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Annabeth's POV

I looked at myself in the mirror. Today was the big day. My reflection was so beautiful. I wore a white drees and my hair was curled and down on my shoulders.

" It's time" my step sister Kelly said. I followed her out the door. I could here the faint soft music coming from inside the next room. My dad was there waiting for me. He smile and a small tear came down he's face. This was it. He rapped his arm around mine and then the doors opened. Everyone stood up and turned to watch me walk down the aisle. Petals fell to the floor and I walked very slowly. I looked ahead and saw Percy staring at me with and huge grin on his face. He looked so handsome in his suit. Next to him was our best man,Grover. To my left was my mom's side of the family,the gods. They were disguised as mortals cause the real mortals didn't know that Greek gods were real. To my right was my dad's side of the family. My two brothers and step mom were there as well as all the other members in my family I've never even meet. Once my father and I got to the end of the aisle he let go of my arm and kissed my cheek. He was letting his baby girl grow up. I took my place by Percy. He smiled and so did I.

" Now we are gathered here today to honnor two very speciel people who are in love" the priest said." Now repeat after me.....".We said our vows and now came the 'I do's'. I looked into Percy's green eyes as he said" I do". Now it was my turn. I smiled and said" I do".

" Now you may kiss the bride" the priest said. We leaned in and kissed......

10 years later...now we have a family. Percy and me have 3 kids. First,the oldest,is,James. He has blond hair and hazel eyes. Next we had twins,Isabella and Cassandra. Isabella has dark hair like Percy and gray eyes like mine and Cassandra has Blone hair and green eyes. Were a big happy family now. We decided to not tell them about half-bloods and tried to live a normal life. I know its not right to keep secrets from your children but we had no choice. I'm a little scared cause sometimes I could seance that they have some powers. There very smart and we can't keep them from going to the beach and water. Ever since I lost my memory I lost half of my life. But now I started a new one. A happy one.

The End

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