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It was a very strange day when seventy years down the road Cidney noticed that he wasn't aging, while his friends were becoming old and withered. Tifa and Yuffie were now old women. Tifa with graying hair down to her waist and Yuffie with a quaint grey bun on her head. Barrett was now in a wheel chair from not having enough strength to lift the gun that was attached to his hand any longer. Reeve was in a nursing home but had made the Cait Sith plushie a best seller before he was forced to go.

Though there were a few that were kept from aging. Nanaki was injected with so many chemicals from his time at Hojo's that he didn't know why but he was still as healthy and young as the day he was released. Cloud had been injected with so much mako that his body also refused to age. The chemicals simply prevented it. The Turks were now old men training the next generation.

Then there was Cid who's hair should have been pure grey still remained that slightly messy bleached blond that had driven the women wild in his day. He should have been on a breathing machine but his body still thrived as it did years before. It didn't make any sense to the pilot. When he had joined AVALANCHE he was the oldest member at age twenty nine. By definition he should be dead! He was ninety years old and still acted and moved like a twenty year old for crying out loud! Why the fuck wouldn't he age! He should be the grandpa that Yuffie always accused him of being! But here he was looking exactly like he did before. Damn he was aging like Vampy!


Could he have anything to do with this? He had been Cid's husband since two years after Sephiroth was defeated the first time. Vincent didn't age at all so maybe the gunman did something to him. Never being one to sit and ponder in comparison to running out and forcing answers, the pilot briskly strode to the kitchen. There the was vampire calmly sitting on one of the kitchen chairs while quietly reading one of his romance novels. The vampire noticed his husband's footsteps so he looked up with a raised eyebrow.

"Anything you want, Cidney?"

"Why the fuck aren't I aging like everyone else!?" There was more worry in that statement than anger. Vincent was happy to note, but the accusation hung in the air as if waiting to be challenged. The vampire visibly tensed. He was wondering when Cid would notice. He hoped that maybe the pilot would just think it was to his strong constitution a couple years longer. The vampire gently put the book her was reading down and looked his husband in the eyes.

"I'm so sorry Highwind."

Blue eyes pierced pleading red. They stared at each other in an awkward silence for a few seconds that felt like hours. Then Finally Cid spoke.

"What the fuck did you do to me?" The pilot had a slight hitch in his voice. He couldn't, no wouldn't believe that his lover would do something that would knowingly harm him. At least not until he heard Vincent's side of it. The vampire looking man let out a sigh and began.

"I wasn't sure this would happen but I had a hunch. The gene that keeps me from aging reacts like a virus, in that it can be spread from person to person. The spread can only take place through bodily fluids." The gunslinger explained quietly. Vincent took the risk and looked at his husband.

"Why didn't you tell me?" The pilot asked in such a childlike and innocent way that Valentine did another wince from the guilt.

"I wasn't sure if Hojo's ramblings about me were true and if they were I wasn't even sure if you would get it. I also didn't want you to leave me for the possibility that you might age the same way as me." The vampire answered. The last part so quietly that Cidney had to struggle to hear. Here was the tense silence that entered the room yet again. Vincent's stomach knotted in fear in what his lover would say next. It would make or break their future relationship.

"Well fuck Vinceā€¦.If it's bodily fluids you know how many times a week we go at it." The vampire downcast his eyes. Here it comes, the part where the love of his life walks out. The pilot smiled a calm smile as he saw how much this tormented his lover. He calmly walked over to the gunslinger and knelt, before taking the surprised man's human hand and gently lacing their fingers together. For a second Vincent dared to hope. It shone so clearly in his crimson eyes that were stared sincerely at by sky blue orbs.

"I don't mind wasting away with you." The pilot stated as he squeezed lightly on his husband's human hand. It was that statement that made Vincent's heart skip a beat. Did he Cid just say that? A wave of relief washed over him as he squeezed back. The pilot lightly brushed lips with his lover.

"But next time you better tell me." The vampire could only mutely nod.

It was never said out loud but it was agreed by both parties that if something ever happened and the other died. The one that survived would follow shortly after.

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