Title: Another Chapter

Rating: K

Summary: Sequel to Hermione's Quest. Hermione finds new challenges as the Card Captor when strange things start happening, starting at the Burrow. Soon she finds that this is a test to get her ready to take her place as the most powerful sorcerer in the world.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Chapter 1: The Changing Book

   "So are you going to the Cup today?" Kero asked.

   "Yes, we have to leave early," Hermione told her guardian. "I'm hoping that I can find a favorite team to root for."

   "Well I'm coming," Kero said. "Mr. Weasley has already told me that I can."

Hermione made a mental note to kill Mr. Weasley.

   "And Severus will be there as well," Kero added.

Hermione went pink at the mention of Severus.

  "Ooh someone has a crush on their Moon Guardian," Kero teased.

Hermione went from pink to red.

   "I don't have a crush on my Moon Guardian," Hermione hissed. "Just because he's big and powerful doesn't mean that I have a crush on him."

   "Yeah, yeah, whatever," Kero said and then went into Hermione pack.

  "Hay, maybe I should get the Clow Cards just-."

She stopped when she saw a sudden flash of light. Hermione knew that it had to come from the book. Slowly she reached down and took it, noting its glow. Kero popped his head out and looked at it as well.

   "What in the world is going on here?" Hermione asked as the light died down and then she gasped, her name was on the book.

   "What happened?" Kero asked.

   "I don't know," Hermione answered.

And then suddenly she felt something. She turned in the direction of the window and so did Kero.

   "Did you feel that?" Hermione asked.

   "Yes, I did," Kero answered. "But why is it here?"

   "Hay, Hermione, Cerberus, we're leaving," Mr. Weasley called, breaking through both Hermione and Kero's thoughts.

Kero looked at her.

   "Hermione, this is what I've been talking about," he said. "This is what I mean by expecting the unexpected."

Hermione looked at him and nodded.


   "Ooh look, it's the all-powerful Card Mistress," teased Fred Weasley.

   "Shut up before I turn you into a fish," Hermione snapped.

He snickered and Hermione hurried to catch up.

   "So what kept you, Hermione?" Ron asked.

   "The book," Hermione answered.

Harry and Ron looked at her. Harry had been told all about the Final Judgment that had taken place, that Severus wasn't a real person but the Guardian of the Moon, and that she was now the new Master of the Clow Cards.

   "What happened to it?" Harry asked.

   "It changed," Hermione said. "It now has my name on it."

   "Oh great, now Hermione personalizes her things," Ron moaned.

Hermione went red.

   "Kero said that this was what he talked about when he said to expect the unexpected," Hermione said.

   "That's right, Master," Kero said.

   "I wish you would stop calling me that," Hermione said. "It reminds me-."

   "Hay don't put much into it," Kero said. "It's an old habit. Anyway, we need a Master to survive."

   "You mean you don't have your own energy."

   "Of course we do but we rely on our Master for most of it," Kero said. "And when all is said and done she'll be more powerful then Voldemort."

   "Wicked!" Ron commented.

   "And what about Snape?" Harry asked. "I mean I know that he isn't real, that he's false, but does he serve Hermione as well."

   "Of course," Kero said. "He will always answer to the one that has the power. And Hermione has it in tons."

   "Kero, I told Yue that I was his friend, not his Master."

   "True but that's how Clow Reed did it and that's how it's done," Kero said. "Anyway, it's not like your using us for evil. We protect people."

   "That's nice to know," Hermione said.