A Familiar Sound

A man was at home, nay, a hobbit, a halfling

thinking to himself, of the age he was passing

When suddenly, something unexpected occured,

the most familiar sound he ever had heard

That dreaded, old noise, his mind it would strain,

over and over and over again

Both wood and feet, knocking on stone

and then the surprise! Oh, the face he had shown!

Gandalf! Gandalf! my very old friend

to see you again, i did not intend

So happy was he, to see the arrival

and happier still, for his friend's survival

For he had not seen him for many a year

he loved an adventure, a journey most queer

But if he had known of what was to come

he'd certainly be a large deal more glum

For Frodo; his heir and only nephew

would face many troubles for him to pursue

But in the end, when his quest was done

he'd look back on his journey, the vicotry he'd won

He'd be strong and courageous and then he would know

he'd never have done it without Uncle Bilbo