....And now for the conclusion......


Fire burned in Daniel's shoulder, but he was grateful to still be breathing. If the Goa'uld's shot had been any better, he wouldn't have much of a head left. He had to get up, Vala had been taken and he needed to warn everyone.

He came to his knees and groaned when pain and nauseousness assaulted him. Grabbing onto the wall for support, he pulled himself up until he was standing, albeit shakily. He placed one foot in front of the other while holding onto his arm in order to steady his wounded shoulder. Dr. Wyman's lab was around the corner, he just had to make it that far, then he could pass out, he promised himself. .

Dr. Wyman must have been awakened by the gun shot, for he was running up to the injured archaeologist, with a shell shocked expression.

"Dr. Jackson! What happened?" He wrapped an arm around Daniel's waist and helped him back into the lab. Brushing several puff balls off a chair, he settled him into it.

"Call.. the General. Goa'uld....he's got Vala....They're going to the gate." Daniel managed to ground out against the pain with clenched teeth. Dr. Wyman was still in shock at seeing the amount of blood beginning to spread out on Daniel's shirt and the scientist was frozen with panic.

"Now, Dr. Wyman!" Daniel shouted, but the effort only won him a wave of dizziness. Thankfully, Dr. Wyman snapped out of it and ran to the phone, calling the General and alerting the base to the Goau'ld's presence. Before passing out, Daniel noted with gratitude that he didn't have to remind the doctor to call for medical help as well.


"Keep moving!" Ash ordered a clearly pissed off Vala as they neared the gateroom. It had been a perilous journey just to get this far. Between the woman's constant protests and the animal in her hands squealing, he was just about ready to shoot both of them. In addition to that, the other thousands of furballs they encountered also screeched as they passed by, making a horrible racket and pushing Ash to the edge.

"You know, if you've killed Daniel, I'm just going to have to snap your neck. And I can do it you know, I'm much stronger than I look."

"Shut up." He growled at her.

"Why should I? You know there's no possible way any one is going to let you go through the gate, so you might as well just give up now before somebody shoots you."

"I said be quiet!"

"If you wanted a quiet hostage, you should have taken somebody else." She flicked her pigtails at him, hitting them in his face. His finger itched over the trigger, but he couldn't kill her now, he needed her in order to escape.

Just as he expected, they rounded the corner of hall that led to the Stargate and was stopped in his tracks by a contingent of SF's and one extremely large and angry Jaffa. His host recognized him as Teal'c, a despicable Shol'va. Their weapons trained on him as he came to a stop and he pulled Vala next to him, aiming his gun at her temple.

"Drop your weapons, or I will shoot her!" He demanded.

"It would be wise if it were you who were the one to lower your weapon." Teal'c responded, leveling his staff weapon on him. Anger flared through Ash, his eyes flashing, he had never been spoken to before by a Jaffa in such a manner.

"You should be on your knees, Jaffa. I am a God! How dare you order me!" With that, the muscular man's dark features hardened and Ash began to feel fear; this was no ordinary Jaffa he realized as Teal'c primed his weapon. At the same moment, the furry creatures began to scream and squeak all around him, darting across the floor in a panic and creating a hysteria the likes of which he had never seen before.

Unfortunately for Ash, he had managed to find a host who's immune system was sensitive to various forms of pet and small animal dander. Even with his ability to heal the host, he was unable to counter the effects that thousands of little furballs were having on the host's levels of histamine. Without warning, he involuntarily let off a sneeze, reflexively squeezing his eyes shut in the process. Taking advantage of his distraction, Vala pocketed Sam and kicked his legs out from under him, sending him to the floor where the furry animals scurried about and squealed obnoxiously into his ears. She jumped onto his torso before sending a fist flying into his face.

"That's for shooting my Daniel!" she yelled. Dark spots flashed before his eyes and she hit him again. "And that's for scaring my Sam!" His world was going dark and as he lost consciousness, he heard her speak vehemently.

"You sonuvabitch! I can't wait till the Tok'ra get a hold of you. I'm going to enjoy watching you get sucked out of this guy's head. "


Waking up in the infirmary had become second nature to Daniel over the years, so he wasn't too surprised to see the IV's and monitors he was attached to as he regained consciousness. Feeling pretty relaxed from the pain killers he assumed he was on, he smiled brightly at Vala who was sitting next to him, until his fuzzy brain realized that it wasn't her at all, but Colonel Mitchell instead. Now that was a surprise. Dropping his smile and schooling his features, he addressed his team leader.

"Hey." He croaked, swallowing in hard in order to wet his dry throat. Mitchell looked up from the book he was reading.

"Hey yourself." He replied. He handed Daniel a cup of water with a straw, which he thankfully gulped down. Taking a look around, he noticed it was quiet. Too quiet, he realized. He tried to sit up, but his shoulder flared and reminded him of how he ended up in here yet again.

"Whoa, now. No need to pop a stitch, just lay back now."

"Where's Vala? She okay?"

"Oh, she's fine, she can really kick some major Goa'uld ass, though."

"You got him?"

"Actually, Vala got him."

"Who was he anyway?"

"He says his name is Ash."

"Ah, yes. God of the desert, servant to Seth. Also known as As."


"No, As."



"I bet he got teased a lot in school with a name like that, no wonder he goes by Ash."

"So, Vala stopped him?"

"Yeah, knocked him right off his block. We sent him to the Tok'ra for extraction."


"Yeah, I thought so too. I just hope the poor Airman he took over won't be too traumatized by all this though."

"Yeah, me too. So, where is Vala now?"

"Saying good-bye."

"Good-bye to whom?"


"Sam? Where's she going?"

"Not our Sam. Sam the furball. Our Sam and Vala convinced the President to put the Kibosh on the poison gas and find them a home on an uninhabited planet somewhere out there where they can frollick and run free for the rest of their furry lives."

"Ah, so that's why it's so quiet in here."

"Yeah, I'm gonna miss them."

"Are you serious?"

"Sure, Not only were they cute, but they made one helluva good Goa'uld detector and they saved most of the SGC from being poisoned to death."

"I guess they did have their moments."

"They sure did. Well," Cam got up from his chair and stood. "Good to see you survive yet another brush with death, but I should be going, we have a lot of little fuzzy guys to clear out and send on their way, so I'll see ya later."

"Sure, later." Daniel watched Cam as he left the infirmary. Just as he was leaving, he gave a high five to Vala as she strolled in. She flashed Daniel a wide smile as she approached.

"Scootch over" she ordered him as she tried to sit next to him on the bed. He gave her a glare, but was too tired to fight her, so he obliged and managed to move over and allow her on without hurting his shoulder again in the process. Besides, he really didn't mind her being next to him.

"Sorry about Sam having to leave." He told her sincerely. She sighed and rested her head on his uninjured shoulder.

"Yeah, I would have loved to keep it, but General Landry wasn't too keen on allowing any of them to stay."

"Can you blame him?"

"I suppose not, but it'll be okay." He turned to look at her and she grinned cheekily at him. "I may not have a pet, but at least I got you." She returned her head to his shoulder and despite himself, or maybe because of all of the painkillers, he smiled too. Closing his eyes, he drifted off to sleep, enjoying the peace and quiet that had returned to his world, at least for now.

The End

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