A "Kiki's Delivery Service" story. After her year in the city by the sea it is time for Kiki to return home for training from other witches. She and Tombo write to each other as often as possible, refusing to let the distance between them ruin their bond.

Chapter 1 – Saying Goodbye

Kiki leaned on the railing watching the sea as the sun went down. She could hardly believe that it had been a whole year since she arrived in the city with her black cat Jiji. Her hair had grown a few inches, but other than that her appearance hadn't changed much. She still wore the same red bow, the same dark purple dress, and the same old shoes. She still rode the same broom she'd taken from the street cleaner on the day of the blimp crash in the clock tower square. She'd tried to return it, but the man had been very kind and said that it belonged to her now more than him. And he was right, the broom had seemed to find a mind o its own when Kiki had filled it with her power.

But now that a year had gone by for her witch's training, Kiki had to go home for at least another year of training with her mother. And Kiki didn't want to go.

For although her appearances hadn't changed much, she'd changed a lot in her heart. Her best friend in the whole world, aside from Jiji, was Tombo. He'd changed even less than her, which she personally was very happy about. She had a lot of other friends who she'd met through him, most of whom were members of the Aviator's Club. Kiki had to smile when she thought of the joy on Tombo's face when he flew around in that man powered airplane they'd built. And Kiki's employer, though they used the term loosely, was Ohono, a kind woman who owned a bakery. She and her husband and year old son had become Kiki's family over the past nine months.

But it was Tombo she was waiting for now. When they'd realized that it was almost time for her to leave, they'd agreed to meet and walk down to their favorite place on the beach. Kiki wished he'd hurry up or they'd miss the sunset. Finally she heard scrambling on a nearby wall and turned to se her blond friend's head pop up over the top.

"Hey Kiki! Sorry I took so long, my mom's being difficult again. I'll meet you over at the gate." Tombo said before disappearing once more. Kiki giggled softly and went to meet him by the back wall of his yard. Then they started to walk down the winding, seaside road, talking and laughing the whole way. Both were trying to ignore the fact that this would their last such trip together, determined to make it as normal as possible. But Kiki's imminent goodbye couldn't be kept hidden forever. They'd been sitting on the beach for at least an hour and the sun was almost gone. A comfortable silence hung over then when Kiki finally addressed the issue at hand.

"I don't want to go." She said softly. Tombo looked down at his shoes, half buried in the sand, but didn't say anything. "I mean, I'll be happy to see my parents." Kiki went on, taking the silent invitation. "And all my old friends. It'll be great to prove to them that I can actually fly now. Most have yet to believe it from what my dad wrote. And it'll be wonderful to finally be able to wear some different clothes." She fingered her dark dress, the hem of which was now above her knees despite Ohono having let it out twice. "This dress is much to short…" she smiled fondly as she thought of her closet of clothing at home. They'd probably all be too short now as well.

"But…" she finally whispered, "My life is here. All my friends, my job, and a new family…and Jiji doesn't want to leave Lily behind. I have a life here, back home is so different."

"It's only a year." Tombo pointed out.

"You mean at least a year. The second part of training can take forever depending on what I need to learn and how often other witches are around to teach it. It could be a lot more than one year before I come back…" a tear flowed down her face and Kiki angrily wiped it away. Not before Tombo saw it though. He held a fist in front of her face and opened it. A gold chain fell to hang in front of her nose, a small blue stone in the shape of a heart at the bottom.


"It's for you." He interrupted with a smile. Kiki's smile grew a fraction as she reached up and took it gently from him. "It reminds me of you."

"You thik my heart is a rock?" Kiki asked, a teasing smile on her face. Tmbo laughed himself.

"No. Although it was a bit of a rocky start if I recall." He teased right back. Kiki stuck out her tongue at him, not caring how childish it was. "Hold it up in the light." He said mysteriously. She raised an eyebrow to him and did as she was told, than gasped at what she saw. Rather than the solid blue stone she thought she held, it was actually a dark blue crystal, and the light shining through the stone revealed thousands of gold sparkles.

"Oh…Tombo it's beautiful!" Kiki exclaimed in wonder. Tombo's crooked smile grew.

"Which is why it reminds me of you." He said smugly, fully enjoying the blush that came to the girl's face at his words. Kiki bit her lip slipping the necklace around her neck and clasping it under her hair. She smiled at him again and he grinned back. She grabbed his hand and stood, pulling him to his feet.

"Now I have something to give you." She said and dashed over to where her broom lay on the grass. She climbed on, sitting farther forward than she normally did. "Hop on." She said, nodding to the space behind her. Tombo pointed to himself, as if he was confused who she was speaking to. "Oh get on you goose!" she said with a laugh. He finally did so, looking as if he felt a bit foolish.

"Can you fly a broom with a passenger?" he asked, sounding a bit unsure.

"You bet!" Kiki aid, kicking off the ground. They shot into the darkening sky, Tombo shouting the whole way. First it was in fright, unused to having nothing to sit on but a thin broom handle. But soon, his shouts turned to shouts of joy.

"This is amazing!" he said to her. "Is this what it's always like?" Kiki giggled.

"Usually its Jiji chattering at me rather than you, but yeah." She stopped the broom to hover in midair. To their left sat the port city, glowing with the lights from thousands of windows. To their right lay the sea, sparkling as the sun finished setting.

"Wow…" Tombo said. "I don't know how you ever lost your flying powers last year, not if you got to see this every day."

"Well…I didn't. When I started using flying as a business, flying lost its fun. I forgot all the wonderful things and only focused on the bad ones."

"So…how'd you get your powers back? You never said." Tombo pointed out, still looking at the ground far below.

"It was because of you." Kiki said, starting a wide circle of the city so they could see it from all angles.


"Mhmm. A short time before the blimp crash, I'd gone to spend a few days with a friend. She's an artist and has a cabin in the woods with all the crows. She said that when she lost her ability to paint, she had to find a new inspiration. She said I had to do the same." Kiki said, a bit shy as she'd never told anyone this before.

"Find an inspiration?" Tombo asked. Although he was still watching the world go slowly by, his attention was fully on Kiki now.

"Yeah. When the blimp got blown of course by the win last year, and you were hanging onto that rope. You needed help, and I knew that no one could save you. No one but me that is. And even after that, your love of flying made me realize what I was missing."

"You were missing the love of flying." Tombo realized. It made perfect sense. If you don't love something enough, you'll never be very good at it. And when Kiki had started to resent flying, she lost her ability to fly.

"Exactly. So…thank you." Tombo chuckled, he could hear the grin on her voice.

"You're welcome." They flew around for a bit longer, then Kiki flew them to Tombo's backyard when it started to get cold.

"So I'll see you tomorrow morning right?" Kiki asked. Tombo nodded.

"Absolutely, along with the gang of course." Kiki had to grin, knowing that she had so many friends coming to say farewell.

"Alright, good night!" She hopped back onto her broom and soared off towards the bakery.

"Night!" she heard Tombo call, and she turned to wave.

The next morning was bitter sweet. Kiki was touched that so many people had come to see her off. Some of those who'd come she didn't even know! But saying goodbye was harder now than it had been even when she'd left home the year before. And before she knew it, it was time to leave. She went around the circle, giving out last minute hugs. Tombo could barely smile when she finally reached him and she threw her arms around his neck.

"I think I'll miss you most of all." She whispered in his ear.

"And I'll miss you more than anyone else here." He whispered back. She pulled back and gave him a tearful smile. For a moment their eyes met and she could have sworn he was going to kiss her. But he just blinked and smiled sadly back. Before she started crying, Kiki spun and hopped onto her broom flying off. She turned and waved, shouting goodbye to everyone as she went, only allowing her tears to fall once she was out of sight. Jiji nuzzled her ear from where he sat on her shoulder.

"It'll be ok Kiki." He said, sounding sad himself. She nodded and gave him a smile which they both knew was a front. Thankfully he didn't push the matter, just curled up on her bag and slept. Kiki wiped the tears from her face even as the wind dried them from her cheeks. The next year, or more, was going to be a very long one…


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