I just couldn't resist writing a story based on my favorite Star Trek episode crossed a bit with my favorite SciFi show. It might be cheesy, but it should be fun. This first chapter is just a pretty short teaser to see if anyone is actually interested in this kind of story. Let me know it this is a stupid idea or not.

Tribbles and Tribulations

"Awww, it's so cute!"

"No, Vala. You can't keep it." She rose from the ground with the tiny, fuzzy ball-like creature in her hand. Daniel recoiled, he'd seen his fair share of seemingly innocuous things that turned out to be dangerous to know better than to trust it's innocence, even if it was cute and fluffy.

"Did I say I wanted to keep it? I merely pointed out that it's adorable. Look at it's fur....It's so soft."

"Don't pet it!" He warned her "You don't know where it's been or what it's carrying, it could have some kind of alien fleas for all we know."

"It doesn't have fleas, Daniel."

"It might bite."

"I don't even see a mouth, how can it bite me?"

"You never know."

"Don't be such a wuss, Daniel. It's a tiny, little, fuzzy....fuzzball thing. How can you be so squeamish around it? It's like a pocket-sized bunny without the big teeth and ears. And listen to that..."Vala put the thing next to his ear. It was purring or something like a purr anyway. He brushed it away, annoyed by her attachment to the puffball.

"Just the same, we're not keeping it."

"I know, I know." She continued to stroke the pocket-sized animal, ignoring Daniel's protestations.


"Just a second, I want to say good-bye." Daniel rolled his eyes.


"Okay, Ok-"

"Jackson! Vala!" Mitchell's voice urgently broke in over the radio. Daniel toggled his radio and spoke into it.

"Yeah, Go ahead."

"Get to the gate now!"

"Wha-" A terrible and high-pitched roar sounded from deep within the forest where Mitchell, Teal'c and Sam had gone exploring. Daniel's eyes went wide when he saw a giant reptilian chasing his friends and bearing down on their location. Turning into the direction of the gate he ran and grabbed Vala, who had also decided that fleeing would be a good idea. Mitchell, Teal'c and Sam closed in on them as they ran. The monstrous creature was gaining on them, continuing it's horrific shriek as it chased it's prey. Mitchell yelled for them to move faster, though they were already at a sprint and none of them needed any more motivation to pick up the pace. Thankfully, they hadn't ventured very far from the Stargate and Daniel was able to reach it first, quickly dialing the DHD and punching in the iris code, the wormhole exploding as it opened up. Wasting no time, everyone darted through the gate, stumbling over one another on the ramp as they crossed over into the gateroom.

"Shut the iris!" Mitchell yelled. The metal shield spun and slid closed, followed by a loud thump on the other side before the wormhole closed. "That was close." Mitchell sighed in relief, bending over to catch his breath.

"Indeed." Teal'c added.

"What the hell was that?" Vala asked.

"I think we accidentally fell into it's nest, it must have been protecting it's young." Sam conjectured breathlessly.

"Well, whatever it was, that was one pissed off lizard." Mitchell looked around at the group. "Everyone okay?" there were nods all around. General Landry appeared at the end of the ramp and Mitchell headed for him.

"Guess we can scratch P4C-947 off of our list of potential vacation spots, General. Looks like Godzilla got there before us."

"I'd love to hear all about it Colonel, but go get your physicals first, then we'll debrief afterward."

"Yes, sir." Mitchell headed for the exit followed by Teal'c and Sam. Daniel made to follow them as well until he noticed that Vala was still standing at the top of the ramp.

"Well, are you going to grace us with your presence in the infirmary as well or not?" Vala waved for him to come up to her. Sighing, he climbed back up the ramp and she leaned in with a culpable face when he neared.

"I'm afraid I may have inadvertently, accidentally and unintentionally taken something from the planet...It was all so sudden you see and it was instinct really...I didn't want the poor thing to get hurt and then there was the huge lizard thingy and we were running......" Daniel's face turned stern and red as it dawned on him what she had done.

"Vala, you didn't..." She made a guilty face and reached into her front jacket pocket, pulling out the tiny, furry creature.