AN. So I got so many requests for a follow up/continuation/sequel to Discovered Desires, Dangerous Desperations (or 4D as I will now call it) that I felt it was a crime to leave you all hanging. A shout out to everyone who reviewed (Lianna, I'm not sure if you got my review reply-my internet stopped working but I wasn't sure if it was before or after my message was sent off) I tried to reply to as many of you as possible but after numerous things came up and my internet decided to mess with me I gave up and wrote this. But be assured I read all your reviews-every single one!

So instead of writing the entire year of Edward and Bella's second, extended and very dirty honeymoon, I am going to be writing a series of one-shots. Since these are all initiated by Edward -as this trip is essentially 'punishing' her for denying him for so long (best idea she ever had) - who has had over a century to listen to dirty, smutty thoughts and several years to fantasize about what he'd love to do to Bella…

Let's just say that eventually my imagination will run out, so I'll be taking requests for the lemons.

So without further ado I give you…Lingerie!



I could hear her taking her time in the shower, cleaning off the dirt from our outside activities. I wanted to get up and join her but I didn't.

This was my idea after all.

I licked my lips imagining my wife's beautiful body surrounded by sweetly scented steam, dripping wet.

I imagined the water running down her body; her head thrown back in rapture as the heat of the water warms her body, her hair cascading down her back, streams of water trickling between her glorious breasts, trickling down her stomach, trailing lower, lower, lower

Fuck. I was hard again.

Bella brought out the seventeen year old male in me. And damn was he horny! The combination of seventeen year old hormones that had been denied for close to a century, the wild vampire instincts, the fact that my mate had denied me my rights for so long and the simple presence of Bella was enough to ensure we would be using every bit of this year long absence in a manner pleasing to my vampiric, teenage boy, psychotically possessive instincts.

The shower switched off.

If my heart could beat it would've gone into overdrive at that moment. Adrenaline would've flooded my system, sharpening my senses.

As I no longer had either a heartbeat or adrenaline I managed to keep my face impassive, surrounding myself with an air of indifference as I listened to the sigh of silk against my sweetheart's smooth skin. The only indication that I wasn't totally unaffected was my arousal straining against the jeans I had hastily pulled on while waiting for Bella to finish her shower.

I casually crossed my legs and folded my arms behind my head as I settled back to await my Bella's entrance.

She was deliberately taking her time, moving at human speed. Nervous? I wondered. Or was she deliberately trying to punish me, trying to take back some control?

Either way, I'd have to wait 'til she came in before I found out. I could be patient.

For now.

Slowly, oh so slowly, I heard her soft footsteps leave the bathroom and hesitantly come toward the bedroom door.

The door knob slowly turned; sounds of strain coming from the old wood.

Slowly the door creaked open.

It took every ounce of my will power not to pounce on her then and there.

She looked fucking delicious.

She was wearing a straight up and down, see-through midnight blue baby doll, the sheer material clung to her curves and came down to the top of her legs. It had a little lacy trim around the edges. She had on black tights that were attached to the baby doll with garters and a pair of blue silk knickers.

I wanted to tear it all off her.

"Very nice." I said, forcing my tone to remain cool and calm. "That colour blue looks lovely against your skin."

God help me. She was biting her lip.

I knew my Bella. She was nervous about her reception. Still self conscious, though now even she couldn't doubt her beauty.

I will make her see herself the way I see her. I will show her how utterly indecent she is. I will show her how tempting she is, her body, not her blood.

I smiled internally at my thoughts. How she could be unsure of my all consuming, attraction to her after my little display outside I would never know.

My sweet, silly Bella.

She was so innocent, angelic, incorruptible…

What would it be like, I mused, to try?

The thought of my Bella, a sensual succubus, a teasing temptress, a wicked whore…

Maybe not the whore though.

I wondered if I could corrupt her. It would be fun to try.

One part of my mind was thinking about showing Bella how perfect she was, quickly scanning through my CDs and mentally listening to the lyrics. Don't go changing… Perfect.

Another part was working on corrupting my perfect Bella. Thinking of her in silk string and pearls-and nothing else.

A corner of my mind was laughing it's ass off at the first two parts of my mind.

A tiny little displaced voice was wailing shrilly that this was so wrong. I disregarded it.

But the large majority of my mind was riveted on the glorious girl in front of me. Biting her lip. All wrapped up like a present for me to open. Mmm… and there goes another piece of my mind.

"Come here Bella." I ordered.

She slowly shuffled forwards, her eyes glued to the floor, lower lip firmly between her teeth.

I sighed mentally. Silly, endearing girl.

"Look at me Bella."

She did what I told her to. It was still a rare enough occasion to gratify me when it happened.

Her big golden eyes looked into mine with so much trust.

Trust, I guilty realised, was undeserved. After my actions this morning she should be running as far from me as possible.

Not that you'd let her go. You have a claim on her, she's your wife.

I'd take it easy on her, be gentle, I didn't want to scare her off.

Yeah and how long is that going to last?

I patted the bed next to me. My face had softened considerably; I couldn't stay impassive when her eyes looked at me like that.

Yet another thing to let her know.

"Bella," I murmured, softly stroking her face with one hand while wrapping my other arm securely around her, "you are so beautiful, I can't even play games with you when you look at me like that. I had this whole evening planned out. I was going to tease you mercilessly. Pretend you had no effect on me and frustrate you. Then you come in and dazzle me and I can't do a thing to resist you." It was only the truth.

She looked at me incredulously "Do you have multiple personality disorder?" she asked severely, echoing her words from so long ago. "First outside you were so…" she paused, searching for the word to describe my brutality, psychotic? Controlling? Disgusting? "…vampiric." She didn't say it like it was a bad thing. "Now you're so… sweet and tender and Edward-y, like a chocolate caramel ice cream..." What? Did she just describe me as Edward-y and compare me to an ice cream?!

I looked at her in disbelief.

She looked puzzled for about one twenty fifth of a second before her face became horrified and she clapped her hands over her mouth.

"Bella," I growled "did you just compare me to an ice cream?"

She shook her head furiously; her face was as guilty as a little kitten with the remains of a tattered jumper tangled in it's mouth.

I wasn't sure whether I wanted to be amused by the mental image or be horrified that I was comparing my ego to a knitted jumper.

Ice cream doesn't taste too bad does it? I mean it's tasty, sweet and addictive. Ice cream is creamy…wait. Ice cream, cream, whipped cream…

She thinks I'm whipped.

God dammit. I've lost my edge.

"You," I snarled, "are in such trouble babe."

Bad ass Edward has taken the wheel. Gentlemanly, ice cream, Edward has been relegated to the back seat.

He couldn't drive for shit anyway.

"There you go again." She commented, apparently unmoved by my transition to Hyde Edward. She'd learn. "I think we should get you looked at by a psychiatrist. It can't possibly be good for your mental health to have all these mood swings."

She wasn't good for my mental health. She drove me mad with lust, jealousy, complete and utter obsession…

And then she cured me by loving me.

I would never let her go. I could never let her go. I knew that now. Even the remembered agony brought an ache to my cold, dead heart. Bringing on a new possessiveness to my grip on her and at the same time bringing a new tenderness to my touches.

Shit, only she could make me so confused.

"Baby, did you seriously just tell me I need to go see a shrink?"

She didn't answer, just looked down, letting her wet hair fall forwards to shield her face.

I reached over and firmly tilted her face up. She stubbornly refused to open her eyes.

I chuckled. Silly Bella.

I gently bit her nose; careful not to break the skin. Her eyes opened in shock. I stared deeply into them, watching as her pupils dilated the longer she stared into my eyes. When her eyes were black pools surrounded by a thin rim of gold I judged her sufficiently dazzled.

I leaned forwards; making sure her eyes were on mine as I gently brushed her lips with mine.

Her reaction was electric.

She arched against me, fingers tangling in my hair; desperately trying to pull me closer.

As I kissed her I gently pulled her closer until I had her above me. Then I pushed her up so I could rake her body with my eyes.

She twisted and whined at me, trying to get close to me again.

She was so damn cute.

"Behave Bella." I scolded. Teasing.

"Why?" She demanded breathlessly. "What are you gonna do, huh?" Adorable. She was trying to act tough. She even said it with the angry head toss. Once again the image that came to mind was of an irate little kitten, all puffed up and hissing.

I trying to suppress my twitching lips but I wasn't sure how successful I was. I leaned up, nibbling on her earlobe before sheathing my teeth behind my lips and biting down savagely. She jolted in my arms and I took the opportunity to lay my right hand on her ass and squeeze it possessively while whispering "I'll spank you Bella."

She squeaked in shock. The fight draining out of her. I smiled, resisting the urge to nuzzle her nose. She was far too endearing. She should be declared illegal. If I didn't know better I would have thought that her utter charm was her special ability.

Darling, adorable girl. She was a sweet little lamb one moment, a raging tigress the next.

I felt a pang of sadness that I would never see her as a mother. I imagine she would be even more fierce protecting her child.

But then again, if we'd ever had a child I wouldn't be able to do this on a regular basis.

And I sure as hell planned on doing this more often. This year was just a trial run, I promised myself. Giving her new experiences. Taking the edge off our addiction. Next time I take her away for an extended period of time we wouldn't stop at all. It was just too frustrating.

I realised I was taking far too long as Bella started to squirm again in my arms. Then she stilled.

She thought she was so smart.

She broke out of my arms and pushed me back against the bed and attacked me with kisses. I toyed with the idea of letting her have her way. Smug Bella was fun. Sulky kitten Bella was also fun.

Edward-y. I reminded myself. That decided me. She was so gonna pay for that remark.

With a chuckle I flipped us over and held Bella down.

"Not happening baby. I'm still stronger than you."

I then quickly sat up and pulled Bella across my lap. She started to thrash about, trying to get free. I swatted her backside in amused irritation. I really need to restrain her…I think I heard Tanya mention vampire proof handcuffs a long time ago. I should really ask her about them.

My smile grew wider. I wondered if Bella was into bondage. Judging from her reactions yesterday she probably wouldn't mind too much.

"Bella…" I purred. Feeling her stiffen in apprehension. Good girl. She was learning.

"Edward," she said nervously, "you aren't really going to spank me are you?"

I felt an evil smile spread across my face.

In answer to her question my hand came into sharp contact with the firm round flesh of her ass.

She squeaked in outrage.


I did it again.

"Edward!" she squealed.

"Trust me darling" I smirked, "you ain't seen nothin' yet."

The scent of her arousal flooded the air. Oh yeah. Score one for Edward.

God, I was such a seventeen year old boy sometimes.

She whimpered slightly as I drew her baby doll up and over her ass.

Oh God. Her knickers

It wasn't quite a thong but hell it could almost have been. Just three inches less on either side and all of her beautiful ass would have been exposed to me.

I had made a good choice.

I stroked the smooth skin of her behind gently, she relaxed under my caresses.

Silly Bella.

My hand sharply struck the area it had so recently been tending to. She cried out in shock.

I continued this pattern; stroking, slapping, unpredictable, hard, soft, until she was crying out and writhing underneath me. The scent of her arousal saturating the air of the room. My little masochistic kitten. Or perhaps she just liked being dominated. Maybe both.

I had forever to find out.

I shifted her off my knee and onto the bed, her ass still sticking up, holding her in that position as I stared at the vision before me; committing it to my photographic memory. Barely noting the fact that her arousal had seeped through my jeans.

Something was missing.

Then I realised.

I leaned forwards and kissed her softly on her right cheek…and then bit down sharply.

She jolted upwards, sinking my teeth further into her as she cried out in shock. I growled against her flesh, wordlessly warning her to stop thrashing.

She stopped of course. Shocked into submission.

I grinned slightly, I would have to try this more often.

"Do you like this baby?" I growled, "Do you like me marking your body? Marking you as mine?"

She let out a high keening noise, bucking her hips upwards.

I undid her garters and drew them down her legs, one at a time, running my hands over her soft, smooth skin.

I then put my mouth in the apex of her thighs and gripped the cotton of her underwear in my mouth and dragged it down. She let out a thrilled whimper when she felt my teeth graze that most sensitive part of her. "Edward!" she gasped out, clutching at me as she desperately tried to stop herself from bucking into my face.

"Bella." I whispered out as I moved us both into kneeling positions, facing each other, as my hands lazily traced her body; teasing, tracing and then finally pulling the baby doll right off at vampire speed.


She shifted self consciously under my gaze. Her arms moving to cover herself.

I was faster. I caught her arms and pushed them down onto the bed.

"You," I whispered kissing her sweetly on the lips, "are," my lips moved to the scar on her neck, "perfection." I raised her right wrist to my lips.

"You," I raised the left to my lips, "are," I looked her in the eye to emphasize my point, "beautiful." I kissed the last scar, just over her heart. This one not a bite mark but a perfect, tiny, silver circle. Invisible to human eyes but I could see it fine.

She kissed my deeply, gratefully. She lowered her mental barriers for a second.

Thank you, Edward. Thank you for loving me.

"No, Bella." I murmured, stroking her hair back and tilting her chin so I could gaze into her deep, dark eyes. They had lost none of their depth in the change. I could still gaze into them and get lost in their endless pools. "Thank you. Thank you for loving the Beast that I am. Thank you for saving me. Thank you for giving me my Beauty."

I tenderly slid myself into her, feeling her heat surround me, welcoming me.

Our cries filled the room, gentle whispers of our names harmonizing with the silk on silk sound of our bodies gracefully rubbing together and with our whispered words of love. Our pleasure built until we simultaneously reached our climaxes, again and again and again.

Finally we broke apart. Bella's eyes were dark with thirst. She needed to hunt.

"Come, my love." I murmured, rising fluidly from the bed. "You need to feed."

She rose without complaint, allowing me to dress her in the clothes she had arrived in.

As I pulled on some jeans my mouth twisted into a wry grin. What is it about this girl that drives me from claiming her and punishing her one minute, to sweetly loving her the next?

AN: So I really didn't like this chapter. Edward and Bella were extremely reluctant. I wanted to have Edward tease her to death via spontaneous combustion. But then Bella goes and has self confidence issues. Then she irritates him etc. etc.

In the end I just finished it. I can't even proof read it-it's far too painful.

Hopefully I'll do better with a hunting lemon. Much less civilized. Not even Edward can be an utter gentleman when he's hungry…and Bella's on the menu.


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