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"Bella" the velvet voice broke through my haze.

"Bella, please stop squirming, it's painful to watch." I shifted again, when he huffed, I stuck out my tongue, like the petulant child I pretend not to be.

A muffled sigh reached my ears, as Edward put his equipment away. I held in a shout of triumph. It was difficult. Especially when I wanted to jump up and dance with relief. I restrained myself. I would probably just fall over.

Wincing at the pins and needles currently attacking my legs. The comfortable black leather couch in Edwards's room, stops being comfortable after a long period of time. He put the sketch pad down and came over to lightly pat my legs. The stabbing receded somewhat.

Edward laughed as I began to gingerly pace the room, limping ever so slightly as I slowly regained feeling in my limbs.

"I'm sorry Bella. I forgot how that feels…." His face held an amused look, but concern clouded his features.

I hobbled over to the closed book, resting on the small stool situated front of the sofa. The pad was closed, and the bright red cover jumped out to me.


My fingers itched with the temptation to open it, I shot a sly look over my shoulder to Edward, he was over near the wall of CD's. He paused the track. The soft jazz he was listening to while drawing was cut off abruptly. He smiled, and I felt it all the way to my toes.

Turning my attention back to the booklet, I picked it up. Nervous, suddenly. Self-conscious even. For the first time since he asked to put my picture to paper. I felt very inadequate, and though the thousand times Edward has told me I was beyond gorgeous, I still couldn't stop that cynical little voice at the back of my mind that was muttering, LIAR.

Unwarranted panic was rising in my throat.

And then he was there. By my shoulder, taking the book from my hands, turning the page, knowing, that afflicting false modesty would make himself seem ridiculous. Edward was good at everything.

My heart was no longer beating. In one timeless moment I could swear it had stopped.

No, modesty would have certainly been beyond ridiculous.

They were beautiful. No. not beautiful. So much more. Beauty was a word that described only outside appearance.

And I was not beautiful.

He had captured my soul.

Page after page he turned, the light pencil marks had captured my image in a way that a camera could never dream of.

I noted with surprise the book was almost full. Of me.

Sketch after unbelievable sketch my face looked up at me. An anthology of Bella.

My brows furrowed, while I turned to Edward in confusion.

He smiled back at me, sheepishly, almost embarrassed.

"You did all of this in an hour?" my puzzlement made my voice sound skeptical. I knew he was capable of it. Heck, he was capable of completing the book in just a few minutes. Stupid vampire speed.

But I can distantly remember him saying something about doing the human way. I can't say I really noticed, I spent the whole time gazing at the perfection that was his face. Trying not to fidget.

He shrugged, as if the entire situation wasn't hugely abnormal.

"I've been drawing you since the first time I saw you. It was the only way to get your face from my mind. Though, this is the first time I've ever asked you to sit for me." He smiled again. A little shyer this time though.

"Are you sure you've never done this before?" the pencil strokes looked to confident to be the work of an armature's. I can't say though, that I am too surprised. Edward was good at everything.

"You, are the first thing I've ever had the urge to draw" he said it lightly, like it was no big deal. But I felt my brain turn to mush at the simple statement. My cheeks pulled up. Grinning goofily, while my legs turned to jelly. I quickly sat down. I didn't want my infamous clumsiness to ruin the mood. I hoped I didn't do something embarrassing, like collapsing on the floor, from lack of oxygen reaching my brain. Wouldn't be the first time.

I took a deep breath. Just in case.

"You're not hard to draw Bella." He stated.

Of course not.

Stupid Vampire.

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