Something Serious

She awakens to the gentle brush of sunshine warming her skin. It, along with satisfaction from the previous nights' activities, sends a jolt of happiness through her and her mouth twitches into a smile.

She makes up her mind to enjoy the simplicity of the moment while it lasts, before the guilt and the awkwardness that are bound to arrive comes and tears apart another of her closest relationships.

She takes in Joey's still form beside her.

His limbs are tangled in sheets, some more than others, she is pleased to see. A childish grin covers his face. She raises an eyebrow at that. Even in sleep – no, especially in sleep – he is adorable and so very innocent-looking.

That innocence reminds her of the events that landed them together. Eric, her husband, had cheated on her. He had done the unforgivable and there was no going back from there. Divorce was the only sensible option.

Joey too had been left broken. Sara had left him. Things had been going so well for them until she'd gotten the job offer far, far away that she couldn't refuse. Of course their relationship had been too good to last.

Maybe this, though, would be different. Maybe she and Joey could have something serious together on a level beyond the friendship they had maintained for the past year or so. Maybe.

She runs her fingers through his hair and then settles back into bed. However it turns out when they're able to talk about it, it will be a night she'll never forget.