Ever, Ever After


Brooke turned off the sink and placed her last dish into the dishwasher before wiping her heads off with a near dishtowel.

"Mama Caleb is beyin mean again!" Madison said running over to Brooke with her arms crossed over her chest and her face pouted. Brooke sighed and moved her bangs out of her face. She softly rubbed her swollen belly before picking up her 2 and a half-year-old daughter and placing her on the kitchen counter.

"What he doing now my little pumpkin?" Brooke asked playing along with Madison and placing a small kiss on her forehead.

"He want give me the brush! I need to it ready to see daddy!" Madison pouted.

"Caleb Keith Scott you give me that brush right now!" Brooke yelled throughout the house. Caleb ran up to Brooke handing her the brush and two ponytails.

"Thank you … are you all packed up for the weekend?" Brooke asked as she grabbed the things from Caleb's hand.

"Yes" Caleb said and rolled his eyes.

"Why are you rolling your eyes at me!?" Brooke asked angrily.

"Because mom I hate this! I hate having to go to a hotel every weekend and then comeback home!" Caleb said loudly and then sighed "I just don't understand why we have too" Caleb said and walked off. Brooke sighed and looked down at her feet. She didn't know what to do or what to say.

"Mama its ayright" Madison said and touched Brookes face with her soft tinny little hands.

"I know baby … I know" she said and kissed Madison's hand. Brooke brushed Madison's hair making two little pigtails with the hair Madison had. As she put the second ponytail on he walked in.

"He hasn't picked them up yet?" he asked and Brooke just shook her head as he walked up to her and gave her a small kiss before looking through the mail.

"Alright sweet heart your all ready why don't you go play," Brooke said giving her a small kiss and setting Madison back down onto the floor. Madison quickly ran off and Brooke just starred at him. He looked up at her curiously.

"What?" he asked

"Chase I am worried about the kids … they don't understand and they are just so confused … I actually think Caleb hates me!" Brooke said as a tear fell from her eyes.

"Hey" chase said and placed the mail down walking over to Brooke and wiping the tear away. "It'll be okay … I promise" chase said and hugged Brooke. She took a deep breath and actually began to relax. Then there was a knock at the door.

"Alright ... kids lets go!" Brooke called out and they came running out as she opened the door.

"Hi" Lucas said looking at her sadly. He could see she had been crying.

"Hi" she said simply. "Alright you guys have fun and I'll see you in a couple days ok?" Brooke said giving them each a tight squeeze and kiss. "I love you," she said

"Hey cal … can you buckle in Maddie for me while I talk to your mom" Caleb rolled his eyes and took Madison's hand and walked to the car.

"Look can we talk?" Lucas asked. Brooke took a gulp.

"Can I help you?" chase said walking up behind Brooke to see Lucas.

"No" Lucas said coldly "I wanted to talk to my wife" Lucas spat and chase laughed coldly.

"You mean the wife that you soon wont have anymore" chase laughed.

"You know what …" Lucas began but Brooke cut him short.

"Both of you stop! I have no intention on divorcing Lucas whatsoever unless he wants to! And given the situation I would understand if he did" Brooke said sadly looking down.

"Brooke can I ask you something?" Lucas asked and Brooke nodded "why is he in my house?" Lucas asked and Brooke sighed

"I came to check on her! Something you should try sometime" chase spat

"Both of you shut up!" Brooke yelled. "Chase just leave please," Brooke asked and chase sighed disappointedly before walking out.

"What do you want to talk about Luke?" Brooke asked once chase left.

"Listen I have been thinking a lot … I should have told you this a long time ago because it's the truth and it would have saved us a lot of trouble … basically Brooke I think I overreacted and I was wrong. I think that when the words came out of your mouth I was blinded and pissed off but then now I think of it and there could be millions of explanations." He said and took her hand in his as they looked into each other's eyes. He gulped.

"I miss you Brooke," he said and Brooke sighed, she had been doing that a lot lately "I will be here for you and the baby whether or not its mine." Lucas said and placed his other hand on her stomach.

"Lucas things are just so complicated right now … I am beyond stressed and that cant be good for the babies …" Brooke began but was cut off.

"Babies?" Lucas asked confused Brooke took a deep breath.

"Their twins" Brooke explained and Lucas was absolutely shocked.

"What I was saying is maybe I should just take a break from guy all together … lets just be friends for a while Luke at least until that babies are here" Brooke said placing her hand over he bump on her belly.

"Alright fine … look I am at the hotel down the street maybe you should stop by and we could all hang out … the kids are really confused and I think they would enjoy it … just as friends though" Lucas suggested and Brooke nodded.

"Sounds good … thank you Lucas" Brooke said and Lucas nodded with a smile before walking off. He turned around.

"Oh and Brooke well never be just friends." Lucas said before getting into his car and Brooke shut her door-frustrated cause she knew he was right. She walked over to the fridge and thought of the babies she was carrying. This pregnancy made her absolutely depressed. She felt as though the babies were burdens not gifts … even if she felt that way she knew she would love them no matter what. She picked out the double chocolate chunk ice cream and sat down on the couch thinking about how life cam to be this way … so complicated.


"Hey get me a martini!" Brooke called out to the bartender happily and the man nodded taking her order.

"You seem happy what's the occasion?" a man with dark hair she had never met before asked.

"Well not that it's any of your business but life seems to be going pretty freaking fantastic! My job is great my kids are great and I love my husband … so I guess you could say the occasion is happiness" Brooke said and drank down the martini.

The man laughed and put out his hand to shake. "I like you already my name is chase," he said and Brooke smiled shaking his hand

"Nice to meet you … Brooke Scott" she said shaking his hand. "So what's your occasion? I mean why are you here?" Brooke asked drinking down the last of the drink.

"Just bored" he said simply.

"Jeesh people who are bored are just boring people … maybe you should hang out with me and my friends" Brooke said writing down her house and cell phone number on a napkin and giving it to chase.

"You give your number to strangers? Are you sure you can trust me?" chase asked and Brooke laughed

"I mean its not like we are ever going to date … I just thought I would spread the happiness. So you like books or basket ball?" Brooke asked

"Yea I like both." He stated simply.

"Now see you just landed two new friends my husband and my "brother" broke said and chase nodded


That was the first time she ever met chase and now she regretted ever meeting him she just wished her life would go back to the way it used to be … happy


Authors note: ok so you are probably way confused! Anyways don't worry all that will clear up in the next chapter … what do you think the situation is? Do you think Brooke could have possibly cheated on Lucas or do you think there is a different explanation? Please let me know what you think! Please keep reading it gets better I promise! But please review!