"Where Is It?"


"Where is it?" Max muttered, patting herself frantically.

"Where is what?" Alec groaned, looking at the ceiling impatiently, the fact he disliked the tagalong trip overly obvious.

"The key!" She paled, "I think I lost it."

He rolled his eyes, "You know, you've never had problems breaking into his apartment before."

"He gave me a key, I should use it."

Alec pulled out his knife and fiddled with the lock until hearing it click. "There," he deadpanned, "No key required."

Max glared at him, "You owe Logan a new lock."

He grinned, "Looks like you owe him a new key."


A/N: Just a little somethin' something for the Muse Bunny. Based on the drabble prompt "Where Is It?"

Dark Angel is of course owned by FOX and Cameron and Eglee. If it were owned by me, it wouldn't have been cancelled and Jessica Alba would've kept her hair curly.

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