Code Geass R3: Ryosuke of the Epoch

Chapter 3: Nunally's Angst

My body feels renewed, stronger. Is this another side-effect of this immortal curse?

Lelouch looked at his shaking hands, clutching them into fists.

"You," he said, glaring at Sakura. "You're going to tell me what's going on here."

"My, my. How angry you are." The new edge to her voice was bone chilling.

But Lelouch's hostility did not succumb. He stood as still as a statue, not moving an inch. As Sakura saw this, she frowned. "Ok. If you wanna be that way about it. How many questions do you need?"

Where do I start? My life has always been full of questions. And by being Zero I wanted to find the answers to those questions. Lelouch relaxed his tensed shoulders, But by finding out the answers myself, I'll know where to start.

"Zero." he responded.

Sakura's twisted smile returned. "Indeed."


The birds twittered around the blue sky, weaving in and out of trees. A girl watched them, taking an interest in a black and purple feathered one. The young woman had long sandy brown hair with grown out bangs evenly divided to the sides. She wore a beautiful pink and white dress. Bound to a wheelchair, she had been slowly recovering her walking ability. Her skin was slightly pale since she had spent most of her time indoors. The sun that glistened through the few clouds was calming. It felt like she had been here once before and she wanted to be there again.

When I asked to be Viceroy of Area 11 before, I was on a plane and it had a garden just like this. And Zero…that man had come to kidnap me, he hesitated. He didn't want to…he let Suzaku take me away.

"Nunally." said a voice.

"Su-Suzaku," the girl said, startled. She shifted her wheelchair toward a masked figure in a cape. Her eyes grew wide. "N-no…Lelouch! Brother! You should have! I would not have been afraid! You should have kidnapped me, and told me who you were, what you were doing..."

"Nunally!" The man said running toward her, "It's Suzaku!"

"Suzaku," Nunally said, her blue eyes filled with tears. "I'm sorry, it was a memory." Suzaku knelt beside Nunally to comfort her.

"Nunally…I miss him too." Suzaku said quietly.

"My vision of a peaceful world was only being with Brother." she whispered, recounting what she had screeched at her bleeding, dieing sibling.

"I wish that he hadn't done that." Suzaku admitted. "But it was the way he wanted to die."

Nunally was silent. Lelouch was emperor, and so it is passed on to me. I must stand strong for Brother's memory!

A girl with short red hair walked in, her eyes were a lighter blue than Nunally's. "Suzaku," she said, "The Gurren's new claw is dysfunctional…" The girl looked raised an eyebrow as she saw Nunally's drying tears. "Are you ok?"

"Yes. I'm fine," Nunally said sternly, looking away.

"Kallen," Suzaku asked, "Why do you still wear that thing?"

"Huh?" She said looking at her outfit. It was partly brown leather and red cotton material. It exposed her stomach and middle back. "Oh. It reminds me of the first days of the Black Knights." The red head girl flipped her short hair and it spiked to the sides.

"It seems we're all nostalgic." Suzaku said to himself. "Now about that claw…Will you be okay, Nunally?" he added.

"Yes." she said. "I'll be fine."

He and Kallen walked out of the garden, discussing her Knightmare.

Nunally glared after Suzaku in Zero's costume. Suzaku says that he's sorry for Brother's death. But he acts like it's a nuisance when we talk about it in front of him. I don't understand… Is he not the same Suzaku I've always known? He even took Brother's place. I…I…

Nunally squeezed her eyes shut, holding back more tears. She took deep breaths, holding her forehead. If only I could fight. Then I wouldn't be pitied by them so much.