One Shot :3

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(a/n): Authors Notes

"Arigatou Gozaimasu!" said Atobe to the large crowd.

Kabaji, with Atobe's body guards came up the stage to pick him up.

"Wasn't I great, Kabaji?" asked Atobe.

"Hai…" replied Kabaji in his low voice.

The body guards and Kabaji led him through the crowd and into his limo.

-ring… ring… ring…-

"Yes? This is the beautiful pop-idol, Atobe…" answered Atobe on his cell phone.

"Atobe, we need you… It's important! A life or death situation! Hurry to Hyotei's courts, now!"

"Oshitari? What's wrong?!" asked Atobe.

"Just hurry up, Atobe!" shouted Oshitari.

-beep… beep… beep...-

"Oshitari?! Oshitari?! Noooooooooo!!"

(a/n) Wait, that's over-acting… Fits Atobe, anyway...

"Kabaji, ready my private jet…" ordered Atobe.

"Hai…" said Kabaji in reply.


They arrived in Hyotei Gakuen and Atobe hurried to the courts.

"Omg!! Sakaki Sensei, Oshitari, Mukahi, Jiroh!! Why are you guys in a cage?!"

"Your fan girls put us here, Atobe Keigo. They thought we were hiding you. They want you so bad."

said Sakaki Sensei sternly.

"Are they that many that they could put 4 men in a cage?!" Atobe asked.

"Not really… They got some help… -yawn-" Jiroh said.

"Nani?? Who helped them?!"

Then Mukahi said, "Didn't you notice? Shishido and Ohtori isn't here… They're also one of your fan girls!!"

So Atobe was like, "WTF?!"

(a/n) I think that this is like totally unacceptable for Sakaki Sensei... I wonder if he'll punish them and how... 0.o

-lost in thought-

-end- XD