Please note: This story is rated T

Oceania Naaz Emerson strolled down Major Street in the petite town of Guessville. She was vaguely aware of the somewhat familiar presence behind her. As it was drawing near, Oceania suddenly spun around and exclaimed, "Ha! I knew it was you! You're a bit rusty on your stealth skills."

Tally Waja Olsen let out a groan, and then complained, "I was never able to fool you."

They both laughed. Recalling all their old memories from High School.

Oceania said, "Let's have lunch, Two."

Tally pondered, then finally said, " I was going to meet my boyfriend, Jake, but, seeing as it's been a while, sure… why not?"


They sat down outside the Port Café. Oceania sipped her cappuccino as she gazed out at the panoramic view of the ocean. It was onlywhen Tally asked her a question that her tranquil thoughts lead her back to reality, "So what have you been doing these last few years?"

Oceania replied, "Well, after I left High School I procured my Forensic Science Degree and have been working with the Police, here in Guessville, ever since."

"What about your personal life? Any boyfriends I should know about?"

"I met, my current boyfriend, Harry, in Who City. After I graduated he followed me back to Guessville, where we have been living together in his house."

"His house?"

"Yeah, his parens gave it to him, when they found out he was moving. Anyway, enough about me. What's up with you?"

"Well, after my Dad died my mum and I moved into an apartment in Guessville," said Tally with her latte half way to her mouth.

"I don't remember your Dad dying, when did this happen?" Said Oceania in a very sympathetic tone.

"Actually, only six months after you left for the city. Anyway, putting that behind me," Tally was holding back tears, "I was a total mess at that stage, so following my Mum's advice and I put all my energy into my German and Law degree. I graduated almost, top of my class."

"Impressive" said Oceania, remembering how she came in the top ten when she was at university.

"Thanks, but after I graduated I found little use for being bilingual. So I went back to uni and have just finished my Psychology degree. Oh, and as I have already told you, I have a boyfriend, Jake. We now live together in a one bedroom apartment."

"Ooooh, what juicy gossip you have, speaking of which, we recently bought a Queen bed, and have been breaking it in," laughed Oceania.

"Oh God!! You always were very graphic, I prefer my more subtle approach."

"I'm a forensic scientist, its my job to be graphic."

It was then that Tally's phone started ringing, "Hello?... Oh My God… Was anything else taken?... OK then…I'll be right there!" She hung up the phone looking very anxious.

Noticing this Oceania replied, "Oh, Two (her nickname for Tally), what's wrong?"

Tally looked up, "One, (her nickname for Oceania) that was Jake. our apartment has been burgled!"

They gave each other a sidewards glance- instantly both knowing what it meant. "Let's go," they said together.


Tally lived on the third ie the top floor of her apartment block. Her apartment was number 2T, two doors from the stairwell. You could tell immediately that something bad had happened, because the apartment door was askew, and Tally's boyfriend, Jake, was standing just outside the apartment, looking very shocked and melancholic.

Tally and Oceania emerged from the stairwell. As soon as Tally saw him she ran into his embrace. "Oh, Jake, It'll be ok," she said.

Jake replied in a heartfelt tone, "Of all the things to steal, why my priceless manuscript? We have a stereo system and a plasma screen TV."

"Someone would have had to have known it was valuable. Otherwise it would have just looked like a bunch of old papers," Tally said.

After a second or two of pondering, Oceania snapped her fingers and exclaimed, "That's a vital clue. It rules out anyone you didn't tell that you had it or anyone without a historic background!"

"This is deeply distressing. We only told people we trusted about that," Jake said.

"Can I have a look around?" Oceania asked. "I might be able to find some evidence to help."

"Don't you need a kit or something for that?" Tally asked.

"Yeah, but I always keep one in my car," Oceania replied, " 'You never know when there's gonna be a mystery to be solved' it's on my bumper sticker," she grinned.

"Have you called the Police?" Tally asked Jake.

"I didn't think they'd be able to do much," he replied sheepishly.

"That's alright. I'll call Harry and have him come round, after all, he is a police officer," Oceania said.

After Oceania came back from her car with her kit, she tiptoed into the apartment, careful not to stand on anything that could be evidence. She pulled on her latex gloves and carefully looked through the shelf near the worn-out sofa (couch) where the manuscript had been. Oceania dusted for fingerprints along the shelf close to where the manuscript had been. She found 3 different sets. After identifying two of them as Jake's and Tally's, she then lifted the unknown set to use as evidence.

"How did you know we'd been broken into, Jake?" asked Tally.

"Apart from the lock being broken, the sofa had been moved."

Tally looked closer at the sofa, and then said, "We never had to move the sofa to get to the shelf, it must have been someone who was bigger than us!"

It was then that Oceania exclaimed, "Aha! I found something else."

Tally and Jake exchanged glances before looking at Oceania with eager faces.

"It's liquor by the looks of it," Oceania said. She tasted it and confirmed with a nod, "Yep! Definitely Methylated Spirits."

"Ok, what are all the things we know?" Tally asked.

Oceania replied, "Well, we know that whoever it was likes Meth, possibly a heavy drinker, we also know that they had to be much bigger than we were because they needed to move the sofa to get to the manuscript, and we have a set of fingerprints we can use to verify this against the most likely suspect. In addition, they had to have known about the manuscript in the first place. Therefore, it must be someone that you told."

Everyone ceased speaking.

It was Jake that, eventually, broke the long silence, " It couldn't have been Robert, could it?"

Tally replied, her voice quivering, "Of course!"

Oceania interrupted, "Hold on, who's Robert? And if he's a drunk, why would you tell him?"

Tally became defensive, "We didn't mean to tell him, it just sort of slipped out. We didn't think it would be a big deal, besides, we made him promise not to tell anyone else!"

It was at that moment that Harry arrived. "Hello? Anyone here?" he called. Oceania ran to greet him, "Hey Harry, you came a bit late, we've practically figured it out already."

Harry beamed, "I knew you didn't need me to help solve it, but I'll help with the arrest."


Harry came out of the interrogation room smiling to himself, "You guys were great! Robert admitted to the whole thing, especially after we showed him the fingerprints that were lifted," then to Oceania he said, "I have to get back to work, I'll see you at home," he winked and left.

"You know, Two, we make a pretty good team," Oceania said.

"Actually, I was just thinking the same thing, One," Tally replied.

"Especially with both our expertise and skills,."

"That's a great idea, One! what d'you say? Wanna open a Private Detective Agency?" Oceania looked at Tally with beaming eyes, and they both knew it was a yes.