Title: Incomplete

Author: Witchytara25

Spoilers: Major Journey's End spoilers

Summary: What happens when the one you want to be with is the one you can't be?

Disclaimer: Not mine. Belongs to the BBC and whoever else lays claim to these characters. I just take them out, dust them off and play with them.


He had travelled all around the world. He had seen things that no human being could imagine seeing. There was no situation he couldn't get out of. He had seen kings and queens and things in the past and future that the people of the present couldn't even fathom, yet in the end, he was stuck wondering what might have been if things had gone differently. He didn't care about much anymore, he just travelled aimlessly around the universe, searching for something that could replace the emptiness inside him, the ache, the loneliness, the emotions that he so long tried to repress when he was around her.


She was miserable without him. Stuck in this parallel universe with his clone, she knew why he had done it, yet the look alike it wasn't him. Not at all. He wasn't her Doctor. Just a facsimile that looked like him, he spoke like him, had the same mannerisms, they even had a TARDIS to travel around in, yet she couldn't help longing for what might have been.

It had been two years since they had saved the world, two years since she had been with the one she truly loved, and now she tried to love the clone like she loved the Doctor, yet as much as it was the same, everything was completely different.


He had other companions since her. There was Martha, Jack, Donna, and yet, he still found himself longing for her as he did in the days after Sarah Jane had left. Sarah Jane and Rose, the two he loved the most, the two he found himself thinking about and longing for. Sarah Jane he could check on from time to time and it made him smile to think how far she had come since the days of their travels together. She had moved on with her life, even though he knew she looked up at the night sky and thought of their travels together.

Rose, on the other hand, he couldn't just pop in and see. She was in a parallel universe, with the only thing he could think to give her to protect her. A clone of himself. He knew she wanted to stay with him, yet he knew she couldn't. To the rest of the world, Rose Tyler was dead. She was alive and well in the parallel universe, yet in her old world, she was dead, as was Mickey and Jackie. She was where she belonged.


She felt all alone, like she was drowning. Nothing had been the same since the day she almost flew into the void. When Pete came and rescued her just in time and took her to the other universe. She cried for months over him, and going to Bad Wolf Bay to say goodbye only made the pain worse. She mourned for months after that, wondering how she could get back to her universe so she could be with him again. And then, they were together again. Saving the world together like old times. Her Doctor. The one man she always loved and could never have.


They had to wonder if they made a mistake. That they should have said, how much they loved each other when they were together in Bad Wolf Bay. He knew he held the power to make her come with him, that he loved in a way that was different than his other companions. He knew that he would always love her, and she knew that she would always love her Doctor, not the clone. But they also knew that they both had to go on with their lives, no matter how longingly they both looked at the night sky and wished for something that could never be.