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She sat there in the nursery watching her babies softly breathe in and out. She tapped her fingers continuously on her chairs arm rest and took a gulp. Even though there was police sitting outside of the door she felt seriously uneasy about all the shit going on with chase. She took a deep breath and looked down at her still tapping fingers.

"Here you go" Lucas said and handed her a warm cup of coffee. She took a small sip and softly smiled. It felt good to be able to drink coffee again. "Did I miss anything?" Lucas asked and Brooke shook her head.

"Nope … just two heaving chests" Brooke said and Lucas nodded.

"So we are finally taking them home today" Lucas said and Brooke nodded her smile fading when she heard the words.

"Isn't that supposed to make you happy?" Lucas asked. Brooke sighed and stood up looking him in the eyes.

"Lucas you know I would be extremely happy about bringing them home but considering the situation I cant help but feel they are safer here." Brooke explained and Lucas nodded.

"Brooke they are going to start guarding the house too you know that" Lucas assured her and Brooke sighed.

"Yeah I know Luke … but how long are they going to keep this up? Sooner or later Lucas they are going to give up and he will make his move … we both know he will. I mean Lucas I cant even sleep knowing that he is out there planning something … I feel sick" Brooke explained and he sighed taking her into a big hug.

"They are going to safe" he promised "I wont let them out of my sight … chase will have to kill me before he gets anywhere near our babies" Lucas promised and Brooke groaned.

"You know that really doesn't make me feel any better Lucas … he wouldn't mind killing you and you know it" Brooke said and Lucas sighed resting his hands on her shoulders and looking her in the eyes

"Brooke I will do everything in my power to make sure chase gets what he deserves." He reassured Brooke and Brooke nodded before falling into his chest for a warm hug.

"I'm just happy we finally get to leave this damn hospital," Brooke said into his chest and Lucas laughed lightly.

"So even after practically living here for the past two weeks you still cant stand hospitals? I mean this place should be practically our second home by now," Lucas said and Brooke pretended to gag causing Lucas to laugh. She smiled loving it when she was in his arms while he laughed. She loved the warm tumble she felt.


Brooke walked in first with her baby girl Emma lying softly asleep in her arms. Lucas soon followed with little Austin securely in his arms. They were both smiling and looking down at their two brand new, beautiful, and sleeping babies.

"They are knocked out!" Brooke said softly "maybe we should go put them in their cribs?" Brooke suggested and Lucas nodded in agreement. He headed up the stairs first and Brooke followed. Brooke turned to the room right before theirs, it was the room they planned to be the nursery.

"Brooke" he whispered and shook his head towards their bedroom. Brooke looked at him confused but followed him any way. They walked in and in the corner were two baby cribs decorated with little pink and blue jungle animals, but Brooke favorite part in each crib laid a purple monkey. She smiled with her tears at the edge of exploding.

"Come on … lets lay them down," Lucas said walking over to the cribs. They laid the babies down in the crib.

"Its beautiful Luke" she assured him as she looked down at her sleeping babies.

"I thought you would feel a little better if they were with us in our room" Lucas explained and Brooke smiled. Words couldn't describe the way he made her feel. He protected her and reassured her, he cared about her and he loved her. There is really only one way that could make her feel about him…

"I love you," she said wrapping her arms around him. She sighed, "I'm going to take a shower," she said letting go of him and walking over to her vanity. She sat down and took her hair out of the high ponytail it was in. she laughed.

"What?" he asked curiously.

"Nothing … its just I think the last time I actually wore my hair in a pony tail was in like the third grade." She said and chuckled he smiled and shook his head no.

"No … you wore a ponytail practically the whole time we were separated because of chase" Lucas reminded her and she sighed.

"Oh right … I think I just don't give a crap when life goes into hell like it has" Brooke said and scratched her scalp. She reached down to grab her new body wash but stopped herself when she saw it. She stood up quickly and gripped her mouth when she gasped.

"Oh my god" she said fear evident in her voice.

"What?" Lucas asked rushing over and he saw it.

"I am going to kill that bastard" he said angrily and picked up the plastic bag with a spit swab in it. He ripped off the note attached and read it.

Some of my finest spit. for your DNA test.

He crumbled up the piece of paper and threw it as hard as he could out the window. The thought of him made Lucas want to hurt someone or something.

"He was in here Luke," she said looking up at him with panic in her eyes. "… He was here in side of our house," she said feeling the fear begin to push down on her shoulders. Lucas tried to concentrate on trying to make Brooke feel better. He knew she was having nightmares and she was scared and honestly this really didn't help the situation. He tried to think … to think of someway to make her feel better. He had nothing.

He wrapped her in a hug and took a deep breath.

"Everything is going to be fine Brooke … he is scared, he knows that we are ready for him and that scares him … believe me he would have made his move by now if he wasn't" he whispered in her ear as he softly petted her hair. He gulped and pulled away from him. She wiped her eyes of the tears and right away Lucas saw that look on her face … the look where she was in deep thought.

"What is it Brooke?" he asked with his eyebrows pushed together in frustration and curiosity.

"Its just …It" she stuttered and began to bite her nails nervously.

"Brooke just tell me!" he said. And Brooke sighed

"I wanna have the test," she said and Lucas looked at her in confusion. He didn't say anything and Brooke got nervous.

"Its not that it would change anything Luke … you'll still be their father to me and them no matter what. I actually KNOW you are the father and that's exactly why I want to do it … its just maybe if he sees it for himself that the twins are ours he'll leave us alone…" Brooke explained but Lucas cut her short by lifting his hands in the air and walking out.

"Luke! Luke please don't be mad" she called after him but he couldn't help but be a little aggravated.


"Here you go" Haley said handing Lucas a cup of coffee. He took it and looked down into the cup. He watched the liquid go round in the cup and sighed before looking up at Haley.

"I just cant believe she actually considered doing the test… and her reasoning was ridiculous … chase is a psycho he is going to keep this charade up whether or not the kids are his." He said shaking his head in disbelief.

"Ok don't get mad at me but I don't see what the big deal is! I mean you guys were planning on having the test in the first place … I think that it's you who is scared. Here's what I think, have the test because then at least you'll have the satisfaction of know their yours" Haley said and Lucas sighed. She was right he really was scared.

"And if they're not mine?" Lucas asked and Haley shook her head.

"You can't think like that Luke. I mean you can only look up in the kind of situation your having" Haley said simply and Lucas sighed.

"And if their not mine?" he repeated and Haley sighed.

"Well then that doesn't matter because in your heart, in Brookes heart, and in those two beautiful babies hearts they will be yours and Lucas that's all that should matter … just go and make your wife happy, she needs it" Haley said and Lucas nodded. He knew Haley was right but he still felt that bad feeling in his stomach… he really didn't want to do it.


"Mamma do yous think Emma will be my friend?" Madison asked looking up from Emma's crib and up at Brooke.

Brooke twirled one of Madison pigtails around her finger and smiled at her little girl. "Best friends" she replied and Madison smiled at her.

"Mamma are yous tired?" Madison asked and Brooke shook her head no sadly as the tears began to form in her eyes again.

"Don't cry mamma," Madison said wiping the tear from Brooke's cheek with her tiny hand.

"Madi why don't you go and play with Caleb" Lucas said as he entered the room leaning on the door panel. Madison quickly gave Brooke a kiss on the cheek before hoping off her lap and running out of the room. Brooke stood up and looked Lucas in the eye for a second before running up to him and grasping him in a tight hug.

"I'm so sorry … I don't want to do it … I changed my mind" she whispered and Lucas sighed pulling away from the hug.

"But I do" Lucas said simply looking her in the eyes. "I see now that the babies are mine no matter what a test says … but I would still like to rub it in chases face that they are emotionally and biologically mine" Lucas said with a smile. Brooke smiles and wrapped Lucas in a tight hug.

"Thank you" she whispered and he kissed the side of her head.


It had been a week since they brought the babies home and it had also been a week since Lucas had taken the DNA test. Brooke sat there tapping her leg nervously. Lucas put his hand on her leg stopping her leg from tapping. She looked up at him with worry that she was annoying him.

"You don't need to be nervous," he said simply and Brooke smiled.

"Mr. and Mrs. Scott?" The doctor asked looking around the waiting room. Brooke and Lucas stood up immediately. The doctor gave them a small smile before nodding her head towards the hallway telling them to follow her. They took a deep breath and Brooke slid her hand into Lucas' as they walked into the doctors' office.

"Ok well the results are in" the doctor said as she took a seat at her desk. Brooke and Lucas took a seat in the two empty seats across from the doctor. "Are you ready?" she asked and Brooke and Lucas looked each other in the eyes. Lucas smiled at her and squeezed Brookes hand in a comforting manor.

"Ready" they said together looking at the doctor.

"Ok Lucas Scott you are …" she said and pulled the papers out of the envelope that laid in her hand …


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