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Alaska was beautiful. The only thing that was bad was the snow and how could it was, But I can live threw it. As long as I have Edward by me. He helped me threw hard times. He was always there for me.

"Bella get out of bed!" Alice yelled at me. "Today is the big day."

I smiled and got out of the comfortable bed. Today was the day I was going to get married to Edward Cullen. "Okay, I'm up." I laughed.

"Good. Now lets get you ready for the biggest day of your life." Alice walked quickly to the closet and grabbed the wedding dress. "Oh! I almost forgot. Here. It came in the mail for you," She said as she handed me a note.

I grabbed it and she walked away to the dresser where all the hair products were. I opened the letter and read.

Dear Bella,

Let this day represent the start of a new beginning that will led to something huge and maybe even.... terrifying.


What? What does this mean? Who is it from? J? Jacob? No, it can't be I never told anyone were I was moving to.

"Bella, come over here. Let me get you ready." Alice complained.

"Okay," I said as I walked over to her. I'll just forget the letter. It doesn't mean anything.

"Lets put the dress on first."

I slipped into the white dress (you can make it any design you want) and Alice zipped it up for me.

It took like an hour for Alice to finish with my hair, which was in curls and very pretty. One hour on my nails and toenails, which are a light blue with as silver rose. Also one hour on trying to get me to stop hyperventilating.

"Come on Its time," Alice said.

The wedding was just outside of this house. It was only us Cullens here and the guy that is marrying us. Alice took me outside were Carlisle was waiting.

"Hey Bella. You look amazing," He said.

I said thank you and took his arm as he started to walk me to were my family was waiting. Once we got there everyone smiled and watched as we walked down the isle. I looked at Edward and smiled. He was smiling holding his hand out waiting for me to take it. Once I was close enough I took his hand. That's when it hit me. This is the start of a new beginning...

And I had a feeling something huge was going to happen.

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