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Percy's POV

We sat there together. Annabeth and me. It's been 4 years since we fought Kronos and won. We were 20 years old now. Thinking about the life we wanted to have. I loved her and she loved me. I thought about my life. It was more stable. Not that many monsters to fight and no more quest. It was time to start life with a family. I wanted to marry her. We would be happy together. A bus pulled up to side in front of us. We kissed and said goodbye. She was going to San Francso to vist her father but she promise she'd come back.I watched the bus go off carring the love of my life off with it.I went back to my aprtment. . Grover lived ext store to me. We were neighbors and we hung out as usual.I walked in my room and put my bags down.

" Hey Percy" Grover said. He was in the kitchen making dinner.

" How do you keep coming in here?" I asked. Grover was always walking in uninvited. I wondered how?

" You put your spear key under the mat,Percy."

" Oh" I said then plopped down on the sofa. I smelled smoke coming from the kitchen followed by a boom. I turned and saw Grover on the floor, the oven on fire, and smoke everywhere. I acted quick and used my water powers to burn the fire

" I'll call Pizza Hut" I said. Grover smiled weakly and cleaned up the the pizza got here we ate.

" So I was thinking... about life" I said trying to start a conversation.

" What about it" Grover said between mouthfulls of pizza.

" Well...um... What I want to do in life"

" What do you want to do in you r life ,Percy"

" Well...I want to...marry Annabeth"

" Go figure"

"What is that suppose to mean"

"Well you liked her for 8 years,Pecry and now your going to marry her"

" Yeah so when she gets back I will. That means you have to help me pick out the ring"

" Ok.. tomorrow"

" Yeah"

Then the phone rang. I answered it. It was Annabeth.

" Hey, I just got to my dad's place. What are you doing?" she asked.

" Oh, nothing just eating pizza with Grover" I said

" And talking about how he wants to marry you" Grover said really loud.

" What?" she asked

" Nothing, Grover's about to stuff his face with pizza and SHUT UP" I said mainly to Grover. He rolled his eyes.

" Um..Ok.. You guys are so wired" She laughed.I talked to her all 12:47am we said we missed each other.

" Um..Annabeth" I said before we hung up.

" Yeah"

" Um.. I love you"

" I love you too, Seaweed Brain" She said then hung up. I laid there, on my bed thinking about how much I loved her.

" Are you gonna sleep or lay there thinking about Annabeth" Grover said. I throw a pillow at him and said" Go home. Grover"

" Fine. I see I'm not wanted by the Annabeth lover"

" Oh, shut up and call Juniper"

He left and I feel asleep thinking about Annabeth

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