bGay Anniversary Blues

Gay Anniversary Blues

Chapter 4

"Draco? Are you home?" Harry peeled off his robes, dropped them over the arm of the sofa, and rubbed his face tiredly. He and Ron had just spent two hours in Kingsley's office, trying to convince him not to charge Draco with Misuse of Magic. As it was, he'd had to do some very fast talking to get the fine down to a hefty five thousand Galleons. And he was to be responsible for ensuring that his spouse stayed away from Muggle establishments for an entire year. God, what a harrowing afternoon. First, the Apparating all over London trying to placate harassed Muggles; then the confrontation with Kingsley. All he wanted now was a hot bath, dinner, and bed, in that order. He knew, however, that that little scenario would not be on the cards. He sighed as he wondered how he should deal with his miscreant husband.

"Harry, you're fucking late and my Beef Wellington is overdone." Draco stalked into the living room with a pair of tongs in his hand and waved them in front of Harry as he parked his other hand on his hip. "Where the fuck have you been?"

"Happy Anniversary to you, too."

"Don't fucking give me that. Why didn't you call? I was worried sick!" Draco began to tap his foot in irritation. "Well, what have you got to say for yourself?"

Harry raised his eyebrows and pursed his lips thoughtfully for a moment, then sauntered casually over to his spouse. Draco frowned and narrowed his eyes. Harry stopped when they were toe to toe, casually loosening his tie and undoing his top button. He cocked his head and regarded Draco for several long moments.

"Hmmm…. Let me see. First there was the chicken at Harrods." He raised his eyebrows as Draco blanched and swallowed. "Then there was the clerk in drag at John Lewis…."

"Oh. That." Draco looked up and bit his lip. It was aggravatingly adorable. "Um, Harry, I can explain-"

Ignoring him, Harry moved forward and slid his hands around Draco's waist, leaning forward until his lips were close to Draco's ear. "Then…" He sighed and his warm breath caused the hairs on Draco's neck to stand on end. Draco made a sound as if to continue, but Harry once again cut him off. "Uh. Then there was an explosion at the Card Factory." His breath ghosted across Draco's cheek and the latter's breath hitched in his chest. "Imagine that. All those cards, Draco. In a heap." He inched slightly closer until his lips brushed against the shell of Draco's ear. "All. Over. The floor…."

Draco shifted uncomfortably and tried to pull back, but Harry had moved his hands around and up Draco's back, pulling him in until their chests met.

"It wasn't as bad as all that. Honest, Harry, I can explain," Draco whined against his neck.

Harry did pull back then, his brows arched and his eyes searching the now paled face in front of him. "Oh? Do tell. Because I have just spent two fucking hours in Kingsley's office trying to come up with a reason why he shouldn't jail your arse."

Draco's lips thinned at the tone in Harry's voice and he pushed him away with force. "Well, pardon me for trying to make our anniversary something special, you ungrateful bastard! I traipsed all over London – to Muggle stores, Harry. Yes, Muggle stores! I put up with disgusting, snivelling old ladies yelling at me, kids drooling on my leg, nasty men swearing at me, and fucking bigoted sales clerks belittling me. But do you care? Oh, no! All you fucking care about is your precious reputation and what Kingsley fucking Shacklebolt has to say!" He was fuming by this stage, the little vein in his left temple throbbing visibly.

"Oh, and so you just had to hex them, didn't you?" Harry crossed his arms in exasperation. "For Merlin's sake, do you have no sense of propriety?"

"Propriety? Propriety?! I'll give you fucking propriety, you sanctimonious arse!" Draco turned and marched into the kitchen, returning within seconds with a tray in his hand. "Here's your fucking dinner," he sneered as he dumped the Beef Wellington unceremoniously on the floor at Harry's feet.

Harry looked down in shock, then back at his distressed spouse, who was close to hyperventilating by this stage. Fuck, what was he doing? This was his anniversary! They should be celebrating, not fighting like cats and dogs. Taking a deep breath, he moved forward and took Draco into his arms. Draco stiffened at the contact and looked away, but Harry pulled him closer and nuzzled his neck. "Draco, stop."

Draco squirmed in his arms and tried to break out of the embrace, but Harry was having none of it. He held fast until Draco finally gave up fidgeting and slumped against him, burying his face in the crook of his neck. Harry almost felt sorry for him, but then remembered the long, long bawling out he had been subjected to back at the Ministry, so he continued. "Love? Can you please explain what you were doing hexing Muggles all over London?"

Harry felt lips moving against his neck as Draco mumbled something incoherent, and tried not to chuckle at the endearing cuteness of the gesture. Relenting slightly, he reached a hand up to stroke the long blond strands for several moments, before pulling back and lifting Draco's chin to face him. "Okay. Tell me what happened."

"Oh, God, Harry, it was horrible!" Tears sprung into Draco's eyes and he lifted his head and sniffed pathetically. Harry inwardly rolled his eyes at the manipulative move, but didn't say anything as he waited for his spouse to continue. He almost laughed out loud, however, when the latter choked back a sob and looked at him miserably. Now, that was bordering on criminally gorgeous – those pale grey eyes brimming over with crocodile tears and the quivering pink bottom lip. Harry could barely stop himself from melting completely.

"They were mean to me – the Muggles, Harry – they were mean and nasty and –" He hiccupped a few times as he choked back more fake sobs and Harry stroked his cheek soothingly.

"What could they possibly have done to make you react like that?"

"The fake-blonde dragon at Harrods called me perverted and the fat-arsed clerk at John Lewis said I was filth! All because I asked for a gay anniversary card! I had to hex them!" He dropped his head back onto Harry's shoulder as he shook with dry sobs.

"Oh, Merlin, love, they didn't." Harry sighed and pulled his spouse in closer so he could rub soothing circles over his back. "Bloody homophobes. I wish I'd hexed them myself."

"They deserved it," Draco muttered against the stubble of Harry's throat. Moments later, he lifted his head to look into Harry's eyes. "I just wanted it to be special for you. You always do so much for me and I wanted to do something back. Who'd have thought it would be so hard to find a gay card?"

"Indeed." Harry leaned in slightly and brushed their lips together. "I suppose it might have been worth the five thousand Galleon fine to see that fat clerk do the Time Warp." He chuckled against Draco's lips and the latter smirked, tears forgotten.

"Merlin, you should have seen him! Wait – five thousand galleons?" Draco stared at him with wide eyes as Harry's words registered. "Holy fuck!" he groaned. "God, I'm so sorry." He dropped his head back to Harry's shoulder and sighed heavily.

"You know… I can think of several ways you can pay me back." Draco's head shot up again at that and Harry grinned at him wickedly. "How about we start with dinner and work from there?"

"But dinner is ruined! The Beef Wellington is like rubber." Draco waved the tongs, which he was still holding, in front of Harry and pouted.

"Well, then, I suppose I'll just have to eat you, then." Harry's look was predatory and he growled as Draco smirked and slowly backed away.

"You'll have to catch me first." Draco threw the tongs on the floor and pushed Harry playfully before turning and running from the room with Harry hot on his heels.

Harry caught up with him in the kitchen and pinned him against the bench. "Now, where to start? Hmmm, I think I'll start… here." He leaned forward and nipped lightly at Draco's throat several times, before running his tongue down the tender, pale skin, which erupted into goose flesh at the touch. "Mmmmm… you taste good enough to eat."

Draco dropped his head back and his breath hitched as Harry's lips and tongue teased his throat, and when he grazed his teeth along the tender skin below his ear, Draco moaned. The sound went straight to Harry's cock, which twitched and instantly hardened. Merlin, what Draco did to him! That lean muscled body and pale smooth skin, the hair that was soft as spun silk and smelled of the rich fragrance of his expensive shampoo. The aroma invaded his nostrils as he buried his face into the delicate strands behind Draco's ear. Mmmm, this was heaven. It was no wonder Harry could never stay mad for long; not with this feast of delectable sensations overpowering him.

He ground himself against Draco's hip and moaned at the feel of his lover's erection against his own. Draco pushed back against him, their hips rocking together in an erratic rhythm as they sought each others mouths. They kissed hungrily for long minutes, tongues thrusting into mouths, lips alternatively yielding and insistent, until Harry thought he would burst if he didn't feel his lover's cock in his hand right then and there. He slid his hand down between them and pulled at Draco's shirt to lift it out of his trousers so he could reach under and feel the warm flesh beneath. Draco's stomach muscles clenched as Harry's fingers glided over them before tripping up and over the ridges of his ribs and back down again.

Then the hand slipped under Draco's waistband and the elastic of his boxers to find its treasure and Draco moaned when the soft tips of Harry's fingers gently rubbed the tip of his cock before sliding down and grasping the shaft at its base. The sound made Harry nearly come on the spot. He pulled at the hard length several times until Draco was bucking against him and his own cock was throbbing. In a frenzy of need he drew his hand out again and fumbled with the buttons of Draco's pants, his fingers steadfastly refusing to work in his haste to get past the barrier of clothes. Finally, in frustration, he drew his wand from his pocket and within seconds they were both naked and thrusting against each other, moaning at the feel of skin on skin and cock on cock.

Leaving the swollen red lips, Harry kissed a line down Draco's jaw, neck and chest, before dropping to his knees and taking Draco's cock in his hand. It was heavy and pulsing and it felt oh, so good in his grasp. He leaned forward and rubbed the head across his mouth and cheeks and Draco groaned loudly as the stubble on Harry's cheek grazed the tender flesh.

"Fuck, Harry."

"Mmmmm," was all that Harry could manage before taking the head in his mouth and sucking softly. Draco bucked into his mouth and Harry opened his lips and allowed his lover to thrust against the back of his throat several times before taking his hips in hand and pushing him back against the kitchen counter. He licked the underside with the flat of his tongue, alternating that with swirling his tongue and lips over the head and dipping into the slit, until Draco was fairly groaning with need and muttering unintelligible encouragements as he tangled his fingers in Harry's hair. Leaving the shaft for a moment, Harry dipped his head to take the wrinkled sac into his mouth, gently sucking and kneading the globes until they twitched and began to pull up. Harry took this as a signal that his lover was about ready to explode, and quickly moved to take his dripping cock into his mouth again. When Draco groaned loudly and tugged roughly on his hair, he sucked down hard, drawing him into the back of his throat and swallowing once, twice, and then Draco was spurting his seed down Harry's throat as he thrashed against the counter and clutched Harry for all he was worth.

Long moments later, Harry pulled away and licked the last remaining drop from the tip of the now mostly soft cock. He nuzzled the curls at its base before standing and pulling Draco into a tight embrace, their lips moving together again as Draco shared the taste of his own seed on Harry's tongue. Finally, Harry pulled away and smiled gently.

"Mmmmm, if that was the appetiser, what's for main course?" He grinned wickedly and Draco smirked at the lascivious look.

"How about an arse sandwich?"

Harry's snort quickly turned to a groan as Draco reached around and ran a long, slender finger up the crack of Harry's arse.

"Fuck, Draco," he breathed as he pushed back against it.

Draco smirked again. "That'll be dessert."