All Harry ever wanted to do was save his family. Spend time with his family and live a normal life. As we all know, Hogwarts is NOT normal and Harry is certainly never going to live it. His family, however…Well, they have spells for that.

Set during sixth year. But the book isn't even in equation. This is my take on the "time travel" story loops I've come across in my reading journeys. I think it incorporates certain originality but I haven't read EVERY time travel story out there. It's slightly AU because Voldemort isn't really in the center of hostility, but he does get an honorable mention. YAY him!

WARNINGS: OOC (since I'm horrible at character study I'll tend to use this excuse until I'm better), AU, HP/DM, HG/Young!RL, JP/LE, Young!SS/YoungSB, SS/SB, RW/NB, LM/LM. There WILL be squick. There WILL be a couple of gasps. And I'm not entirely sure why I'm doing this other than it just popped in my head.

Disclaimer: Not mine. Don't even ask.

Potions Change the Body; Spells Change the World

Ch. 1: You know you're curious

"If you will only think about the logical aspects of it, Harry, it would make more sense to you." Hermione leaned over and wrote down the sentence that will haunt Harry for the rest of his life. "'Potions change the body while spells change the world.'

Think of it this way." Hermione continued. "When you drink the Alesciviti potion, it doesn't make a vine grow out of the floor across the room. It would make a vine grow out of your own body. Potions have limitations to the physical and mostly to the user but we know that spells, if the caster knows what they are doing, has many more possibilities."

"So a potion can't bend the fabric of time?" Harry blinked down at his parchment and frowned. "This essay isn't going well at all!"

"We were given free reign on the compare and contrast essay in McGonagall's class." Ron looked up from his book. "Why on earth did you choose 'Time Travel', Mate?"

"Ron's right. Time travel is horribly complicated. It's limited as well as vast in its reaction. You never know what might happen. So many possibilities and no wonder the few cases where wizards tinkered with it have been sad."

"You did." Harry said simply and gave the curly haired girl a pointed look. "And I don't think that story was sad at all."

"That was different. We were righting a wrong that should have never occurred in the first place." Hermione huffed, conveniently forgetting her earlier transgression with the time turner. "Besides, you can't time travel using a potion. It has to be a charmed device like the time turner."

"Or you could use a potion as a lubricant during a spell induced time slide." A voice interrupted from the side of the room. All three friends turned their heads toward the voice and simultaneously cringed in dislike. Draco Malfoy, the prat, how much did he hear? "To be honest, Potter, I'm slightly impressed with your interest. Be careful, though, what you speak borders precariously on Daaark Maaaagiiic"

Harry glared at Malfoy as he wiggled his fingers ominously. The way he said Dark Magic in a slightly singsong manner irritated him. How dare he joke about such a thing!

"Listen here, Malfoy," Harry spat out his name with as much hate as he could muster and grew even more irritated when the blond just smirked at him in reaction. "Not that it is ANY of your concern but this is an assignment subject APPROVED by Professor McGonagall. The situations are hypothetical."

"Whatever, pothead." Malfoy raised his hand in dismissal before moving away. "You should know that you can't get an actual reaction by being "hypothetical". Who really knows what happens if you tamper with time? One way of knowing is by doing it."

"Don't listen to him, Harry." Hermione whispered to him while glaring daggers at the back of the retreating Slytherin. "He just wants to get you in trouble."

"Yeah, even though it would be really cool to travel through time." Ron mumbled.

"Ronald! No!" Hermione gasped.

"Well, I didn't get to do it when you guys did! It wasn't fair!" Ron bit back defensively.

"It wasn't as fun as you think…" Harry started. He paused and furrowed his brows. "I guess, if you take out the life and death aspect of it, it WOULD have been a bit fun."

"No Harry! Not you too!" Hermione wailed desperately. "You must think logically!"

"Time doesn't travel logically. You said yourself it is limited and vast at the same time." Harry grinned. "We can do a small experiment and use only a little bit of time. Like two minutes or something."

"Well…" Hermione was starting to break. Two minutes didn't seem bad. Not much can happen in two minutes. It certainly didn't seem wrong after how many times she had used the device in third year and for longer bouts of time. "But I don't have my time turner anymore, it was confiscated."

"You heard Malfoy. It's probably possible to use both a potion and a spell to come up with the same effects. Also, how do you think a time turner is made? It has to have some charm on it that can be found in a book. We'll make our own if need be."

"He also said it was close to Dark Magic…" Hermione said in a small voice but it was obvious she held no conviction so the boys chose to ignore it.

"And we'll do several intervals!" Ron was starting to like this experiment. "And send messages back or change something small."

"They'll have to be a control. Like a pensieve or something that records the way things are without the changes." Hermione got up from the table, finally relenting to her scientific side as it won the battle over her morals side. "I'm going to collect a few books that might help us."

"And while she's distracted by that…" Harry had waited until she's out of earshot before turning to Ron. "We'll see what we can do to increase the distance in time we want to travel."

"What do you mean?" Ron asked. "You don't think two minutes is enough time for the experiment?"

"Back in time two minutes? Is that what I said?" Harry blinked innocently. "Maybe you misunderstood me. I don't mind going back in time FOR two minutes but I want to go back a great AMOUNT of time."

"Oh I'm so confused!" Ron put his head in his hands before jerking up in surprise once it sunk in. "You want to go back into your parent's time for two minutes?!"

"Just enough time to send a message." Harry grinned and touched a finger to his nose. Of course, he wasn't going to tell Ron that he needed help doing this…and who he was going to have to ask.


Draco studiously sprinkled ground up Whomping Willow root into his potion and noted the reaction on his parchment. He had about three minutes before he had to put in the Screaming Weed. He decided to peel the poison apple while he waited. Suddenly he felt something hit his head. Turning around he eyed a poorly constructed origami swan flopping around on the ground with a broken wing. He looked around to see who threw it before meeting green eyes. Potter raised his brows expectantly like Draco had done three years prior. Draco blinked at him before looking down at the swan again. Potter was sending him notes in class? Bending down to pick it up Draco opened it and read:

Nostalgic, isn't it, this swan? Well, I'll get straight to the point. I'm interested in hearing more of what you have to say about my "project". Give me a reply.

Taking out a blank sheet Draco set about doing just that.

Swan? Is that what you call it? Your handwriting is as disgraceful as your paper folding skills. I could hardly read your poor excuse for a script. Where'd you learn to write? From a Troll?

He folded his swan expertly and set it flying gracefully toward the Gryffindor. Once caught and read, the other boy scowled and sent an unmentionable hand gesture his way. Draco smiled. Merlin but he loved teasing that boy. His world was filled with possibilities for making his rival squirm. The boy started scribbling something else and hastily folded the paper again. This time Draco was expecting it and caught the struggling bird.

Over compensating squabbling aside, Malfoy, stop fooling around and tell me what you know.

Over compensating? Why that little bastard! Draco snarled and scribbled out his reply.

Watch what you say, Scarhead! You're so stupid you probably don't know what that word means! And what makes you think I'm going to help you with your homework? Do it yourself, there's nothing in it for me!

Temper temper, Malfoy. I've decided to do another subject for my essay. This is going to be purely for me. What's in it for you? I know you're curious. Be involved. Help us with it.

Draco paused while reading. Was he curious? Yes. Was he enough to work with the Gryffindors? Probably. Another note hit him in the temple.

Stop thinking and act! You're such a Slytherin. Look, you will get to go back in time. It's an opportunity you can't pass up. I need you to assist.

Draco blinked in shock as the only words he was able to read were "I need you". He looked up to Potter to see his staring expectantly back. Potter NEEDED him. It had the craziest effect over him to know that. Draco bit his lip. He nodded to the Gryffindor and noted his pleased face. Yes, Draco Malfoy was curious about many things. He wrote Harry again stating that they would have to meet up after dinner to talk about the plan.

As the students filed out of the classroom and Snape expected the potions for the day he was completely shocked that two students didn't even get through two ingredients to finish the potion. Well, one he expected not to finish but the other was a complete surprise. Harry Potter AND Draco Malfoy were distracted enough to not do their work…but over what? Snape was curious.