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So, anyway, fair warning for those who haven't watched the finale of Code Geass R2, and those who are watching the Geass Dub on Adult Swim, this story will have SPOILERS of the most spoilerrific kind. If you haven't watched the end of the series, stop reading now, because if you do, it'll ruin the awesome ending. Also, this is my first CODE GEASS fanfic, so be kind to me and forgive me if there are some errors here and there.

So, without further ado, Mookamori presents, a Code Geass fanfic: Eternity.


"I'll take a Geass upon myself, called the 'wishes of everyone.'"

Lelouch's voice was calm and poignant, something Suzaku Kururugi would not expect from a man who was going to die.

In the imperial throne room, Suzaku discussed with Lelouch, the current Emperor of Britannia, the culmination of the Zero Requiem, the climax of it all. A few days from now, at the public execution of the rebels that staged their insurrection two months ago, Lelouch ordered Suzaku to wear the mask and mantle of Zero and kill him. Doing so would end the life of the tyrant who had conquered the entire world and free the people who were united in their hatred towards the "Demon King." With his death, the people of the world would be able to move on and face the future, hand-in-hand, working together towards peace and stability and to make the world united, not through force, but through dialogue.

"This is to welcome the new tomorrow," he added, with a sad smile.

Suzaku could not help but feel a small pang of pity for the Emperor. Here was a man who only had the best intentions in mind, and only cared for a better world and was also willing to die for it. How Lelouch could have planned this and carried the burden of knowing his death was soon and unavoidable was something Suzaku could not fathom.

"You're prepared for this, Lelouch?" He asked.

Lelouch simply replied, "The only ones who can shoot are the ones who are prepared to be shot."

Suddenly the door to the throne room burst wide open, and a voice boomed, "My Lord, I cannot allow this!"

Jeremiah Gottwald stormed into the room, surprising both Lelouch and Suzaku. Lelouch could see that despite the battle-hardened features of the man, Jeremiah's face was obviously marked with unease.

"Jeremiah," Lelouch said, as he watched the Knight promptly kneel in reverence to his Emperor. "Eavesdropping is hardly becoming of a Knight in service to the Emperor."

"My Lord, I apologize, but there has to be some other way. The world is already united under your rule; why not continue to do so? Surely you can strive to change things for the better as time passes?" Jeremiah said, his voice strong with conviction. His head was still lowered in respect and courtesy.

"Lord Gottwald, his Emperor has - " Suzaku was stopped when Lelouch placed his hand on his shoulder. The emperor said, "No, let me."

Approaching the stooped knight, Lelouch got down on one knee and touched Jeremiah's shoulder. Surprised, it promptly made Jeremiah lift his head, and he saw what he wished he didn't see.

His Emperor's eyes...he had seen it before in his countless battles against numerous opponents. As he was about to end their lives either at the end of his sword or at gunpoint of his Knightmare, he could sometimes see that kind of eyes on his enemies. A calm stare, fixed, but unwavering.

The eyes of a man ready to die.

"M-my Lord..."

"Jeremiah, you know that it cannot go on like this. Just as planned, the world's hatred is now focused all on me, the cruel and tyrannical emperor of Britannia. You must have heard what people say about me under their breaths: a devil, a cold-blooded demon who would stop at nothing to gain power. This is true for all nations under the rule of Britannia."

"The people are ignorant of your true intentions, my Lord. That is why..."

"Do you honestly think that they'll believe me if I say, 'I enslaved the entire world so that it can be at peace?'"

As much as he wanted to say no, as much as he wanted to keep up his attempts of changing his Emperor's mind, at the back of his mind , he knew that there was truly no other way.

Lelouch continued, "As long as I live, the people of the world will never be at peace, and by sharing a common enemy, the people are united in that aspect. I'm sure that even you can predict that there will be countless rebellions from hereon out, not to mention numerous attempts at dethroning me, or even assassinations. This endless cycle of violence will keep on going forever as long as the one link that binds it all together is not destroyed...namely, the start of it all, me."

Suzaku felt a pang of pain at his words. He clutched the helmet of Zero a little tighter...he was beginning to fathom the weight Lelouch had to carry as he wore the mask, and soon, he would be the one to bear that burden.

Lelouch made a gesture towards Suzaku, and said, "And who better to end this than the symbol of rebellion, the hero of justice, none other than the famous Zero?"

Jeremiah wanted to say more, wanted to keep on trying to prevent his Master's suicidal plan...but he found no words to say. He knew, as much as he hated himself for admitting it, that there was no other way, and that this was what his master truly wanted.

"Jeremiah, rise."

Lelouch stood up and offered a hand to Jeremiah. Confused, but at the same time, honored at such a gesture, he took it and raised himself up. Lelouch then placed his hands on both his shoulders and said, "Jeremiah Gottwald, time and again you have proven your loyalty to me. You have never questioned my orders, nor have you refused them. I am truly grateful to have been the one you serve."

Jeremiah quickly rebutted, "N-no, my Lord...It has been truly an honor to serve you, and I shall continue to do so until my dying breath."

Lelouch smiled, a gesture Jeremiah was rarely privy to, and he said, "Then, would you allow me one last order?"

"Anything, my Lord!"

Lelouch returned his hands to his side, breathed deeply, and said, "On the day of the public execution, the last stage of the Zero Requiem would take place. You will know what I have in mind once you have seen it begin, but this is my order: No matter what happens, you will not stop it. You will not do anything to prevent it, understand?"

If there was an order Jeremiah had to disobey, this would be it. He already had an inkling of what will happen on that day, and as much as he wanted to stop it, his Emperor had already made up his mind, steeled himself into making this resolution. It would be an extreme insult if he were to deny it.

"A-as you wish," Jeremiah said, his tone low.

"Good. Now the two of you, please leave," Lelouch ordered. The two Knights bowed deeply before their emperor and walked to the exit.

"Oh, and one last request," Lelouch said before the two can leave.

"What is it?" Suzaku asked.

"The two of you will not tell C.C about this. I have discussed with her the entirety of the Zero Requiem...but I have not told her how it will end."

Suzaku smirked. "If it's her, she probably figured it out already."

Lelouch said, "True, but still, not a word from you two."

The knights bowed deeply once again and exited the throne room. The empty corridor in which the two walked seemed endless and dreary, especially after what the three of them had just discussed only a few moments ago.

Jeremiah started the conversation. "I thought you were dead."

Suzaku replied, "You don't seem surprised."

"No, I'm not. You're the kind of person who'd survive, kicking and biting and screaming if I came to it, I observed," Jeremiah said, with a smirk.

"That's...fairly accurate," he answered. Even now, he can still feel the tingling sensation of the Geass Lelouch had casted on him. Despite the fact that even though he had learned to use the curse to his own benefit, it was still a Geass that would compel him to live, no matter what the consequences, no matter what he had to do.

Jeremiah saw Suzaku staring intently at the mask as the two walked. He then said, "Are you in doubt? If you are, take that mask back to him right now."

"No, that's not it. This mask...has it always been this heavy?" Suzaku asked. "For a man like Lelouch who isn't exactly the most fit person..."

"Heavy? Perhaps, but the real weight behind it is the responsibilities that come with it. Are you prepared to carry on the will of Zero, Suzaku Kururugi?"

Suzaku had no reply, and the two carried on in silence, and soon after, parted ways. Jeremiah rejoined his soldiers, and Suzaku discretely left the premises, avoiding detection. It would create quite the ruckus if Suzaku Kururugi, proclaimed dead two months ago, would be seen walking around carrying the mask of Zero.

As Jeremiah briefed his soldiers on their tasks for the public execution, in the back of his mind he thought, his master was truly a great person, and it was a great honor for him to serve such a man. To create a plan such as the Zero Requiem, to have been able to plan this since the beginning of his reign as Emperor, he could not even begin to wonder what kind of processes his master had to go through to finalize it. To end it in such a manner...as much as it pained Jeremiah Gottwald, he knew it could not end in any other way.

After finishing his rounds, he retired to his room for the night. As he lay in bed, he thought, that this might be the last time he would be a soldier, a Knight offering his loyalty to his King. He would do his part in the plan, and disappear from the scene altogether. This would be his last battle, staged as it may be.

At the same time, Suzaku, in the shadows, was making his way to his secret quarters, to rest and wait for the plan to begin. The rest of the costume was already waiting in his room; Lelouch parted with the mask last.

He looked at the mask again. On closer inspection, it looked like Lelouch's Black King piece in his favorite chessboard.

A Black King, or rather, a King with a black heart. Lelouch had certainly created that persona in two months. Word on the street was that people, in hushed tones, had began to call the 99th Emperor of Britannia, the Demon King, and rightly so. Enslaving the entire world through force, threatening them with complete destruction with the FLEIJA, he had been the target of everyone's hatred...and it was all according to plan.

Both knights pondered their roles, and knew that despite its terrible end, the Zero Requiem would only succeed if it ended with Lelouch's death.

The immortal C.C was not to be taken lightly. She had lived for Lord knows how long, had seen much of man and history pass as the centuries slowly rolled by, and suffice to say, she was a woman with truly great experience. In the long time she had lived, she developed into quite the perceptive, cunning and highly intelligent individual.

In the past few days, Lelouch had purposely kept her in the dark to what he had planned in the upcoming execution. Whenever she would ask if she had a part in the plan, Lelouch would simply brush her off and tell her that she didn't have to do anything. He had told her some parts of it when she became insistent: It was to be a public execution, killing the key figures of the Black Knights like Kaname Ohgi, as well as the UFN representatives, such as Li Xingke. Death Row even included Schneizel el Britannia, Lelouch's sworn enemy and mastermind of the rebellion two months ago.

Not even his own sister, Nunnally, was going to be spared.

C.C knows that this show of force would certainly consolidate Lelouch's position of power in the world, firmly establishing his place as the sole world ruler. Killing off these rebels, considered the strongest of them all, would make an example of what exactly would happen to anyone who would go against the Emperor. If this wasn't enough, then they could have a taste of the destructive power of the FLEIJA, housed in the floating sky fortress, the Sword of Damocles.

It was a perfect plan, thought C.C. He had the upper hand in each and every aspect C.C could think of.

But why hide the last stage of the plan from her? She had been his accomplice ever since Lelouch was bestowed with the power of Geass, and had been with him every step of the way. She was his confidante, his aide, his partner in nearly every step of the way; so why hide this crucial stage of the plan now? What did Lelouch plan for the last stage of the Requiem, and why would Lelouch have to keep it a secret from her?

C.C pouted. I'll be a Demon my ass, she mused.

Taking into account her own knowledge of human history and human nature, the events that had transpired ever since Lelouch received his Geass from C.C, and Lelouch's own personality, Lelouch's reason why he would hide it from her was...

C.C drew a blank.

She couldn't think of a proper motive. Still, she didn't like to be kept in the dark.

Asking around the palace about the whereabouts of the Emperor, a guard had pointed her to the direction of the chapel located in the palace.

"The chapel?" C.C asked the guard with a cocked brow. Lelouch wasn't exactly the most religious person she knew.

"Yes ma'am. His Majesty just passed by a few minutes ago. If you don't mind my saying, he looked rather troubled," the guard replied.

"I see...thanks," she said, and walked to the direction of the chapel.

Ever since the Imperial Capital Pendragon was decimated with FLEIJA two months ago, Lelouch had made the Palace in the Tokyo Settlement his home for now. The chapel was a separate building located at the farthest side of the building, and were joined together by a long, connecting hallway.

C.C entered the chapel, a little hesitantly. This place brought only bad memories: it resembled the chapel of the Nun who had taken her in centuries ago. She was a still a young, ten-year-old slave orphan back then, dying of starvation. The nun carried the Code and gave her the Geass to make anyone love her unconditionally. However, as C.C grew older and her Geass developed to its full potential, the Nun revealed her true colors: she had only taken her in to have her forcibly inherit the Code which gave her immortality. In the bloody aftermath, the nun finally had her wish to die granted, while C.C, losing the power of her Geass, was turned immortal thanks to the Code now tattooed on her forehead.

It was the first of many betrayals she would experience in her long, long life.

She shook her head, as if trying to physically remove the memories from her head. She wasn't here to reminisce; she was here to find Lelouch and find answers. She looked around.

Even at night, the chapel had a somber, almost eerie glow that permeated throughout the entire area. It was provided by the moonlight shining through the stained glass windows, multiple colors glazing the walls and floors like wispy rainbows. It would be the only source of illumination in the place; none of the lamps were switched on, and save for the moonlight though stained glass, the rest was pitch-black dark.

It took a while for her eyes to adjust to the low light of the chapel, but C.C strode through the center aisle of the chapel, slowly walking towards the altar.

The gesture amused her, as she took her time to "walk down the aisle." Any other girl might have been slightly nervous to do this; it certainly was linked to the prospect of marriage, a pledge of undying love between two individuals. She had seen her share of marriages in her long life and despite how some of these marriages ended, the actual event itself was always an incredibly happy one. The blushing bride would look her absolute best, laughing and crying with her friends and family, while the groom would beam proudly at what had been the best decision in his life.

Her hand lazily touched the smooth edges of the pews, smiling sadly. Even C.C was vulnerable to the notion of a happy marriage, though it was something she had given up on a long, long time ago.

She had reached the altar, but there was still no sign of Lelouch. She sighed deeply in disappointment. She wanted to at least talk to him about what was planning for the end of the Zero Requiem, and, as she looked at the empty chapel from the altar, seeing the numerous pews from this viewpoint.

And, for a moment, just a fast, short-lived moment, she could imagine the aisle decorated with flowers, petals floating in the air and on the beautiful red carpet. The sunlit room was bursting with color and activity, and all the people she knew were sitting on the pews, cheering and laughing and applauding nonstop. And at her side...

And the mirage went away just as quickly as it appeared. The cheering was gone, the sunlight was gone, the people were gone...the chapel was empty again.

She sighed again, shaking her head, disappointed in herself. Silly girl, she thought, there's just no way for that to happen to you. The Geass, after all, brings nothing but isolation to its users..the Code is certainly no exception. For you to be indulging in such...fantasies... She sighed again.

"Oh, what're you doing here?"

Surprised, she turned around. Coming from one of the doors behind the altar, it was Lelouch. Dressed in his white Emperor's clothing, if C.C didn't recognize him she might have mistaken him for a ghost.

"Where the hell did you come from?" C.C asked, visibly shocked.

"The bathroom," he replied, pointing at one of the doors, "Anyway, what're you doing here?"

"That's my line, boy," she responded, "I've been looking everywhere for you. You have the nerve to keep things from me - "

"Well, that's fine," he suddenly interrupted, cutting her off, "Now that you're here, would you mind doing a little something with me?"

"What're you talking about?" She asked, slightly irritated that he cut her off.

He shrugged, and with a smile, he answered, "Oh, just...a little something."

"Well, spit it out already. What do you have in mind?" C.C was still feeling a bit aggravated, but not because of Lelouch, but because of that little..."moment" she had before he arrived. Never in her long life had she even thought of becoming a...a BRIDE herself. Even the thought itself was unnerving. She thought she had given up on the notion, but here she was, acting like a...a daydreaming schoolgirl just a few moments ago. Such human indulgences was something she believed she had moved on from. Living alone for the past several centuries did that to her, and she believed that such things were trivial and foolish.

"Well?!" She yelled. She wanted to calm down, but the disappointment in her was rather overwhelming.

"W-why are you angry?" Lelouch asked, moving back a little.

"I'm not angry!" She yelled back. Maybe she was, she thought. Angry at herself, angry at bringing up such a ludicrous fantasy, angry at even thinking that it was possible for her.

"You're angry," he pointed out.

"I told you I'm not!" She replied loudly. She wanted to punch him, seriously. But what would that accomplish? Nothing! Lelouch wasn't helping matters at all, either. Couldn't he get a clue? It was true she was being vague, but at least he could be a little more sensitive, she thought.

"You are. Look at you, you're as red as a tomato."

The comment made C.C flush even further. She replied, "That is NOT true, I was just...I was just...ah, forget it."

She took a few deep breaths, trying to calm herself down. She realized, there was no use being angry over this. Like she believed, that issue was trivial and foolish, and was not worth her time. She collected herself and reminded her that she had a reason why she sought Lelouch: to ask about the final stage of the Zero Requiem. She became quiet for a while as she tried to catch her breath.

Lelouch said, "And all of a sudden you're quiet. Seriously, witch, you confuse me."

She sighed. "Drop it. Now, I have something to ask you - "

"Before that, though, there's something I want to give you," he replied, and his hand dug into his side pocket. C.C watched him with very little interest, and just waited for the next opportunity to ask him about the Zero Requiem. She just wanted to get this over with and find out what Lelouch had planned; nothing else really mattered at this point.

But as Lelouch withdrew the item from his pocket, for C.C, all of a sudden, everything else in the world seemed moot.

Without even realizing it her eyes were fixed on the small item in Lelouch's hand. Just by looking at it, she was caught in a turbulent storm of emotion. She would look at Lelouch, would see a sincere smile on his face, then go back to his hand. This was absolutely unexpected, truly uncalled for, utterly ludicrous....

And yet C.C found herself tearing up despite herself. Her hands cupped her mouth, suppressing the small gasp that escaped from her lips. Her fingers could feel the warmth from her cheeks. A single tear trickled down her face.

She had lived for so long and had experienced so much in her long life, but this was a true first for her. For once, she had no idea what to say.

In Lelouch's hand was a small, nondescript box. The lid was open, revealing a silk-threaded interior.

At the center of the box, there was a ring.


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