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Chapter One

Two guards walked down a hallway with a cartload of food for the inmates at the maximum-security prison. It was mealtime for the inmates and they were on duty for the most dangerous and evil men in the county. They both lined up to punch the key code in when they were instantly stunned by taisers. Two other guards stepped out of the shadows and quickly opened the door with a technical decoder. They hid one man and dragged the other with them, and quickly went to the last door. They unlocked it and stepped into the cell. The man seated in the cell looked up and grinned sadistically. His revenge was in hand.

"Did you do what I told you to do concerning the Chase girl?"

The men stripped the guard of his clothes and the inmate switched with the guard. The dead man became the caged criminal and the man became an upstanding protector of justice.

"We followed your instructions to the letter."

The three walked out and quickly made their way out of the prison.

"Excellent. It's going exactly as I planned."

Abigail sat in her small apartment, tissues scattered everywhere. She couldn't believe it. Her sister was dead and a part of her seemed to have died with her. She hadn't shown up to work since her abduction by Ian at the Archives. For Abigail, everything she saw held a little of Elizabeth. She couldn't look at a filing cabinet without bursting into tears.

She sniffed and immersed herself back into the memory of that day...

The head doctor walked out of Elizabeth's room towards her waiting family and friends. Abigail, Ben, and Riley all stood up and anxiously waited for what the doctor had to say.

"I'm sorry, but we did all we could. The fever was too much for her body, coupled with the amounts of blood she had lost." he said morosely.

Abigail was shell-shocked and her knees gave out on her as she crumpled to the floor. Ben was equally as shocked but did his best to comfort Abigail. Riley walked to Elizabeth's room in a daze and stood there until Abigail and Ben walked in. He gently ran his finger along Elizabeth's jaw line, then abruptly punched the wall, and stalked out. Abigail dissolved into a puddle of tears. Ben had to help her out of the room.

Her funeral was equally as somber and tear-filled. Abigail and Ben were there along with Mr. Gates, and her friends and coworkers from Egypt. Riley had disappeared. The casket was closed; otherwise, Abigail wouldn't be able to stop crying...

Abigail sniffed and gazed out the window. The world seemed so much duller without her little sister to liven things up.

Ben was staring at the TV in horror. The past week had been hell and now this! First, Elizabeth died, sending her sister into plunging depression. Then, Riley disappeared and no one still knew his whereabouts. Now Ian had somehow escaped from the most secure prison in the country!

He quickly ran out of his hotel room and hailed a taxi to Abigail's. On the way, his brain whirled with possibilities of what Ian might do. Try to kill them? Exact revenge? Try to destroy the Declaration? Steal the Treasure? The taxi pulled to a stop and he quickly thrust money at the drive, ran up to Abigail's apartment, and began to pound on her door.

"Abby! It's Ben! Abigail!" he yelled, terrified Ian had already made his move against them.
The door was opened fairly quickly.
"Ben? What's going on? Is something wrong?" she asked, ushering him into her apartment.

"It's Ian, he's escaped out of prison and no one knows where he is. I think he'll try to get revenge on us somehow. Maybe try to steal the treasure, destroy the Declaration, hurt or kill us... I just got really scared and had to come over." he said, suspiciously looking around her apartment as if Ian would pop out at any moment.

Abigail paled a bit.

"What do we do? I mean, is the FBI going to do anything for us or are we on our own?" she asked, panic creeping into every word.
"I don't know. Sadusky might contact us since Ian is most likely to come after us and they'll have an easier time catching him... Do you want me stay here with you until he calls us or..." Ben asked, laying a hand on her shoulder comfortingly.
Abigail blushed lightly. "If you wouldn't mind."
Ben returned a blush and cleared his throat. "Not at all."
They smiled shyly at each other.
"Do you want some tea? I'm kind of cold. Plus it's been so dreary what with this rain and all..." Abigail said.
"Sure." Ben said softly.

Abigail walked into her kitchen, leaving Ben in the living room.
'It sure is messy in here... Poor Abigail, she's taking this so hard. I wish I could do more...' he thought sadly.

He began to clean up the room; throwing away tissues, putting things back where they belonged, and lastly, throwing away the glass from a picture frame of Abigail and Elizabeth from when they were children. When Abigail came back into her living room, she was surprised to see it so clean. She smiled sadly at him.

"I'm sorry it's such a mess. When I got back here, I had a major meltdown... I don't think I've really stopped crying until you came..." she murmured apologetically.

She sat down next to Ben and handed him a coffee mug filled with hot tea. She drank hers slowly, staring off into space. Ben mimicked her, leaving Abigail to her thoughts. When they were both done, they put their mugs in the sink. Abigail stood in front of it and seemed to be thinking about her sister again. Ben shook his head sadly.

'It's not good for her to be so gloomy all the time. I need to cheer her up.' he thought.

He walked over to her and turned her around. She looked up at him and tried to smile but she choked on her tears. He pulled her into his chest as she began to so her heart out. He gently rubbed circles on her back and swayed slightly with her in his arms. She sniffed and looked up at him as he looked down at her. Their faces were inches apart when Ben closed the gap and they kissed, softly at first, but soon turning it into a passionate affair. Still kissing, Ben picked Abigail up and walked towards her bedroom, not sure where the evening would lead...

Meanwhile, hundreds of miles away... a young woman with strawberry blonde hair began to wake up. She had an athletic build, but was on the skinny side, with curves where they count. She sat up in her bed and rubbed at her teal blue, almond shaped eyes and yawned. She gazed about in mild confusion when the door to her sparse room was opened by a man. The woman's eyes widened and she quickly backed away from him on her bed.

"Victor!" she squeaked. "What are you doing here?!"
He grinned at her and shut the door. "Do you even know where 'here' is?" he asked, walking closer to her.
She blinked and thought for a moment. "A... hospital...?" she asked hopefully.
"Wrong." he said, stopping in front of her bed." May I be the first to welcome you to Ian Howe's hideout, Miss Elizabeth Chase."