Renesmee goes to Forks High. Takes place after Breaking Dawn. Renesmee meets a new boy, but doesn't know how she should act around him because of Jacob. R&R!

In a few years, I'd be frozen. Frozen in time. While I waited, I wanted to live a normal life, or I guess as being half-vampire and having a wolf boyfriend can get. I guess it was kind of funny growing up so fast. But at the same time I wanted to live out my childhood. You know?

So, today was the day. I brushed my curly locks more times than I could count. I paced my room. I looked at myself in the mirror.

"Hello! I'm Renesmee Cullen." I practiced.

No, no. Too "formal."

"Hey. I'm Renesmee."


I'll just try to blend in. Come on! How hard can it be?

Dad wasn't too keen on me going to Forks High School. Mom and Aunt Rosalie were, they wanted me to be normal. And of course Alice was, as long as she could spend a bunch of money on an outfit for my first day. I felt ready. More than ready even. I can do this!

I said bye to Mom and Dad who were no longer going to Forks High, which would have been weird to go to school with your parents. Luckily, all my aunts, uncles, and parents had graduated, so there was no family ties at school. I would just be Renesmee, another adopted child of the Carslile and Esme.

"Hey Sophmore!" Emmett yelled as he spotted me coming into view.

"Oh, that's the best you can do?" I yelled back as a jumped across the river.

Just then, I saw Jacob running towards me. He was just the person I wanted to see.

"Ness!" He said while he embraced me.

"Jacob!" I cooed.

"Knock 'em dead today. I know you'll be great."

"I just wish you would be there. But you would never pass as a freshmen, or a senior even."

We smiled at each other and entered the main house. Everyone wished me luck and I hopped in the Volvo. Alice insisted she drive me to school, but Jacob put up a real fight. Mom and Dad caught on to the fact that I wanted Jacob there.

"Alice," Mom called. "Can you come here?"

Alice reluclantly went over to Mom. Mom gave Alice a look.

"Jacob. You take her." Alice said in a monotone. "Can I drive you tomorrow?"

I grinned at Jacob.

"Of course Auntie Alice." I replied sweetly.

Jacob and I pulled up to Forks High. Deep breaths. In, out, in, out, in, out. I checked my hair in the sideview mirror. Jacob noticed my anxiousness and insecurities.

"You look beautiful. They will love you." He said camly.

"I love you, Jacob Black."

"I love you too, Renesmee Cullen."

I opened the car door, stepped out onto my new (thanks to Alice) Gucci flats, and waved goodbye to Jake.

Mom, Alice, and Rosalie had told me everything to know about this place.

I walked to the office and asked for my schedule.

"Here you are, Ms. Cullen." Ms. Dahlen said as she gave me my classes.

"Thank you!"

Mr. Green, my science teacher, was in Room 102. Where is Room 102? I frantically searched the school, looking for my Physics class. I heard the warning bell ring and I knew that I would be late. I started to run, my designer backpack (again, thanks to Alice) slung across my shoulder. The rain started pouring down as I passed Room 204. Ugh! What bad luck!

Just then, my phone vibrated. I took out my iPhone 3G (I'm sick of saying it, thanks to Alice) and checked the text.

Jacob: have a good day ness

I was halfway thru typing "thanks" when I bumped into him. I was so started my phone flew out of my hand and onto the pavement beside me. A headache was shot into me. Ow!

"Oh jeez!" The boy yelled, obviously startled too.

A few moments later, after we had both recovered, we said in unison, "Sorry!"

He chuckled. I laughed.

"I'm Michael." he said.

"Hi Michael. I'm Renesmee."

"Nice name. Are you lost? I haven't seen you around." He said as he handed me my iPhone.

He seemed so friendly. And I could use some help getting around Forks High, I was five minutes late to my first class!

"You kind of hit the nail on the head...I'm new here and I can't find Mr. Green's Physics class."

"Oh, yeah. I took that class last year. Let me help you."

He smiled at me. What a genuine smile, he seemed like such a nice guy. He stared into my eyes, I stared into his.

"Thanks." I cooed.

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