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"ACHOOO!" I think half my saliva and twenty billion bacteria flew across the room in a stream of pestilent repugnance. Scowling, I blew my disturbingly red nose, on a scratchy tissue, smiling in self-righteous satisfaction as the sound made Edward flinch.

"Bella, come on……It's been three days. Aren't you at least going to talk to me?" I rolled over and stuffed my face into my pillow. The fabric scratched my nose and I resisted the urge to sneeze again.

After three days of monosyllabic replies and requests, you'd think he'd get the hint. You know, that I'm somewhat indignant about the previous week or so, and am resulting back to plan B, where I vegetate until graduation, and hope all of it goes away, or that everything is eaten by some form of giant sea mollusk. Hopefully the mollusk eats Mike, because he's really at the center of the situation.

Frowning, I set my mind to the task at hand. Sleeping.

Edward sighed in exasperation; apparently, he was growing tired of my continued reluctance to admit defeat. Well, let him get his possessions stolen, by an eccentric and slightly unstable, obsessive classmate, who has an irrational and slightly homicidal fetish for onion rings, and see how well he handles it.

I glared at him. Challenging him to release any more unnecessary atmospheric gases.

"Bella, honey, please have your medication, Carlisle said it will help clear up the mucus problem." Edward offered a measurement cup of sinister looking liquid, which held the colour of the blood that I've seen on that alien movie. I stared at it apprehensively, almost daring it to bubble.

Then his words registered.

"I don't have a mucus problem!" Another line of snot threatened to roll down from my nose, and I wiped it away, even though it contradicted my point.

I was NOT going to blow snot bubbles in front of Edward.

My pride had already been hurt enough.

So I did the logical thing. I got angry.

"Besides, it's your fault, you broke the hose! You should be sick, and I should be the one taunting you about all the excess mucus you produce. Instead, I'm stuck here, at the mercy of Emmett and his stupid snot jokes, while Mike "the ninny" Newton is running around with my book."

Life was so not fair.

"What about your tablets? Do you need some water?" I just glared at him.

"There chewable……." The hope in his voice was noticeable, when his tone lifted a few octaves.

I stared at the offending little pills. The smiling faces of the little fishy's that created the form of the capsules looked up at me. Just begging my teeth the grind them up into tiny little particles. Seems kind of suicidal. In a somewhat demented way. What sad little fishy's.

Grabbing a handful, I shoved the small sea dwellers onto my reluctant tong, and closed my jaw.



They tasted. Of FISH!

Who'da thought?

Struggling to keep from emptying the contents of my stomach all over Edward designer bed sheets, I managed to inhale small particles of the pesky pills.

"Bella?!?" Edwards voice of alarm penetrated the haze of miscomprehension, at about the time my face appeared to turn a disturbing shade of puce. Apparently, breathing in mixed concoctions of "Essence de la Fish" tablets, and saliva was not good for your airway.

In summary. I was choking.

Edward ran for a glass of water at about the same time as I started flapping my arms around like a demented chicken.
Black spots were beginning to form in front of my vision, when Edward poured half a gallon of water down my throat; effectively dislodging the culprit of my anaphylaxsation.

When I had finished the mother of all coughing fits shortly following, I glared forcefully at my beloved.

"Lets NEVER try that again."



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