Chapter Three:

Or Perhaps I'm Dreaming

Cookie's POV

It had been quite a long time since I'd really done any technical work on a large scale. Wiring up a house was right up my alley, and I was happy to help. So what if it would be invading one of my best friend's privacy? I'd make sure to leave the bathrooms free of bugs and cameras.

But, everywhere else was free game, and I intended to get every inch of his house on camera (except the bathrooms, as previously stated).

Jerry was at my house that evening, helping me with the planning. He said that Billy was at home getting ready and packing (and probably practising his nice-guy look—and failing epicly). But what Billy was doing was none of my business (yet), so I didn't pay that much attention.

I spread out Ned's house blueprint on my kitchen table so that we could take a better look and plan out every camera and angle. Jerry wasn't that good with technical stuff, but he was good with concealing and placing cameras (It surprised me, but pleased me greatly).

Working with him was especially easy, and soon we were done. All we had to do was wire Ned's house, but we couldn't do it just the two of us. Still, we didn't want to get anyone else involved, so I ended up getting Moze to agree to help. The following morning, we'd make Ned and Billy go for a walk or something, and we'd wire the house.

Then, every day after that, the three of us could watch what was going on in our rooms every night with our TVs. It was such a daring task, I was getting quite excited just sitting there. I wanted to fast-forward time and start the project (which we named 'Project Tagline'. We still aren't quite sure why we named it this, but it was fitting somehow).

I rolled up the blueprint and stuffed it into my bag with the bugs and cameras. The following day would be extreme to the max, and I was sure I'd get next to no sleep until the first phase of our mission was complete.

Ned's POV

Sitting up in bed, I couldn't sleep. Knowing that Loomer would be IN MY ROOM, sleeping ON MY FLOOR, on MY AIR MATRESS was enough to keep me from getting any rest. Honestly, if you knew that the following night, your worst enemy was to be sleeping meters away from you, you'd get no sleep too. It's not natural to get a good sleep when such a bad thing is approaching. It's like sleeping knowing that there's a twister on its way and there's nothing you can do about it.

Not to say I was out of denial, because that's not true either. I still haven't quite come to terms with the situation on-hand. When I see Loomer tomorrow, I'm sure that's when the dream will fade and reality will veer it's ugly head. Still, that's one more reason not to sleep. I don't want to wake up, so if I don't sleep...

Okay, I'm getting ridiculous. Seeing Loomer isn't going to be the worst ever. Let's look at the upsides of having a week-long sleepover with my worst enemy. Here, I'll even make a list of good things.

I won't be alone. I don't really like to be alone that much, so even if he's bad company, he's still company.

I won't have to wonder where he is or if he's going to be around the next corner. I'll KNOW he's around the corner, and therefore the suspense will be gone. But not the dread.

...okay, there has to be THREE good things. Good things come in threes.

Darn, so if there's only two things that are good, no good thing is coming. It has to be three good things if it's good!!

Or wait. Maybe I'm just not thinking hard enough. Maybe there's another good thing I'm just not thinking of at the moment...

No, I think that's it. This is Loomer we're talking about; how many good things can there possibly be about having his company?

Two, that's how many.