Sasuke Uchiha stood inside what was going to be his new room for the week or so Orochimaru was staying in this forsaken hide-out. The walls were rough, cold, jagged stone, very much like his heart. The bed was low to the floor and pushed against the wall, leaving a wide-open space in the middle of the room. A small candle was placed beside the bed on the stone floor. He now felt like a prisoner not only in mind, but in body as well.

He shuddered slightly as Orochimaru stalked up behind him.

"Sasuke-kun," He purred, "I'm eager to start our training, but first, Aoi shall change you from those rags," He stepped aside and revealed a girl Sasuke's age with pale, sun-deprived skin, large, fearful blue eyes, a skinny, awkward body, and lustrous black hair that hung loosely to the small of her back.

He merely grunted in response.

Aoi fearfully scuttled into his room as Orochimaru left. She looked at him, afraid that he would strike her down, and asked in a quiet, broken voice, "Could you please raise your arms for me?"

He really wasn't used to being asked that, but he knew that she was only doing her job.

He raised his arms for her. She pulled his shirt off and threw it down at her feet. She then handed him the thin, white blanket from his bed.

"Take off your pants, I'll be back with the proper attire," She turned and left him with a low bow.

Aoi walked stealthily through the long hallway from Sasuke's room to what was the make-shift washroom. The hall was just the same as Sasuke's room; it was rough stone with barely any light. She reached the door when Kabuto, who had a certain fondness for Aoi since she first arrived four years ago, reached out to her slender wrist.

"Aoi, why are you here? Shouldn't you be attending to the new arrival?"

"I am," She looked away nervously.

"I don't believe you. I think you came here, secretly hopping to see me," His glasses flashed from a flickering candle overhead.

"I didn't!"

His grip on her wrist tightened. With his free hand, he grabbed her rope obi and began to untie it.

Tears started to fill her eyes as she whispered, "Please, don't do this! Please, let me go! Please, I need to see to Sasuke!"

If she had a chance, those last few words ruined it.

Kabuto frowned, "Why do you have to play like it like that?"

"I'm sorry," She whimpered under his stern and questioningly hurt gaze.

"That's better. A woman should know her place, don't you agree?" He smiled kindly at her.


"Oh, don't be so sad, I still hold you in my heart!" With that said, he pulled her into close embrace.

Aoi wished with all her heart that she were not here. Here with Kabuto. Here under Orochimaru's twisted control. She wished she was strong enough to defend herself, but every single time she came close to trying to better herself, she was thwarted in every possible way. But even if she did leave, she had no where else to be, so she stayed.

Kabuto pulled her from her safety shell of thoughts by sliding two fingers roughly into her vagina. She rolled her head so she could face away from her violator.

"Aoi! I thought I told you to tend the Sasuke!" Orochimaru's voice thundered with rage.

Her head snapped over to face the pale snake, "I'm sorry! I was trying to but Kabuto-"

Orochimaru cut her off, "Blaming others? I thought you were better than that! Kabuto, desist and let her work, there will be plenty of time for this later," He spoke lightly, as if Aoi wasn't being raped before his eyes.

"Orochimaru-sama, forgive me," Kabuto released Aoi.

She fell forward but caught herself before she hit the ground. Orochimaru stood in front of her and cupped her face in his hands. She shivered at the contact.

"Aoi, you're such a lovely girl, you need not lower yourself to get my attention," He dropped her head and left to go about his sinister business.

After fixing her white kimono and re-tying her purple obi, she grabbed Sasuke's new clothes and acted as though nothing happened to her only moments ago.

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