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Summary: Amu is currently living in Paris and so is her family. One night her parents get murdered and Amu is left to take care of Ami. The police has no suspects and Amu decides to get help from a different side. She hires a detective to find out what happened to her parents. Amuto!

Some of the dialogs are in French but there is a translation at the bottom of the page.

Graceful Escape

Chapter 1

"Merci pour un soir agréable."

"Merci pour le dîner."

"Je vous appellerai demain, Amu."

Amu and Claude shared a passionate kiss outside her apartment at a romantic old street in sparkling Paris. The beautiful night breeze past through them as the stood under the street light. They pulled apart after a minuet or so and said their goodbyes before Amu got the keys for the building. The elevator was broken so she was forced to take the stairs to her apartment on the fourth floor. She closed the door behind her with her foot and threw her red purse on the floor before she flopped down on her couch and took off her shoes. She has dated Claude for a couple of weeks but she still was certain of her feelings for him. He was everything she ever looked for but there was still something missing.

It was 2:30 am and Amu had fallen asleep on the couch in her red evening dress, but her slumber was disturbed by an unexpected phone call. She tiredly walked over to the phone and picked it up while she rubbed the sleep out of her eyes.


"Miss Hinamori?" A man asked in a French accent. She was surprised that he spoke in English.

"Yes? Can I help you?" Amu wondered who in their right mind would call a person at this hour.

"I'm sorry. We need you to come over to the station right away. It's about your parents."

Amu came in the police station looking like she had just fought off a lion. She held her coat close to her body as she walked up to the front desk and ask for help.

"Excuse-moi. Je cherche un inspector Lawrence." Amu said.

"Son bureau a baissé du hall." the man said and pointed towards the left where Mr. Lawrence `s office was.

"Merci beaucoup." Amu thanked him and went to search for the man she was looking for. He told her that something happened to her parents and Amu was curious to find out what. She was in a police station so it had to be something bad.

She knocked on the door to inspector Lawrence's office and anxiously waited for him to answer. The door soon opened and relieved a handsome tall young man with black hair.

"Amu Hinamori?" the man wondered. He let her in and asked her to sit down with a sympathetic look.

"Where are my parents?" Amu was afraid to now the answer. The man sat on his desk in front of her and lit a cigarette to calm his nerves.

"Your parents are dead." Mr. Lawrence waited a minuet or two before he continued to let it sink in. "Someone broke into their apartment and killed them, I'd rather not go into details."

"My sister?! What happened to my sister?!" Amu asked as she jumped out of her chair.

Mr. Lawrence gently placed his hands on her shoulders to calm her down. "Your sister is fine." Amu let out a sigh of relief and sat back down. "She was at a sleepover when this happened."

"Does she know?" Amu wondered.

Mr. Lawrence shook his head. "No. she has no idea."

"Where is she? Can I see her?"

"She is waiting for you outside mu office. I suggest that you take her home with you and the two of you get some rest." he told her. Amu got up and was halfway out the door when suddenly she remembered something.

"Who did this to them?" Amu asked.

Mr. Lawrence knew that she would ask that sooner or later, but he still wished that they could have avoided this. "We don't know. Who ever did this didn't leave anything behind. We are doing everything we can to solve this case, but the truth is...we don't even know where to start."

Amu couldn't believe any of this. Yesterday everything was normal and before she knew it, everything came crashing down.

Amu didn't want to spend another minuet in there so she left with Ami. Her little sister kept asking what happened to their parents, but Amu kept changing the subject. They finally arrived at Amu`s apartment and Amu put away Ami`s stuff then tucked her in. the apartment only had one bed so Amu decided to let little sister have the warm cozy bed and she would take the couch.

"Are mom and dad coming back?" Ami asked in a sweet yet sad voice.

"No." Amu stroked Ami`s soft hair and wiped away her tears. Amu stayed by Ami`s side until she fell asleep form crying. Once her little sister's breathing slowed down, Amu turned off the light by the bed and went to make herself comfortable on the living room couch.

It was in the middle of the night and Amu still hasn't slept for one moment. She kept thinking about her parents and who could've done that to them. As all the happy memories she shared with her family as a child past through her, she decided that she wasn't going to sit by and let this thing unfold by itself. She needed to take action.

Amu walked over to the desk by the window and took out a phone book. She flipped past a lot of pages before she finally found what she was searching for. With the phone book in one hand and the phone in the other, she dialed the number. As she was waiting for someone to pick up the other end, she made sure that Ami was asleep so that she wouldn't hear the conversation.

"Hello?" Someone tiredly answered on the other end.

"I need your help."

"Do you know what time it is?!"

"I have money. Now, do you want to help me or not?"

It stayed silent for awhile before he finally answered. "What do you need help with?"

To be continued...

Thank you for nice evening.

Thank you for dinner.

I will call you tomorrow, Amu.


Excuse me. I am searching for an inspector Lawrence.

His office is down the hall.

Thank you so much.

My French is not perfect so there might be some spelling mistakes, the same thing goes for my English. If anyone is wondering why the last dialog is not in French then it's because Amu knows that he can speak English because it said so in the add. This chapter is kinda short but it will get better. In later chapter you will also find out what happened to her parents. At the beginning Am is dating Claude but no need to worry! Ikuto will show up in the next chapter. Let me know if you like it and if you would like to read more. Please review!