My Gothic Angel

Chapter One: Gothic Princess

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight


I laid on my black bed thinking about tomorrow. Tomorrow was the first day i was going to this new school that has just opened. The thing is that they just had to open it when it was going to be my senior year. Not that i cared about the school that i was attending, everyone stared at me like i was freak. They stared at me because i was a freak, a freak always dressed in black. I just can't help but think will anyone really like me for my true self, They would be scared if I even told them. Everyone in my family has someone. Alice and Jasper are together, so are Rosalie and Emmett, and Carlisle and Esme. What about me!? What did i do to deserve no one?

I quickly glanced at the clock and it said 11:59 pm. My eyelids felt heavy so i decided just to go to sleep.

I was in a unfamiliar room. I walked through a door I have never seen before. "Alice, Jasper," I yelled. "Mom, Dad, Rose!" I started panicking. "Emmett if this is a joke I'm going to kill you!" Instead of meeting any of them I saw a girl sitting on top of a black and purple bed. The girl was gorgeous. She had brown curly hair which went perfect with her face structure and she had the most beautiful brown eyes i have ever seen. However just to make it all perfect she was wearing all black. She was the most amazing Gothic Princess I have ever seen. I walked closer to her, she was crying and her black eyeliner was running a little. I felt a pang in my chest. I really wanted to know what happened.

"Help me..." She wanted help? "I'm all alone." Her tears were flowing down her angelic pale cheeks.

I felt another pang. I wanted to hug her. Which to my surprise I really did. "Your not alone," I whispered into her ear.

"Yes I am..." Her head rested on my shoulder. "I have nobody."

I moved to look into her dark luscious brown eyes. "You have me..." I couldn't believe what I was saying but it felt so right. I wiped her tears away. However, my hand moved on it's on accord. I was touching her jaw line with my fingers softly hoping she won't run away from how cold and stone like they were. My hand went up to her lovely lips, (Her lips didn't have black lip stick on though) her lips parted a little and I felt her breath hit my fingers which made me feel all tingly inside. It felt so real. I wished it was, however I knew it wasn't. That didn't stop me from wanting her name. "What's your name?"

"Edward!!!" A familiar voice yelled. I opened my eyes to see my gothic princess gone. Instead my sister Alice was there. I glared at her, she glared back then went happy. "Get ready our last year of high school has just began!" She squealed.


"What's got you into a pissed off mood."

"You woke me up from the best dream of my life!" I got out of bed slowly. "Get out Alice so I can change."

"Well maybe if you stop dressing like your going to a funeral a girl might actually like you!" She commented as she left my room.

What does she know anyway she doesn't know how I feel. God I'm so happy that she can't read my mind even though i can read hers.

I should apologize to Edward, Alice thought.

Edward hasn't came down, Esme though.

I quickly put on clothes (black pants and a Metallica shirt). I ran down stairs to see everyone ready and waiting to leave. I was always driving my family to school. We all got into my Silver Volvo and went to our new school.

I had to admit, the school was nice. It was a nice size and looked decent. On the other hand i couldn't say the same thing for the people's thoughts though, they were really rated R and i don't want to have images of that in my head. There was some students from my old school too. Again not that i cared.

"Come on lets go!" Alice was excied as ever. Jasper just smiled at her while Rose and Emmett followed her. I was about to follow when someone crashed into me making all their stuff fall on the ground. None of my stuff fell because I was perfectly coordinated. I went down to help this person pick up their stuff but then i was hit with a wrecking ball. This person's scent was so delicious. No! Stop Edward! I turned so I can see the person to kept a mental note to stay away from them. However when I turned I was staring into those big dark luscious eyes again. My Gothic Princess!