Drusilla found
A piece
Of lace,
Dirty in the
Miss Edith
Saw it first,
But like a
Let her Drusilla
Have it as a

It was dirty,
And torn-
Still, it was
As mamma
Used to make
And sister
Used to wear,
She tucked it deep
Within her bosom-
A hidden
Secret treasure.

Papa Angelus
Took it from her,
Sneering as
He did,
"Ehhh, Drusilla
The filth
You do be
Draggin' in-
Worse than
Any puppy!"
As he tossed it
In the fire.

Drusilla screamed,
Her treasure
Papa Angelus
Said, "Hushup now,
I'll give you better."
And gave to
Her a silken
Which only
Made her cry
The harder.

Sweet William
Gave Papa a
Vicious glare,
Whispering as
He held her
"Shhh, now pet,
I'll give you
Twelve red rubies."
Drusilla wept
As Darla
Rolled her eyes.