Stars shining bright above you

Night breezes seem to whisper "I love you"

Birds singin' in the sycamore tree

Dream a little dream of me

Say nighty-night and kiss me

Just hold me tight and tell me you'll miss me

While I'm alone and blue as can be

Dream a little dream of me

Stars fading but I linger on dear

Still craving your kiss

I'm longing to linger till dawn dear

Just saying this

Sweet dreams till sunbeams find you

Sweet dreams that leave all worries behind you

But in your dreams whatever they be

Dream a little dream of me


There she was again, walking along the surf, her hair billowing in the night breeze, her eyes blue stars calling me to her. Her dress told tales of a body naked underneath it. I could see the shape of her full breasts, the roundness of her hips and the shape of her long legs. Whether she liked it or not, it was a body made for babies- my babies- and me.

Waves washing upon the shore made the indiscrete dress more and more transparent, revealing that little triangle that I'd come to think as my own little Bermuda triangle. I wanted to get lost in there. I would get lost in there. Wasn't she the one who said that everything happened eventually? I guess she was right too. But while she attributes it to the law of probabilities, I like to think that the Man upstairs is responsible. I mean, I've been a good boy, Lord. I've done the right thing by her for four long years. Four years, Lord, where she tormented me with little touches and long words, where she taunted be and flaunted lesser men in front of me. Four years where I trailed behind her just to smell that perfume of hers, four years where the only part of her that belonged to me was that little curve on the small of her back. God, I'm so jealous of the small of her back!

I thought she couldn't see me. She usually doesn't. I'm that careful! She thinks she can take care of herself. In my head I know she's almost right. But in my heart… well, my heart doesn't give a toss about what my head thinks. My heart wants to make sure she got home ok, that her date isn't an abusive asshole, that she eats properly, that she doesn't worry about what cannot be helped.

So, here I am. Not hiding, no, not really hiding. Just not in plain sight, making sure she's safe. My little mermaid. She walks towards me, the moonlight playing games of shadows in her body. She comes closer and my heart thumps in recognition of her scent, greeting her. This heart of mine, the traitor, it's going to denounce me to her. It's a sound so overwhelming it draws out even the crushing of the waves on the soft sand.

She stops by the long chair I' m lounging on and looks me in the eye- immobilizing me. I can't move, that's the hold she's got on me.

"Booth" and the top button of her white dress pops open. My throat works against me and constricts my breathing.

"Bones" I need a brilliant excuse for being here. None is forthcoming.

"Don't call me that!" But she said it with a smile. The second button popped open. My heart races wildly.

"Temperance" The reflection of the moon on her skin is pure silver.

"That's better" And the third button opens. My whole body conspires against me.

"What are you doing out at this time of night?" Moronic question, Seel!

"Hoping you'd come" The fourth button opens. Oh, just say something smart, for heaven's sake!

"Nice dress!" Great! My brain took a leave of absence! Brilliant, Seel! Fifth button opens revealing the treasure trove.

"Yes, I thought you'd like it!" And she shrugs it off, letting it slide down. It pools at her feet. I concentrate on the soggy pool of white. I cannot look at her or I'll be doomed.

"Temperance" is it a request? Or a beg for mercy? Maybe a calling.

"Look at me, Booth!" God, her voice is smoother than good whiskey. I know that if I look at her, I'm lost. But it's a battle of wills I don't care to win. I'd lose to much either way. I look up. She's smiling that smile of hers. That smile she smiles when she's made up her mind and is just waiting for me to catch up.

My body rebels against the command of my brain. My manhood stands and salutes her happily.

She takes one final step towards me. No more cool summer night air between us. Now it's just hot furnace air of a passion, a wanting, a desire, a destiny about to be fulfilled. Somehow, my clothes come off easily. She straddles me and looking me straight in the eyes, tells me 'Tonight you're mine' I sigh happy as she descends on me. My eyes are arrested in hers, open in slight surprise. I tell her yes, tonight I'm hers. She slides one more inch and tells me 'All mine'. God, her eyes shine like they have a light of their own. One more inch, she buries me in the tightness of her body. 'No more lines' I shake my head.

"No more lines" I concede. I gain one more inch.

"No one else" Who else could there be, Temperance? We are the centre! I promise 'No one else' She takes all of me in.

"No regrets"

"No Temperance, none." My eyes are still on hers, the blue in them is the darkest shade I've ever seen. So This is Temperance with a man inside her.

"No", she tells me. "This is me with you inside." And I swear, I've never seen anything so beautiful in my whole life.

"Temperance" and the summer breeze carries her name, spreading the sweetness. She runs her hand down my face, sliding it up again. I know she likes the feel of my insipient beard. Her palm travels up an down. Her body rocks back and forth, letting me fill her. I can feel myself expanding inside and all around her. I want to be only thing she's conscious off. I want to mark myself onto her, brand her with my scent, with my touch. I carry off the chair and lay her down on the edge of the surf. I want to see all of her, burn that image in my retina. I want to know her body like my own hands, so I study her. But I'm hers, all hers. And she commands me:
"I want you inside me!" I lay atop her and my breath catches when I enter her. I kiss her as I progress from her belly button to the cove on her neck. If I have to die, my God, let me take my final resting place in that cove on her neck. She locks her legs around me and urges me on, pulls me further inside her. My body knows these movements by heart. My legs between hers push forward, the muscles in my navel propel me, my lungs breathe in air to keep me alive- all it's taken care of. Only my heart needs reassurance.

The waves around us cool our bodies, cradle and rock us in the rhythm, of love. The smell of her is mixed with the smell of summer, of beach and ocean. The taste of her is the sweetness of her skin and the salt I taste from her breast.

She calls out my name as she quakes around me. My senses are full of Temperance- her taste, her smell, her touch, her face, my name on her lips. 'Booth' like a whisper or a sigh.

"I'm yours, Temperance. All yours." She opens her eyes. There is still a fog of desire in them.

Love is a sixth sense. So when I see love in her eyes, when she says it out loud 'I love you' my heart races its last few yards and my body explodes inside her, filling her with me. Marking her as mine.

But the starry night is already dissolving into morning, the surf morphing into white linen sheets and she's already evaporating from my embrace.

I sit in bed, sweaty, breathless, lonely and wet. Third time this week. Third change of clothes and linen. Third sleepless night. I punch the pillow and wonder if she's dreaming of me.

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