Chapter 14

It was Saturday, just a day after Alex and Mew said goodbye to the past. Mew was sweaty from cleaning the house. He woke up when the sun wasn't up yet, and decided to start his life anew by throwing all the baggage that he doesn't need in his life. He thought that cleaning the house would be an excellent first step.

He swept and waxed the floor. He wiped the dust from the furniture, changed the curtains, and put the things that needed to be thrown away in a trash cleaning the house, he tried to think about Alex. He searched his heart on how he felt about separating with him, and found that there was only peace. Maybe, they were really not meant for each other, but he felt sure that their friendship would endure. He smiled at the thought of finally being free from carrying emotional baggage for so long.

By 2PM, he finished cleaning the last room. He went downstairs to eat cupped noodles after he finally started feeling hungry. He was halfway done with his food when he heard a car park in front of his house. Since his door was always slightly open, he noticed two adults go out of the car. His heart seemed to stop beating when he noticed that they were Tong's parents. He stood and went to the door to greet them, but not really knowing what to do. The last time he saw his aunt Sunee was the time she asked him to stay away from Tong.

"Good afternoon, Mew," they said as they saw him approach.

"Good afternoon… auntie, uncle… is there anything that I can do?" He was bracing himself for the impending doom. He didn't forget his manners, though, and invited them to come inside, but they refused.

"We won't be long, Mew," said Sunee, "I just want to apologize for what I've said to you before. I now know I wasn't right."

Mew's heart was beating hard. Did he hear her correctly?

Korn spoke, "Our son has been very responsible since last year, and we think we have you to thank for it. He has also been very lonely, and what parents would we be if we just… well, you know what we're talking about! We just want to say that we trust you guys, and we want you to be happy..." He smiled and handed Mew a piece of paper. With that, the husband and wife bade him goodbye and left.

Mew couldn't understand what happened. Are they saying that it's okay if they're… together? But, he thought sadly, it's Tong who couldn't handle the situation. Then he remembered the piece of paper that Korn handed him. It read:

I remember the first time that I really saw you… it was when you were sitting down the stairs with me and my black eyes. I thought I wanted to protect you from bad guys. I don't know why and how it lasted this long… but I want you to know that I don't want it to end here. I want you to be a permanent part of my life from now on and protect you forever. If you want to be with me (I beg you), please go to the place where you found the first clue –

I know that! Mew thought excitedly. But he felt conflicted. What if… then he heard Ying shout from the window above him.

"Mew! What are you waiting for?"

All of Mew's emotions bundled into one joyful laugh. He shouted his thanks to Ying and ran to the bathroom. He quickly washed his hands and face, and went to his room to have a change of fresh shirt. His heart flew as he flew to Tong. His heart was filled with music that he didn't notice the heat of the afternoon sun, or the people who were looking at him, wondering happily why a crazily happy smile was pasted in his face.

He decided not to go to the other clues anymore, he knew in his heart where Tong would be waiting. As he half-walk, half-run to their meeting place by the river, teenagers stopped him from time to time and gave him long-stemmed red roses, with messages of Tong's love for him, written on pieces of paper. He thought he recognized some faces and knew that they were Tong's friends. He was more surprised when some of his own friends stopped him and gave him roses and letters. He laughed as he received them, but his shyness would have eaten him alive if not for the knowledge that Tong would be waiting for him at the end of the line.

From far away, he saw Tong's familiar figure, holding a ball of golden fur. He approached Tong with a bunch of flowers in his arms. He was all sweaty and grimy, but he was so happy. Things are going to be better from now on, he was sure of it.

Tong was smiling the smile that lights everybody's heart. "So, what are we going to name our little fur ball?" He said as he gently rubbed the sleeping Golden Retriever puppy.

"How about Christmas?" he answered, smiling.

"I like that."


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