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Chapter Thirteen

It was dark, of that she was sure. She paused for a moment... and cold. Very cold. Which was strange because she had never experienced such darkness and coldness before. Well now wait a minute; she had been here, but not as deep. She hadn't sunken into this strange atmosphere as much as she had now. She felt some mild surprise, which she thought might be a strange reaction for such a situation. Shouldn't she feel... scared?

Hmm, no, no I'm not scared. I'm safe. I know that much at least.
It's cold.
Why yes it is, I wonder why though? I don't remember much...
I don't have one do I?
No, not yet.
Why aren't I... scared...?
Because you're safe.
How peculiar.

It was a strange conversation to say the least. She had no idea with whom she had just conversed, but it felt perfectly normal and she was willing to leave it at that. Time, as it is want to do, passed. She was unsure of how much, but it just didn't seem to matter. With the added time, she was becoming more aware of herself.

Why does my head hurt? Like something's trying to get out?
So, is it coming back to me?
But, it hurts.
I see.

She was becoming impatient, because she wanted her memory. She wanted to understand things about herself she was only starting to realize. Like why she felt safe and why her body ached. Why was she stuck in the dark, literally and figuratively, and why was her memory so important?

I have many questions, so will I ever have answers?

More time passed and she felt as if she would never find her memory. As if she would never leave the cold and dark she had come to associate with her life.

Something's coming. What is it?
That's big.
Am I ready?
No one is ever ready.
That's a comforting thought.

And then, as if her world had suddenly gone from horizontal to vertical, she was slipping through the layers of her cold and dark world into a warm and light one. With seemingly no effort at all, she opened her eyes for the first time in a long while.


It was so white that she immediately got a headache. She shifted her weight to try and sit up but her headache so intensified she gasped and slumped back down. Loud noises buzzed up suddenly as if a swarm of locusts had taken flight. She squinted her eyes and could see the fuzzy outlines of strange and loud creatures. She blinked her eyes several times to clear the blur.

Yawning, she popped her ears and could hear distinct sounds.

"-o okay?"

She inhaled deeply, almost experimentally. Her chest ached but it was manageable. The loud buzzing slowly died down and she was finally able to focus.

"Hello Elizabeth, how are you feeling?"

She studied the man before her closely. The room was deathly silent as she studied the man before her. Suddenly she brightened and with a large smile declared, "I've never seen you before."

The man blinked a couple times, looking quite stunned. He regained his composure and asked, "Do you remember anything Elizabeth?"

She thought for a moment. Closing her eyes she tried to shift her thoughts around. Remember? Remember what?


And then, she stumbled through a door in her mind, and was assaulted with every memory she had ever had.

"But I don't want to file! It's boring! Why can't I go look at all the documents?"
"Abby! Throw it!"
"What an adventure. I thought for sure that gun was going to hurt me, not the ground."
"It's an Ottendorf cipher, the Egyptian mathematicians used them a lot."
"...Isaac please."
"EW! You're covered in dust!"
"There's no way in hell that'll I'll be your wife..."
"I... don't know. I can't remember anything..."
"Let's get out of here Patrick."
"You were going to shoot my sister!"
"It's okay, I know what I'm doing."

A ragged breath tore its way free from her throat. Her eyes snapped open and began to leak tears. They searched frantically around the room for one person in particular.

"Riley," she whispered, choking on a sob, "I remember."

He walked over to the side of the bed and gently clasped her hand. Placing a kiss on her forehead he murmured over and over again, "Thank you God."


"Yeah you got it chief. Thank you. Bye," Riley snapped his cell phone shut, "They want us in Cairo next week for the opening of the exhibit," he paused, "They're sending a private jet."

The Chase sisters, Ben, and Riley were all standing on the lawn of a large, old home.

"Fun," Abigail murmured.
"Big whoop: you could have had a whole fleet of private jets. Ten percent Ben. They offered you ten percent and you turn it down," Riley muttered.
"Riley, we've been over this. It was too much, I couldn't accept it," Ben replied, more amused than annoyed.
"I actually have this splinter that's been festering for three months from an old piece of wood," he continued.
"Well let me see it then," Elizabeth said and grabbed his hand, inspecting it.
"I'll tell you what. Next time we find a treasure that redefines history for all mankind, you make the call on the finder's fee," Ben said, trying not to laugh.
"It's not funny. What do you care? You got the house, and the girl."
"What about this girl?" Elizabeth asked blandly.
"Shh, I'm trying to enact the guilt factor," he whispered, although they could all hear him.

"Enjoy your spoils while I sit on one percent," he jumped into his red sports car, which obviously cost a lot of money. Elizabeth opened the passenger door and sat next to him, "One stinking percent. Half of one percent actually. One percent."
"I'm sorry for your suffering Riley," Ben said, clearly not sorry at all and extremely amused.
"For the record Ben, I like the house."

"You know, I chose this estate because in 1812, Charles Carrol-"
"-did something in history and had fun. Yeah that's great. Could have had a bigger house."

He pulled out, rather outrageously, going into the grass and proceeded down the road.

"Hey Riley?"
"Yeah Elizabeth?"
"You're a bad driver."
"Thanks, I love you too."

"I love you Riley."
"I love you Elizabeth."

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