Ziva stiffened as the cold blade was brought to her throat, suddenly she screamed, covering her side, trying not force herself upon the knife.

"Uhhh Boss?" The guy holding the knife was confused just like everyone else in the room. The guy holding her released her and the guy holding the knife took it away form her throat just long enough for Ziva to attack.

She kicked the knife from his hand and punched him in the stomach. Gibbs drew his weapon.

"Freeze!" he said to Drayson, aiming his gun at the scientist.

Gibbs called Tony and told him to send someone to pick up Drayson's men as Ziva handcuffed the man himself and threw him into the back of Gibbs' car.

He was impressed at her acting skills, making them think she was in pain because something they hadn't done to give her time to attack. It was clever, but it didn't get her off the hook.

He went over to her; she looked up at him, her big chocolate eyes offering him a puppy-like apology. He smiled, for an assassin she could be very cute.

"What did he do tot you Ziva?" Gibbs asked.

"Besides hold me hostage and try to kill me you mean?" Ziva said sarcastically

"Did he touch you?" Gibbs wouldn't let it drop.

She looked at the ground.

"Ziva" he said

"I … I told him I would do anything if he did not hurt Tony…I did not think…I …I thought it would help Tony… but the bastard drugged him anyway…It… I mean He…I should not have trusted his word…I was desperate Gibbs… I did not know what to do."

"Its ok Ziva" he said bringing her close to him in a hug, something he seldom did. "Why did you tell the nurse not to tell me?"

"I was embarrassed and I thought you would treat me different if you knew." She barley whispered.


"Tony where are they?" Abby asked yet again.

Abby Tony and McGee were in the Bullpen.

"I don't know abs" Tony said he was worried now.

The elevator dinged and in stepped Gibbs and Ziva.

"David debriefing 19:00 hours" Gibbs barked then made his way up to the director's office.

Ziva was buried beneath Abby's hugs.

After Abby had calmed down, McGee walked her down to the lab. Tony stayed with Ziva, he followed her when she went to the bathroom, but unlike Ziva eh knew what bathroom doors were for: privacy. So he waited for her to come out.

"Why are you following me Tony" Ziva said coming out of the bathroom.

"Because I learnt something today"

"What?" she asked, suddenly curious

"That life is too short to wait for this to happen on its own." He said and put his hand on her face and kissed her.

She was stunned at first but slowly she started to kiss him back.

Tony allowed all his feelings for her to come out through the kiss and Ziva did the same.

When they finally broke apart for air Tony heard Ziva whisper… "What about rule twelve?"

"Screw rule twelve" Was Tony's response before he leaned in and kissed her once more.

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