A final dedication to ''seetheworld" for all the support. It is very nice to move this into complete. Thank you for reading everyone! I hope this ending brings everything together for you.


It hit like a hammer, pounding and aching. His head was swimming, drowned in a torrent of rain.

Or tears…

He opened his eyes, sensitive to the bright light. A white light… that couldn't be good.

But it was whitewash, whitewash of a little hospital room.

His body screamed out in agony and it wasn't until he realized it was because something was pressed against him.


"You're heavy…"


And he passed out again.

"Is he going to be okay?"

"Well thankfully he is no longer critical. He was very lucky the ground was softened by the rain. This is unusual to say but the way he fell minimized the shock to-"

"No matter the medical costs we will pay it!"

"Dad… calm down."

"Honey let the doctor finish okay."

Tears stung an old mans eyes as his wife rubbed his back. He looked through the window to see a machine keeping a boy alive. Mechanics in motion, he thought of dying.

Because Sasuke was no robot. Kenji had never seen so much blood, so much broken bone- everything collapsing fighting to just breathe.

"I just want him to be okay…"

"It's my fault."

Someone was talking, it's a nice voice. He likes it.

"Sasuke… I'm sorry… I'm so s-sorry."

That he didn't like, crying. He opened his eyes slowly as viridian eyes came into focus. He blinked. She looked so sad…

"I'm s-sorry Sasuke."

She was falling apart, carefully moving his hair out of his face.

"No more hiding, no more insecurity. I do believe I do. I trust you. I'm sorry for all the doubt. Sasuke I'm sorry."

He found her hand and it was the weakest grip she had ever felt. It made her bite back a sob. She knew he hated crying.

"But what if you never walk a-again," her voice was shaky and he could feel her body quivering next to him.

She just wanted to cry, so scared.

He shut his eyes "Believe in me Sakura… really trust in me. It's going to be alright I promise."

He made an open resolution, at least with her. Meet each other in the middle.

"Sasuke I love you."

And it didn't take a seconds thought.

"I love you too."

"I'm sorry there is a high chance that he won't walk again."

It didn't happen overnight, mainly because he got whatever he wanted when he wanted. Kenji even tried to feed him which was disturbing as hell. He quote 'still didn't like him but figured he owed him' end quote.

Sasuke liked to think he secretly liked him.

So he wasn't really thinking when he did it. He was just thirsty. His lips were dry and chapped (which he hated) and the glass was all the way over there.

So he got up.

It hurt like hell, pain shooting up his spine but he wanted that damn cup. So he moved his feet stubbornly, because that is what Sasuke was.

Hana came back in the room dropping the tray she was holding, at the young man standing before her who had been decided not-to-be-able-to-do-that-anymore period.

Someone really should have told him that.

Sasuke lowered the glass and raised an eyebrow because what did science know?

"Quick Sakura get in here and make sure your mother is not hallucinating!"

"You're okay…"

Sasuke was still. He promised didn't he?

"Sasuke your okay…"

Reflecting, he was going to take physiotherapy and return to work in six months. He was going to be walking out of this hospital, Sakura by his side. He was better than okay.

Sasuke and Kenji sat playing cards. He never lost at cards so of course Sasuke must be cheating.

But he didn't care. The boy was almost crippled saving his little girl. He marveled at the turn of events, cause and effect.

"So all this to tell my daughter you loved her?" he said lightly. "You're one dramatic guy."

Sasuke gave a gruff nod. It had been a lot more than he bargained for, that's for sure. He'd said it now (just ignore the fact it almost killed him) so at least it was over.

"Now all you have to do is propose," Kenji mused.

He watched Sasuke pale in amusement, giving a chuckle and hitting the dazed boy on the arm.

"Welcome to the family."