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Temptation is being completely unable to stop, even when you know you might regret it tomorrow.

Soubi sat on Ritsuka's bed, holding his Sacrifice in his arms. Ritsuka's head was thrown back as he snored softly and one hand clutched the front of Soubi's shirt. Soubi had tried to put him to bed after he picked him up from Yuiko's, but so far Ritsuka had refused to let go of him. Every time he managed to detach the sleeping teen's hand, his other hand grabbed a handful of whatever part of Soubi he could reach. Soubi had finally given up and was simply sitting there admiring him. Ritsuka rarely allowed Soubi to stare at him like this and he was enjoying every minute of it.

He smiled tenderly as he gazed down at the neko. Ritsuka was so beautiful, even passed out drunk. It was a good thing he'd kept an eye on him tonight – he'd insisted on walking home but would have probably passed out in the bushes if Soubi hadn't been there to escort him home. Soubi brought his hand up and gently stroked the side of Ritsuka's face. He always looked so sweet and vulnerable when he was sleeping; seeing him like this reminded him of the day they first met. Ritsuka had been so young and fragile . . . and so in need of someone who would never fail him.

For the past three years, Soubi had been that person, and he was determined to always be there for him, no matter what. Ritsuka was growing up quickly and that might change things between them, but Soubi would adapt. He would be what Ritsuka needed him to be, no matter what his own feelings were.

He sighed a bit at the last thought and then frowned. Last week he'd shown up when Ritsuka was still in the bath and had been ordered to stay in the bedroom with the door shut to discourage any peeking. The computer was on, so he'd played around a bit while he was waiting. He hadn't meant to, but somehow he'd stumbled across a web page Ritsuka had bookmarked.

He stroked the teen's hair absentmindedly as he remembered the video. It was from a gay porn site and featured a slim blonde man with longish hair. The man was naked and spread out on a table, his legs held wide apart while two men took turns fucking him. Was it a joke, something he was laughing at with a friend? Or something that turned him on? He desperately wanted to know, but asking could be problematic. In fact, he couldn't really think of a way to ask Ritsuka about it without him freaking out.

God, the thought of Ritsuka liking it, of him watching that video and liking it . . . he shivered and glanced down at the teen sprawled across his lap. Ritsuka hadn't shown any signs of being into girls yet, at least not around Soubi - but it was really asking too much to expect him to like boys. Soubi sighed again. He was just hoping that Ritsuka wouldn't be disgusted by Soubi's preference for men. Well, men and delicate black-haired boys with huge violet eyes.

He pulled Ritsuka closer to him, grateful for this time with him. He wasn't a boy any more and the older he got, the less comfortable he'd be with Soubi demonstrating his affection physically . . . which made moments like this so precious.

Ritsuka shifted in Soubi's arms and nuzzled his face into Soubi's chest. "Mmmm . . . "

"Ritsuka? Are you awake?"

There was silence for a moment and then a sleepy voice answered, "No!"

"Come on, get up, we need to get you to bed."

"Mmm, no! . . . comfy!"

"Yeah, I know, but you don't want to sleep like this." Soubi scooped Ritsuka up in his arms and moved him up to the top of the bed. "Let go, come on, I need to get your pants off."

Ritsuka exploded in a fit of giggles and fell back on to the bed, leaving Soubi free to slide off his jeans. He tossed them to the floor and then slid the slender body under the covers.

"Good night, Ritsuka," he said softly and leaned over to place a kiss on a furry ear.

"No! No leaving!" Ritsuka's arms wrapped around his neck, pulling him down on top of the teen. "Cuddle! Thass a' order!"

Soubi laughed. Ritsuka was really too cute to resist. "O.K., but just for a little bit, all right?"


"Yes, I know. Hold on!" Soubi took off his sweater and jeans and crawled under the covers.

Ritsuka immediately pounced on him, snuggling into Soubi's arms and sliding a leg between Soubi's thighs. Soubi smiled in the dimly lit room. He knew he was all the teen had in the way of family right now, but sometimes he felt like a cross between a big brother and a security blanket. It was nice curling up with Ritsuka like this, but thank god he was wearing underwear today. Ritsuka was super affectionate when he was drunk and there was no way he could remain unaroused with the teen crawling all over him. The last thing he needed was Ritsuka discovering his massive erection and getting pissed at him. It would break his heart if his Sacrifice pushed him away.

He brought an arm up and pulled Ritsuka closer, relaxing into his warmth. He hadn't held someone like this until Ritsuka came along, not since his parents died. Ritsu used to touch him, of course, but there was never any affection or gentleness in his touch. Not with Seimei either – he had simply been a tool to the older Aoyagi brother; something to be used and then disregarded until he needed it again.

Ritsuka suddenly shifted against him and Soubi jerked in surprise. Ritsuka's arm had fallen between them and his hand was resting on Soubi's bare thigh, just below the edge of his boxers. He glanced over at Ritsuka, but he seemed to be half asleep; if he was patient for just a little longer, Ritsuka would be out cold and he could leave. Not that he really wanted to leave, but if he stayed he was going to be tempted to do something he shouldn't.

He sighed and closed his eyes. This was enough, it had to be enough. If only they could always be like this, with Ritsuka innocently curled up in his arms. It was funny - when they first met, Ritsuka was the one focused on making memories . . . but now he was the one obsessed with remembering. Savoring each small moment, trying to absorb the sound and feel and sight of Ritsuka next to him so he'd have it in the future.

Soubi's eyes started to drift open and then shut again. Mmmm . . . that felt nice. There was a hand in his boxers, stroking his cock. That Kio, he was just so persistent. He really needed to wake up and kick him out of his bed. But that hand felt so good. Just another minute . . . he snuggled his face into the pillow and then froze in surprise as a velvety cat ear brushed against his arm.

Cat ear? He was instantly wide awake, although he kept his eyes closed and his breathing even. That's right, he was at Ritsuka's and had fallen asleep during their cuddle. So, that meant that the very eager hand on his cock belonged to . . . Ritsuka? Soubi's heart started to pound furiously and he struggled to stay calm. Was Ritsuka awake? Did he know what he was doing?

He cautiously opened one eye, peeking at his Sacrifice. Yes, Ritsuka was wide awake and looking very intent. His eyes were fixed on his hand, moving up and down inside Soubi's boxers. Oh god! Soubi shut his eyes again and tried to figure out what to do. It was hard to think straight with Ritsuka's hand on him, right where he'd imagined it so many times. It was even better than he'd thought it would be and his ability to think clearly was rapidly disappearing.

Couldn't he just pretend to be sleeping and let Ritsuka do whatever he wanted? He instantly began to imagine all the things his Sacrifice could do to him while he was "asleep". No! No, this needed to stop. Ritsuka was still way too young to be doing this. This wasn't right. He needed to be responsible and stop this . . .

"Ahh!" Soubi moaned out loud as Ritsuka touched him just the way he liked.

"Soubi," Ritsuka whispered, "are you awake?"

"Oh hell," Soubi muttered and opened his eyes to find Ritsuka bending over him.

"Soubi, take these off," Ritsuka said, tugging at the blonde's boxers.

"No, no . . . it's time for me to leave." He grabbed Ritsuka's arm and reluctantly pulled the teen's hand out of his boxers. "Go to sleep."

"C'mon . . . " Ritsuka mumbled and pulled at the blonde's t-shirt.

"No! I don't want to do anything that you'll regret later." Soubi disengaged himself from what seemed like twelve sets of hands and swung his feet over the edge of the bed. He was the adult here and he had to act like it, no matter how much he was enjoying Ritsuka groping him.

He was completely unprepared for the hand that grabbed the collar of his t-shirt and yanked him back down to the bed. His mouth fell open as he stared into Ritsuka's fierce and very determined eyes.

"I said, take off your clothes, Soubi. And that's an order!"

Soubi stared in surprise, his mouth hanging open. What happened to the cute, drunken teenager that he had tucked into bed? And since when had Ritsuka started giving him orders? He looked into the teen's eyes, expecting him to blush or back down, but Ritsuka met his gaze evenly.

After a few minutes Soubi dropped his eyes in surrender. Well. His Sacrifice was finally giving him orders. His training kicked in and he stood up and began to strip, his hands shaking. As the last of his clothing hit the floor, he glanced at Ritsuka to see if he'd changed his mind or succumbed to embarrassment. Nope. Ritsuka was staring at him with interested, appreciative eyes.

"Come here, Soubi."

Soubi swallowed nervously. What the hell was wrong with him? He shouldn't be doing this. But Ritsuka was giving him orders and his cock was rock hard. He pushed away all thoughts of doing the right thing and laid back down on the bed.

Ritsuka threw back the covers and sat up to look at him, his eyes sweeping up and down his Fighter's naked body. He hesitated for a moment and then his hand came up, reaching out to gently stroke Soubi's hip.

The look on his face was strange, half wondering and half scared, and it reminded Soubi of himself at a younger age. This wasn't right. He was still too young. "Ritsuka, no, please don't do this."

"Shhh . . . it's o.k."

"Ritsuka . . . " He bit his lip – he shouldn't be questioning an order, but this wasn't right. He was supposed to love him, not hurt him. He wasn't going to let anyone hurt his boy, not even himself.

"Stop . . . please stop. I don't want you to do this." He sat up and tried to squirm away, but Ritsuka was quicker, pushing him firmly back onto the bed.

"Soubi, just trust me a little, will you?"

"I . . . but . . . we shouldn't . . . " Soubi stammered.

"Shut up!" Ritsuka growled and tossed his pillow over Soubi's face, climbing on top of him and settling on the blonde's thighs. "Stop worrying. And don't move."

Soubi trembled and tried to be still. He felt Ritsuka reach over and adjust the pillow so he could breathe, but it still covered his eyes completely, which was somehow comforting.

He lay there quietly for a few minutes, waiting to see what Ritsuka would do. Just when he'd decided that Ritsuka had changed his mind, he felt fingers on his cock, just barely touching him as they stroked up and down. He gasped in astonishment and shut his eyes so he could focus on the touch, trying to memorize exactly how it felt to have Ritsuka touching him.

After a few minutes the fingers withdrew. Soubi's eyes flew open under the pillow as Ritsuka shifted . . . and then widened in surprise as Ritsuka moved up his body and sat down again – right on top of Soubi's erection. Ritsuka was still wearing his boxers, but Soubi could feel the teen's bare thighs straddling his waist and the pressure on top of his throbbing cock felt amazing. And then Ritsuka began to move, thrusting his hips back and forth and rubbing his ass against Soubi. Ritsuka was completely silent and Soubi bit his lip roughly as he tried to keep from moaning.

He wanted to see Ritsuka's face, to know that he was pleasing him, but somehow he was afraid to. It was easy to lie here and be used, without worrying about what to do or what was expected of him. What would happen afterwards? Would Ritsuka pretend this had never happened? He knew he was thinking too much, that he should just enjoy this, but he couldn't stop his mind from racing.

He jerked in surprise as a soft hand touched his face, brushing his cheek and then gently tracing his lips. It felt like . . . like Ritsuka was trying to memorize him. His eyes were suddenly wet. Was he . . .? He was crying? He felt lips on his own, kissing him tenderly, and he trembled.

Nothing could have prepared Soubi for what happened next. Ritsuka suddenly moved up the blonde's body and straddled his shoulders, ending up with his thighs on either side of Soubi's head.

Soubi heard the rustle of fabric and then something was resting against his lips, demanding entrance. He froze in surprise, completely and utterly shocked. Ritsuka was? Ritsuka wanted him to? He was so stunned that he just laid there for a few minutes, not moving, and Ritsuka waited for him, not saying a word. There wasn't really anything that needed to be said, or even asked. This was his Sacrifice, that he loved more than anything in the world, his Ritsuka. Soubi parted his lips and took Ritsuka into his mouth for the first time.

He moaned in appreciation as his Sacrifice's cock filled his mouth and heard Ritsuka gasping above him. Soubi kept his hands at his sides, not sure how much he was allowed to touch . . . but his lips and tongue were eagerly sucking and slurping every inch of Ritsuka. His face was still covered by the pillow, so all his senses were focused on Ritsuka's length in his mouth – the intoxicating taste and smell of him.

Ritsuka was thrusting against Soubi's mouth now, moaning and making little breathy cries. Soubi could tell that he wouldn't last much longer. He'd only been in Soubi's mouth for a minute or two – was this the first time he'd been sucked off? Soubi's heart fluttered at the thought. Was he Ritsuka's first?

"Ah!" His thoughts were interrupted as Ritsuka started to come, his moans escalating into a song that ended with him crooning Soubi's name. "Oh! . . . oh!! Soubi! . . . oh god! . . . Soubi. . ."

After a few moments, Ritsuka pulled out of his mouth and collapsed on top of him, curling around Soubi's head and shoulders and knocking the pillow to the floor. They lay there quietly, tangled up in each other, not saying a word.

Ritsuka's hand slipped down to Soubi's cheek and began stroking it tenderly. Somehow that small, gentle touch was enough to undo him and he found tears streaking down his cheeks.

Ritsuka's fingers brushed against the wetness and then he sat up abruptly, leaning over Soubi with a worried look on his face.

"Soubi? I didn't hurt you, did I?"

"No, no! Of course not. It's just . . . "

"Just what?"

Soubi turned his head away from those earnest violet eyes.


"You're so gentle with me . . . and . . . and – the way you said my name . . . "

"What about it?"

"You, uh . . . you . . . "

"Soubi," Ritsuka whispered, "tell me. Please?"

Soubi hesitated, his heart pounding. Was he really going to say it? What if he was wrong?

"You love me, don't you?" he said, and then froze inside, waiting for Ritsuka to deny it.

There was silence for a moment and then Ritsuka spoke, "Yeah, so what if I do? You're mine, aren't you?"

Soubi glanced up at Ritsuka in confusion. Oh! One look at the teen's face told him what he needed to know. The anxious look in his eyes didn't match the confident tone of his face. Ritsuka was claiming him, but he needed to know that Soubi wanted it, wanted him.

He yanked Ritsuka down to him and kissed him thoroughly, letting his hands explore the slender body in his arms. Ritsuka gave as good as he got, pushing his tongue deep into Soubi's mouth and sliding his hands up and down Soubi's bare chest. Just as things were starting to get interesting again, Soubi pulled away.

"I am yours," he replied with a smirk. "Does that mean you're going to get me a collar?"


Author's Note: Well, this is definitely a lot more than a drabble, but it demanded to be written. Hmm, I'm not sure what I'm going to do with Temptation now as all the other chapters are short & unrelated. Maybe it's time for a new series of drabbles?

A word about the pillow: it was meant to be a combination of Ritsuka's shyness (the "don't look" from No More Teasing) and Soubi's feeling uncomfortable & needing to hide his face. It must be hard to let someone touch you lovingly after being with people who treated you so badly, right? Anyway it came out kind of creepy but I decided to leave it.