younger than him. He sulked and muttered to himself for the rest of the day.


The redhead woke up. She looked at the clock next to her, 6:37 am. "Ughhh!" She groaned. Mind as well get up she thought. She stood in her room and stretched. As she was showering she thought about someone. The blonde boy with the weird hair cut. Or maybe it was a girl. No it had to be a girl. I mean who seriously was that pretty. Now Kushina had to make fun of him for this. I mean he was such a pretty boy, he did deserve it. She stepped out of the shower, brushed her teeth and put on a baggy shirt that had a dinosaur on it. She was out of the guest house by 7:00 sharp.

Even though it was early she felt like ramen. The fact was she always felt like ramen though. She looked for a shop to maybe get some. There stood a stand, Ichiraku Ramen. Whatever it smelled delicious. And what do you Blondie was sitting there picking over his food. She sat down and ordered 4 orders. They all widened there eyes. Blondie was looking her over with a cross between a look over and a glare.

Finally she dug in. It was SO good. She ate her four helpings in a little over a minute. After a while she noticed that he was staring at her. She turned on her chair.

"See something you like?" He reddened.

"No, I don't like boys," he replied defiantly. "Plus… I don't know… uh. He stuttered. He was flustered to the point of peeing your pants. "I'm just trying to understand why your chakra is so high."

"Oh," she smirked. And took off her sweatshirt. There was no denying it. Without that baggy hoodie she had a thin waist with a rather large hips, besides that, if he wasn't mistaken, those were… boobs. If even possible he got redder. So mad he said, I'm sorry."

"You should be. Just because I'm a girl, doesn't mean my chakra is low. You need to stop being a chauvenistic ass and see that girls are just as good as boys." He continued to stare at her. No one had ever talked to him that way in his life.

"God, you're a pervert!" And finished her meal(well meals) with a loud belch. "See you Blondie."

"No- I- I'm not a PERVERT!"

He walked around the rest of the day peeved. He had to talk to master Jiraya about this. How could a girl beat him? She performed the Shadow Clone Jutsu without error. Not to mention there were well over two hundred. But she was a GIRL! He argued with himself. The only reason girls become ninja is be in the medical field. Otherwise didn't they stay home and bake? He wouldn't know he never had a mother. She was so… I don't know. He had to talk to Jiraya-Sensei. Now.

"Hey there Minato!" Speak of the devil he thought.

He explained everything to him and even reddened a little bit. Little boys of twelve did not want to be beaten by girls, Jiraya sat there and laughed.

"Ok my boy are you blushing because you're mad she beat you or because you think she cute?" How could he think she was cute? At first I thought she was a BOY!

"Jiraya-Sensei it's because girls are supposed to be homemakers not beat me!" He screamed at his master and people turned around and stared at them questioning. Jiraya still laughed.

"You know what, you are absolutely no help, and I'm gonna tell Tsunade-sama for not supporting me." His laughing ceased, he sweat dropped, and his teeth chattered.

"No." Minato went to tell on him. Secretly Jiraya was excited that Tsunade was going to touch him. He was such a good actor, man.

Minato saw that redhead sitting singing to herself throwing rocks at passing people. He walked up at her and stared. She didn't notice him, she was to caught up in her singing. Why isn't she looking at me? He thought. He wasn't just mad at her. He was pissed. His face became maroon and his hand started to shake. Why is she making me so angry? Oh because she better than you his conscience said.

"I HATE YOU!" She sat there taken aback. Very confused and a little hurt. Sickly she was also satisfied. She smirked. Then flipped him off.

"You…You! You can't do that to me!"

"Why not? So what's your name Blondie? Mine's Kushina."

"Because you can't! And don't call me Blondie my name's Minato!" He stayed there panting. While she giggled. Why was everyone laughing at me today! He stood fuming. While she sat there content. He climbed up in the branch next to her.

"So, where are you from?" He had been curious at what sort of jutsu she could use. She turned to him and smiled.

"WhirlPool, it's not as big as here but, it's homey. It rains almost everyday. And when the lakes get over filled and the wind is high, it gets amazing maelstroms. Probably why it's called WhirlPool." She sat there thinking dreamily about her viilage.

"It's getting late, I've got to go get home. Good bye." She thought about his words. He didn't say bye, he said 'good'bye.


The next day she left Konoha. Thinking of B-Minato. She could always torture him at the up and coming Chuunin Exams.


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