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Count Adhemar has the unique ability to extinguish his opponents.

He doesn't just defeat them, he destroys them. He does not cease until they are splintered and broken and the light of joy has left their eyes. He takes their spirits and douses them within the darkness of his eyes.

He is merciless.

Adhemar knows only how to fight, how to win, how to cheat. He knows only that he must win, at all costs, and that nothing can stand against his might. Honor is nothing more than a word, a word that losers throw around in order to try and hide their weaknesses.

When something challenges him, he sets to them with a single-minded fury, intent on burying them beneath the ground. He is Adhemar; nothing defies him.

Most of the time, his adversaries fold. They fold rather than try his might, fold rather than raise themselves up against him, because they know that he will win.

But in Sir Ulrich von Lichtenstien—William Thatcher—he finds something different. As if this "Lord of the North" with his antique armor and his fearless gaze were not enough of an insult, he is actually nothing more than a trumped up peasant, masquerading as nobility.

Will defies him, chooses to challenge him. Will does not fold.

Adhemar wants nothing more than to destroy him. He wants to watch Will fly through the air; wants to stand over him and declare his ultimate supremacy.

You have been weighed, you have been measured, and you have been found wanting.

Within his own mind, Adhemar believes himself equal to god. He is untouchable, invincible. He will always win.

And his opponents will always crumble.

What Adhemar has not counted on, however, is that trying to destroy William Thatcher is like trying to pluck the sun from the sky.

Will is light, bright and burning and unable to be extinguished. He is a force not to be reckoned with, a force that Adhemar does not understand.

And in their final battle, it is Adhemar who looks up from the flat of his back, blinking at the sky. It Adhemar who is extinguished.

And Will shines all the brighter.