Author's Note: This story is dedicated to Jewels12, the biggest Gypsy fan I know, the best beta reader a girl could ever ask for and a true kindred spirit.

Now, on with the Gypsy goodness. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

Shop Talk

Gypsy folded her arms and frowned at the offending vehicle before her.

"Well?" Lorelai inquired, "What are my chances of getting Brunhilde to work today?"

"Who?" Gypsy tilted her head to the left slightly as she turned her gaze toward Lorelai.

"The jeep."

"You named your car Brunhilde? Why would you do that?"

"Because it's German and indestructible"

"Jeeps aren't German."

"Yes, but the name Brunhilde is."

Gypsy looked at her blankly for a moment before shaking her head and saying, "You are one weird lady."

"Actually, according to Rory, I'm multi-faceted abnormal!"

"Whatever. This Jeep is definitely not indes--" Gypsy was interrupted by a frighteningly Taylor-like throat clearing.

Both women swung around to see Mr. Doose standing next to the entrance of the garage, glancing impatiently at his watch.

"I'm sorry to interrupt what I'm sure is a very meaningless conversation ladies, but I'm kind of in a hurry here and your assistant assured me that you would be able to take care of my little problem immediately."

"Your little problem?" Lorelai tried unsuccessfully to prevent herself from giggling.

Gypsy glared at him suspiciously. "You don't even own a vehicle Taylor, what do you need a mechanic for?"

"I HAVE a car."

"No you don't. You have a pinto." Gypsy shuddered.

"Yes, and that's a car if I'm not mistaken."

"That's not a car, that's a kleenex box on toy wheels."

Taylor sighed, "My car is irrelevant anyway, I have other mechanical issues that require attention today."

Lorelai snorted, earning a disapproving glare from Taylor, which only caused her to laugh even harder.

Gypsy turned back to the jeep, her own amusement playing across her lips. "As I was saying," she said loudly, deliberately ignoring Taylor's new round of throat clearing, "Your jeep is not indestructible. In fact, you've somehow managed to cause total internal destruction. She's a goner."

"Brunhilde? But she's still so young, and shiny."

"With the worst manifold pressure I've ever seen. Your transmission's shot too. I can fix it, but it's gonna cost you. You're better off with a new car."

"I don't want a new car, I want this one. Fix it for me, Gypsy."

"Fine with me, I could use another trip to Florida. It's gonna take a few days though. I'll call you when it's ready."

"Thanks, Gypsy. I guess I better start walking if I'm going to make it to the inn before Michel has a meltdown." Lorelai turned and started to leave the garage. She paused when she reached Taylor, her eyes widening in remembrance as she pulled some papers out of her bag. "Oh! Since you're here, Taylor, can you sign the permit for the two extra parking spaces we need at the Dragonfly?"

Taylor frowned indignantly, "This is highly irregular, Lorelai. It's hardly the proper procedure for such things, but I suppose it doesn't hurt for me to take a little look." he added, when Lorelai gave him a derisive glare. "No, I'm afraid not." He barely glanced at the papers before handing them back to her.

Lorelai sighed, "What's wrong with it this time?"

"Rejection code 'M'."

"What the hell is rejection code 'M'?" This was the third time Taylor had rejected the application over something stupid, and Lorelai was furious.

Taylor, pointed to the back of the forms in her hand. "Rejection code 'M' clearly signifies that the applicant's name does not match the name listed on the articles of incorporation. You did not put your middle name on this application. However, you did put your middle name on the articles of incorporation. So the names don't match, and I have no way of knowing that you are the same person."

"Are you serious? Taylor, you've known me for years. You've been to the inn, you know I own it. This is ridiculous!"

"I don't see what you're so upset about. Simply fill in another form with your complete name and I'll be happy to review your application again."

"Ugh!" Lorelai turned and stormed out of the garage.

Taylor turned his attention back to Gypsy who had disappeared under Brunhilde. "Gypsy, you really should pay better attention to your customers. Making someone wait is no way to run a business."

Gypsy slid out from under the jeep, her eyes narrowed. "You're not a customer!"

"I'm here in your shop aren't I? And I wish to receive assistance for which I am more than prepared to pay a reasonable sum. By definition, I am a customer."

Gypsy straightened up and reluctantly approached Taylor. "Fine, what do you want?"

"My watch is broken, I was told that you would be able to fix it."

"All this fuss over a lousy watch?" Gypsy took the watch, wound it, and handed it back to Taylor.

"That's it?" Taylor examined it carefully, then nodded, satisfied that it was back in working order. "Thank you."

"No problem. That will be $45.00, you can pay Frank inside."

"$45.00? That's ridiculous!"

"My time is valuable Taylor, besides I always abide by my own advertising." Gypsy pointed to a sign above the door that said 'Minimum half-hour labour charge for all repairs'. Then she grabbed a socket wrench and slid underneath Lorelai's jeep.

Taylor glared down at her before heaving open the door and marching into the office.


Author's Note: The "kleenex box" and title are all Jewels12. She also prevented me from accidentally changing "Gypsy" to "Gyspy". Ahh, the comedy found in a good typo.