When he looks back on the first day of the outbreak, his blantent disregard and outright rejection of JD's feelings was mearly a cover-up for intense fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of what was to come. He was and is terrified of each coming day. He used to vent that fear off onto JD, knowing that the other one could and would handle it appropriately. But as time progresses, JD gets weaker and Perry gets softer. He's forgotten what it was like to be domineering and controlling. There's no time to fight when supplies are running low and patience running thin.

" How're you feeling today? " He asks quietly, though he is almost positive he already knows the answer.

" Surviving. "

And it's true. They are just surviving, nothing more.

They eat in silence, each bite weighing heavily in their stomach's. Perry watches JD from the corner of his eye, making sure that the other is eating the meal.

He knows how hard it can be to force it down sometimes.

He glances over at JD with adoration in his eyes. The way that JD, despite how weak and sickly he is, gets up every morning and manages to truck through every obstacle he faces, impresss Perry more than he can even say.

" What are we gonna do today? " JD asks, the words getting caught in his dry throat.

Perry shrugs. He has absolutely no clue. They have food for awhile. And shelter. There is no where to go and absolutely nothing to do.

The older doctor finishes off his portion and lays back on the bed. JD pushes his back too and leans into the other's embrace. Tenderly, Perry runs his calloused hands through JD's hair. He can't help but compare them to the Neanderthals, who spent half of their existance hunting for food, and the other half just laying together and enjoying one another.

" I love you. " JD whispers.

" You too, Newbie. "

Perry leans over and pecks his protege on the mouth, his lips tingling from the contact. JD moans softly and flips himself over on the bed, so that he was laying on his stomach right next to Perry.

Perry can't help but cringe as he caresses his lover's side and feels only skin and rib.

" Newbie, we need to get some more food in you. " He stops kissing JD and runs his hand up and down the man's torso. " You are way too thin. "

JD sits up and flinches away from Perry. He hates that the man treats him like he's so fragile. Despite the circumstances, he's the same person. He tries to show Perry that he isn't as weak as he seems. But every time he tries to do something to prove himself, he ends up getting hurt or passing out.

JD knows that he is slowly dying. So does Perry. But neither one of them mention it often. The truth hurts too bad.

" I'm fine. Don't worry about me. "

Perry sighs. " I have to worry. I can't lose you, Newbie. " He clears his throat and stands up. " I need you to be strong. "

JD nods and lays back on the bed. His eyelids droop and twitch, letting him know that his body is tired again, even though he just awoke. His body isn't getting enough energy to even function.

" Go to sleep, Newbie. We're leaving in three days. Until then, rest. I'll gather the supplies. "

JD half nods his head before his eyes betray him and close.