For those first time readers, this is a sequel but you don't necessarily need to read the first story to enjoy this one. However, if you want to read about how Prowl had to take of a sparkling Jazz please read the first story. If that had never happened, this story would have never been. Also, there will be no slash, maybe a look here or there by Jazz or Prowl. But this is mainly about them raising their baby femme, Violet.

Also, I'd like to thank all those readers for their reviews and for voting for this sequel. I hope to continue to entertain you as we continue on with more sparkling humor, goodness, and love. As before this will be OC, movie verse, and hopefully just as funny.

So, let us begin with this brief introduction chapter. We pick up right where we left off with 'Oops! What Do You Mean Oops!'. Ratchet, Jazz, Prowl, and little Violet are all still in the med bay.

Med Bay

Jazz just stood there, one smitten mech with a huge grin on is face, one sparkling femme wrapped snuggly in a thermal blanket recharging in his arms, optics totally locked on her, spark threatening to explode with happiness. Never, during their long time as a bonded pair, with Prowl, had the thought crossed his mind about being a father.

He'd accepted the fact that there would be no sparklings of his own once he bonded with Prowl. Hence, was the reason why he made sure to experience a bit of fatherhood when he helped to raise Bumblebee and the twins. And Jazz had always looked forward to the day when Optimus and Elita had a sparkling of their own so he'd get the opportunity again.

Also, the desire was never there because he thought it was impossible for two same sexed mechanisms to produce offspring. One of them had to have a reproduction chamber and the other had to have a way to insert the small amount of spark energy needed to create a new spark inside said reproduction chamber. And neither Jazz nor Prowl were the type of mechs to be retro-fitted with one – if that was even possible.

But when Ratchet approached them both with his…surprisingly, radical medical know how, the impossible had become a reality. Neither mech was to be retro-fitted and have their mechhood decimated by the onslaught of jokes Sunny and Sides would no doubt have come up with - both Jazz and Prowl were very relieved about that! And to be honest, Jazz was both shocked and touched by the fact that Prowl agreed to go through with Ratchet's…some what humiliating and uncomfortable procedure.

The end result for both of them was more than worth it.


The tiny femme was only about twenty Earth minutes old and already she has captured the sparks off all who'd witnessed her birth, especially her two fathers. The relief that her spark was strong enough to give her protoform life melted away into the pure joy they felt now.

Prowl stood beside his sparkmate, his optics glowed with the same happiness, his spark pulsed with such pride. Both powerful feelings even radiated from the mech, which was rare for any emotion to emanate from Prowl. He'd be the first to admit that since he's so calm unless he was angry at the twins. But everything was different now. He could feel it. He knew it in his processor and in his spark.

With this new life comes a new responsibility, right?

Prowl honestly didn't know everything that was ahead for him or Jazz but he was ready to take on anything. Violet would rely so much on Jazz and Prowl during her first couple of weeks. Prowl knew that much from paying close attention to the conversations Elita and Chromia had about Max and Boomer. He didn't think of it as eavesdropping…more like information gathering as if he'd gone on a recon mission.

Still, he didn't learn much as the two femmes often recounted how many times their little mechs did something that only reminded them of their fathers – apparently Max could belch like Optimus while Boomer could drop stink bombs as bad as Ironhide. There was still so much more Prowl needed to know. After all, it was his duty as Violet's father to know all he could, to be prepared for anything and everything.

"Alright then…off you go. My duty is done," Ratchet commented, arms crossed across his chest, feeling rather happy with himself for pulling off this small miracle.

"Already?" Prowl questioned, looking a bit disconcerted at the CMO's announcement. "Is it safe for her? She was just born!"

"She's perfectly fine," Ratchet said rolling his optics. "I'm sure you both have lots of questions."

"Yes, several actually," Prowl responded.

"However," Ratchet quickly stopped Prowl before the mech really got going. He knew how thorough Prowl was during investigations. There was no doubt in Ratchet's processor that Prowl would ask question after question until the next millennium if Ratchet let him. The CMO wasn't going to let him. "This is not the time. I'll come by later. Violet is in recharge and will be for a few more hours. It'd be best if you took her to your quarters, let her get settled in. It's important that she not be bombarded with too much information for her first few days. This will give the three of you a chance to get to know each other and strengthen your family bond - very important for newly sparked sparklings."

"Our family," Jazz sighed, that grin still on his face, optics sparkling up at his sparkmate. "Did you hear that, Prowl? Our family. I never thought…"

Jazz cut himself off, overwhelmed by the emotion of the moment. He still couldn't believe it! He was a father. He had a sparkling. Her form was so warm in his arms but he was still tempted to ask Prowl to pinch him to prove everything during this moment was real. He looked up at Prowl, words failing him once again.

Prowl relented. The questions could wait. Through their bond he could feel every emotion and how overjoyed his sparkmate was. Besides, Jazz was making that face that Prowl could never say no to.

"Very well," the black and white mech smiled affectionately, one tender finger caressing the tiny femme's forehead. She was so beautiful, appeared so sweet. It would be nice to put her in the recharge crib he and Jazz made for her. After all, this had been the moment Prowl had been imagining for some time. No more imagining…she was here and in his life…in their life. His chest swelled up with pride as he looked from his daughter to his sparkmate. "Let's take Violet home, Jazz."