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I stood there like a deer caught in the headlights, not fully able to understand what he just said to me.

"I mean, I met the girl of my dreams. Bella, she's great. She's really smart and beautiful. You'd like her. God, I am a giant asshole, aren't I?"

After 2 years it....we.....us....over? Jacob stood there arms out stretched pleading with me not to be angry. I couldn't muster anger. Just pain.I cried softly as he turned to finish packing his bag.

'Yes you are, you self serving son of a bitch jackass......dog!' My mind couldn't come up with anything worse to call him right then. I'd have to get Rose to help me

think of some more things to call him. He looked at me with big brown eyes. He started to speak again and I couldn't bare to hear anything else he had to say but

he kept talking even though I am sure the look on my face could show the incredible amount of pain this was causing me.

"Bella you and I, there's just no spark. No magic .We have fun, but you have to admit there's no fireworks. We didn't want to be alone. I don't know how it happened, but we've spent the last 2 years just hanging out and really, I don't know why we've let it go on this long. You'll find someone that gives you fireworks and I hope we can be friends, someday."

He hung his head then like this was hurting him more then it was hurting me. I watched him walk out the door of my apartment as I just stood there in shock.

I didn't even defend myself. He stood there and told me we didn't have any chemistry and so sorry I hurt you but I've moved on to a gorgeous interesting smart girl who does give me fireworks and now I am leaving you here hoping that someday your ugly uninteresting stupid self manages to find a man that will have you as is because I'm out.

Sinking down into the couch I realized maybe he was right. Maybe we didn't want to be alone and there weren't any sparks. Who in their right mind would

want me anyway, a mousy bookworm that couldn't even speak up for herself when she was being told she was inadequate in her own house. Taking a deep

breath, I pulled out my cell phone praying my stupid big brother would answer his phone. He grumbled a greeting from the other end that sounded roughly like

burger king home of the whopper what's your beef.

"Emmet are you busy? Can you come over? I got dumped!" With that I started sobbing and he muttered a curse and said he'd be right over. About fifteen minutes later he showed up with ice cream and rubbed my back telling me it would be all right and I didn't need him anyway. He sat quietly while I ate my got dumped ice cream.

"Bells, he wasn't right for you anyway. He never was. Jasper and I never understood why you stayed with him. I keep telling you that you would save money moving into the spare room at my place. Maybe it's time for a change."

He smiled hopefully at me while I looked side ways at him. "New roommate stinks, huh?" I asked. He laughed heartily "Oh yeah, like yesterdays garbage."

Shrugging my shoulders I leaned back against the couch and waited for the phrase I knew was coming....3....2....1... Emmet spoke softly "It's what dad would've wanted,for me to take care of you. He wouldn't like you living alone." Ah, the crushing blow. I knew he was right but at the same time didn't want to be living with my older brother and his best friend.

After I put my ice cream in the freezer I looked over at him, so concerned and sweet then realized he is my only family. Mom ran off with a baseball player when I

was 10 and dad died 3 years ago in a car accident in our home town of Forks, Washington. Emmet stood and gave me a hug.

"Just consider it, ok? I promise not to get all overly protective and investigate all the guys you know and Jasper won't bore you too badly with Civil War trivia. It might be fun even." His voice dropped off as I silently gave up and nodded my head. He needed a room mate. I needed to not be alone, Why not?

"Well, the lease is up here anyway. Since Jessica eloped with Mike it has been lonely, and expensive. Tell Jasper you've got a new roomate. Ill give notice here and start moving this weekend."

I shugged my shoulders and the deal was done. As he left the only thing I wondered was what the hell did I just get myself into?