Title: The Next Chapter

Rating: K

Summary: Sequel to Hermione's Quest. Hermione finds new challenges as the Card Captor when strange things start happening, starting at the Burrow. Soon she finds that this is a test to get her ready to take her place as the most powerful sorcerer in the world.

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Chapter 70: Words Revealed

Eleven Years Later…

Headmistress McGonagall watched Professor Longbottom bring in the line of new students. She listened as the hat told the students what qualities each house looked for. When the sorting started she was waiting for that one name to pop up. It had been so long since that family had been here. Finally…"Snape, Minerva' was called.

A small girl went to the stool and the hat was placed on her head. Everyone waited for what seem like forever before the hat declared that she belonged in Slytherin. The table cheered as she ran over to the Slytherin table. Suddenly McGonagall looked up and saw three figures high above everything. She knew that it was her parents and Cerberus watching another generation of Snape's go into Hogwarts.

The next day the small girl popped her head into the office. McGonagall smiled at her and she smiled back. She looked a little like her father but she had her mother's eyes.

"What can I do for you?" she asked.

"Can you tell me about my mother," Minerva asked.

McGonagall smiled at her and motioned her to sit.

"I believe that story started with your mother finding a book and ended with Clow Reed," she said, beginning the tale of one girl finding a book, capturing the cards, changing them, and finding true love.

McGonagall hoped that the Snape's continued to have a happily ever after.


A/N: I hope that all of you really liked this story. It was sort of hard to write with me using the fourth book as a base. If anyone wants me to write a story with Minerva Snape in it please let me know. Thanks. Of course if you do then you'll have to wait. I want to write at least ten chapters first before I even publish.