She felt her heart racing in her chest, trying to pump the oxygen around her body that it was craving Prologue

They had been working undercover, Tony and her, trying to bring down a scientist that had invented a drug to reverse the moral compass. When they had been caught out. Somebody has beaten McGee's firewall and found out who they really were, that they worked for NCIS and Gibbs was their boss.

Ziva didn't know how, computers weren't her "thing". The only thing she knew for sure was that they were in trouble. The scientist, Dr. James Drayson said that he needed test subjects and that they were perfect.

They had been surrounded. Five men each, Ziva tried to fight but it was useless, they were all highly trained in hand to hand combat and it did not take long for them to get her on the floor, they pulled her on to her feet, one pulled her head back using her hair wrapping his free hand around her waist whilst two others held her arms tight and the other two trained a gun on her head.

Tony didn't even try to fight they had him restrained before he had a chance.

Once Dr. Drayson saw both Agents were restrained he brought the needle into view, he walked over to Tony, whilst Ziva started to struggle violently: "LEAVE HIM ALONE!" She bellowed,

Dr. Drayson looked at her, and smiled, he changed direction and stopped in front of Ziva as she continued to struggle.

"Well, Well, feisty aren't we?" he said

She made an attempt to kick him, but he blocked her leg and swiftly punched her in the face, he ignored Tony's shouts at him to stop.

" I can see why Mr Dinozzo is quite besotted with you, you're beautiful" he looked at her, she stared coldly into his eyes. "Shame im gonna have to take that sparkle out of your eyes though."

"What are you talking about?" She growled at him

"Well see I can't very well inject you can I? I mean, I have other plans for you" as he said this he stroked her face and she flinched at his touch. "That means I'll have to inject Tony over there."

"No!" She said, "I'll do anything you want but don't hurt him."

"Anything?" He thought for a moment. "Fine" he looked at his goons holding Tony "Take him to a holding room" he returned his attention to Ziva "Take Miss David to My quarters." She shuddered, as she was lead into a dark room.

She waited for Drayson to come, she knew what he wanted, and she felt sick thinking about it but if it were going to help Tony it would be worth it.

He entered the room and walked over to her, he began to caress her face and she didn't stop him, he moved slowly down her body and then threw her to the floor, he straddled her and continued his journey.

She just wished and prayed for it be over. She shut her eyes tight.

Soon it was over and Drayson got up and dressed and allowed Ziva to do the same. He then called three men into the room, two of them held Ziva whilst the other pointed a gun at her. He told another man outside the room to prepare Tony for the injection. Ziva screamed "YOU SAID YOU WOULDN'T TOUCH HIM!" she had tears in her eyes that were threatening to brim over.

"I lied," he said

"YOU ASSHOLE" she tried to lunge at him only to receive a hard punch in the stomach from the man holding a gun.

Ziva doubled over. "You never learn do you Ziva?" Drayson taunted "violence gets you nowhere."

She looked up at him and growled. "You're sick," she hissed

"You were good" He smirked.

He crossed the line; she broke the grip of the men holding her and launched herself at the Dr, and continued to hit him until the man holding the gun hit her with the butt of it in the back of her neck where she fell unconscious to the floor.

Bleeding and bruised the Dr shook him self down, "Take that bitch into the lab, tie her to a chair and get Dinozzo in there. I'll be there in a minute I need to clean up.

When Ziva woke up she was bound to a chair, by handcuffs, she smirked. Handcuffs were easy to get out of. She heard Drayson talking; he walked into the lab followed by men who were dragging Tony.

"Ahh nice of you to join us Ziva," his voice made her skin crawl. "Tony is ready, you did everything in vain, it was good though" he smiled

She gave him a look that brought a whole new meaning to the phrase: 'if looks could kill' then she spoke "Well you know, thinking about it, it doesn't surprise me that you lied, I mean come on look at you! How else are you going to get any?" She smirked at the slight look of sadness in his eyes. The sadness soon turned to anger, as he raised his fist to her and struck her hard on the side of the face. She didn't yelp, flinch or cringe, she smiled. She knew she had gotten to him.

"Hey Jack ass, leave her alone" Tony called to him

"Don't worry Tony, she's the least of my interests at the moment."

He pulled the needle out of his pocket and plunged it into Tony's neck so fast if Ziva had blinked she would have missed it. A small cry escaped her throat missed by everyone except Drayson.

"Ahh Ziva don't worry, you can spend time with him if you want, wont be very pleasant for you though" with that he laughed.

He turned back to Tony, "Do what you want to her, make it hurt, I got a score to settle with NCIS, take these keys if she gets free track her down, you do not kill her, I want her to ransom back to NCIS, they took my brother from me. I make them pay, I want to see the look on Leroy Jethro Gibbs face once he sees that I've got his little princess." He said making sure Ziva heard none of it.

Ziva had almost finished picking the locks on her handcuffs one more second … yes!

She revealed nothing in her face.

She waited for the goons to leave before she stood up.

Tony was looking at her. "I wondered how long it would be, before you found you way out of those" he said.

"Tony…are you ok?" She asked

"Im great Zee-vah" he replied "it's you that im worried about."

"What?" She asked confused.

He didn't explain, he didn't need to, he lunged at her and tried to hit her, she dodged and began to run.

"Crap" she thought. She had to warn Gibbs.

She reached for her cell. She dialled the number and to her relief Gibbs answered. She explained the situation to him.

"Ziva where are you, ill come and get you" Gibbs said

"Im at …" she didn't have time to finish as the phone was shot out of her hand with surprising accuracy.

"Sorry Ziva, Gibbs is busy" Tony said walking to wards her.

She took off running again.

Tony tried to keep up but it was useless. Drayson had given him keys! Why was he running? He saw the car coming up and he unlocked the door and started the engine, he drove off towards Ziva. She was fast, but she couldn't out run a car…