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Flipping over in the air Ranma Saotome found his movements much easier with the strong winds gone 'He knew how to get ride of the Hiryu Shoten Ha? Then why did he just keep it going? Did he set that up to give me a good shot!? Oooh I'm going to get that guy!' looking down Ranma located the old man, looking right at him. Touching down on the roof of a nearby house Ranma jumped down into the open lot. "You let me hit you! You could of let your aura go and escaped the winds but you just stood there! Fight me seriously or I'm leaving"

"Forgive me Ranma, I simply wanted to see how you would use such a situation, shall we begin again?" Asked Furinji Hayate as he adjusted a strap on his right armguard.

Nodding Ranma dropped into a ready stance before diving toward the giant once again.

"Oh, whats this then? The old man is fighting a teenager, shouldn't this be Kenichi's fight?" Asked a man with a horizontal scar across his nose and an open black shirt which strained to hold in his biceps.

"Yes, wouldn't this be 'Interfereing with a disciples battle?'" asked a small chinese man with a large mustauche and a black hat.

Placing Ryoga, Tsuji and his two lackies on the ground below the cherry tree Akisame jumped back onto the branch beside the two other masters who had joined the spectators "I'm afraid that Kenichi has never met this young man before, this fight is completely of the elders making. Apparently he is the disciple of an old friend of his and he is testing him personally".

"Well he seems to be pretty good, I assume that is the 0.0002% combination technique then?" asked the man with the scar on his face.

"Actually Sakaki, he increased it to 0.001% for this young man, it would seem this 'Saotome Ranma' is on the very brink of master class." replied Akisame.

Dropping from a higher branch Kenichi landed beside his masters "He hit him! I was watching" 'Though I was barely holding on to the tree at least I was facing the right direction' "He made some weird tornado and then shot through it and punched him right in the face!"

"Oh? I've heard of some techniques that use wind, a tornado would be rather advanced. What did you say his name was again? Saotome Ranma? A friend of mine from China told me about him, a few months ago he played a part in leveling a mountain." said the chinese man.

"Leveling a mountain!? Are you sure about that master Ba?" Asked a panicked looking Kenichi as he turned back to the fight just in time to see Ranma recieve an uppercut and fly into the air, only to do a backflip and kick off of a nearby wall launching a straight left arm punch at the elder with a suspisious twist of his hips.

The elder caught Ranma's punch at the wrist with his left hand and started to pull it to the side, exposing Ranma's back to the old man, when Ranma's hip movement reversed and he was caught unawares by a kick to his own wrist. 'such a strange body movement, almost too fluid...' moving his right hand the elder caught Ranma's right leg, which had been the one kicking him, and gave an experimental pull, crossing Ranma's limbs over themselves to a point which should of caused a great deal of strain on his lower ribs.

"Hey, whats the big idea! Holding me in such a strange pose, I thought we were fighting!" Yelled and irate Ranma, irate but clearly not feeling pain.

"Oh? Doesn't this hurt Ranma?" asked Hayate

"Huh? Um not really, sort of like a stretch I guess, not much of an attack though..." replied Ranma, a little confused by the quick change from combat to conversation.

"Doesn't hurt!? I was going to tell the Elder to stop before he caused the boy damage, but for that not to hurt he'd have to be missing his bottom pairs of ribs!" Said a startled Akisame his eyes showing the beginnings of rage "Infact a lot of his movements are too fluid, a step past what should be possible with just flexibility training, likely some fool of an instructor broke the boys limbs to gain an extra percent of flexibilty here and there"

Through out all of Akisame's speech Kenichi had been getting more and more shocked "What! What kind of person would do such a thing! For an extra percent of flexibility?"

"I only said likely, it is possible that I'm mistaken, but it is not unheard of for masters to seek unnatural advantages for their disciples, some of which are scarring on the disciple, mentally and physically" replied a once again stone faced Akisame.

Turning back to the fight revealed that the two martial artists were both standing a little apart from each other and talking.

"You're an impressive young man Ranma. I admit you surprised me a few times, and even struck me twice, splendid for your age! " Said Hayate "As I said I invited your parents to move over here in the hopes that I could oversee you're training while you are in the area, and I believe we can help make you into a great martial artist"

"Make me into! I'm the best! "

"Ohohoho, you're bravado could inspire even an old man such as myself. It is true that other than myself I've never seen such a gifted young man, but even so you have a lot of room to improve, even masters of the art are constantly trying to improve." Said the elder, showing the mask of a gentle old man* which he often uses.

"... You are pretty amazing old man... I accept your offer, where is this dojo of yours?" asked Ranma, straightening his clothes and looking around the lot "... and where is Ryoga and those other 3? they were over near the gate a minute ago..."

"You're good but not very observant are you? I made sure you're friend and the young man who uses Koppou were out of the way, so you two could fight as freely as possible in this little lot." Said Akisame as he dropped into the lot, seeing as how the fighting was over.

Looking over at the tree Ranma was shocked to say the least. 'I remember the guy in the jujitsu stuff and the kid, but when did the other 2 get here?' "um.. right, well if you would just tell me how to get to the dojo I should probably get going before..."


"...Akane notices I stopped carrying stuff inside"Ranma finished with a large sweatdrop. Akisame pulled a pamphlet out of his robes and handed it to Ranma.

"There is the address for the dojo, my clinic and Kensei's clinic in there, I look forward to your visit, no I believe you should hurry to where this Akane is. Don't worry we will look after your friend" Said Akisame as he lifted Ryoga over his shoulder and bounded over the roofs toward the dojo, followed by the other masters, all carrying an unconscious youth.

"So I guess you're going to be training with us now, I'm Shirihama Kenichi, it's a pleasure to meet yo..."

"Don't think you can get out of training so easily Kenichi, hurry back or we will double your training." carried Akisame's voice over the rooftops.

"WHAT! You said I was done for today! Koetsuji Sensei you liar! " yelled Kenichi as he ran out of the lot, stopping at the enterance he turned back to Ranma" um sorry, I have to go, I'll see you at the dojo later" turning away again he dissapeared around the corner.

' Never seen so many people leave an area like that...**'

"Jeez, where is that Ranma! He says he's just going out to buy something to drink and he's gone for half an hour, and that was obviously his Hiryu Shoten Ha a little while ago!" said Akane as she paced around the front yard angrily

"Now now Akane, I'm sure he'll be back soon, and we finished moving the rest already anyway, its not like he left half way through. We were almost done when he left, and his friend did show up after all." said Nodoka Saotome from the front door of the newly bought Saotome residence.

"His friend?" asked a puzzled Akane before her vision started to cloud over " That jerk! Leaves us to finish moving the furniture and goes off with some hussy!"

"Hahaha, I would love to see the look on Ryoga's face when he found out you called him a hussy." laughed Ranma as he landed in the front yard, a few feet from Akane.

"RANMA! Where have you been!? You were picking on Ryoga weren't you?" said Akane, looking torn between being upset and being embarrased 'guess I should find out what "friend" before I say anything next time.'

"Nah, you know me and him ain't been fighting much lately. He thought we were stealing furniture from his house but after I explained everything he settled down." Replied Ranma as they all went inside.

"So where is Ryoga then? If you calmed him down." Asked Akane as she headed to the kitchen.

"We ran into some hot headed guy who got in a fight with Ryoga and then an old friend of Happosai's showed up and knocked both of them out, then asked me to spar with him... About that, you two! You up and decide to move clear across tokyo, drag me and Akane along and it was all another plan to make me better at martial arts!" said Ranma turning to his mother, who followed him through the door, and Genma, who was setting up the fridge***.

"That isn't the only reason we bought this place son, all of those girls that follow you around destroyed our old house looking for that engagement ring and when Furinji-sama called mentioning a house for sale in the area it seemed like a better idea than trying to repair the old one." said Genma, in an unexplainable burst of polite speech.

"As well as that, Nabiki has given out false addresses to all of your suitors, and Akane's as well, and it will likely take them months to find you, which should help you get your grades to where they should be "said Nodoka with a glare at Genma which was completely missed, as the man was already back to his task.

"But mom, all they will have to do is look for a panda. How do you think they found us in the first place?" said Ranma.

"Well, we can leave that for later. For now its getting late and you have school tomorrow, so everyone should probably get their rooms organized. I'll have breakfast ready early so you have time to register." said Nodoka as she left the kitchen.

Turning to follow her Ranma walked a few steps before he was stopped by a hand on his pigtail. "What was that about Ryoga thinking we were stealing furniture?" asked Akane, keeping a firm grip on his pigtail.

"He was lost and just saw me and Pop holding that table, and the house does look just like his house now that I gave it some thought."

"You're right.. it does look a lot like it, and if he didn't know where he was it would look bad. Well... um good night." giving a tug on the pigtail Ranma was pulled backwards and Akane rushed past him towards the stairs.

"Ha, looks like she's a little more playful without her family around" said Genma as he pushed the fridge against the wall and opened the door. "WHAT!? There's nothing in here!" yelled an enraged Genma.

"Yeah pops, you don't move the fridge with the food in it, everything would spill..." 'playful... yeah right!' "I'm going to bed pops. Have fun looking for the food"

* I say a "mask" of a gentle old man because he is almost never gentle and usually does something brutal or inhuman after he looks at Kenichi this way.

** People leave like that all the time in Nerima, but usually they are following Ranma, not leaving him all alone.

*** In a new house the first thing Genma would do, and likely the only useful thing he would do, is set up the fridge, since by helping with that he is likely to get food as early as possible.

Sorry it took so long to make chapter 2, I hadn't really planned to make a second chapter and it took a while to decide what I wanted to happen in this story, then next chapter will probably be a lot bigger, but no promises on how long it will take to update.