Remy didn't take everything from his apartment when he moved. For one, there wasn't enough room for everything, and two, there were some things he just didn't want in the end.

He kept his bed and his sheets. Mainly because he liked the mattress and Marie was crazy about the sheets. He kept all his clothes and small things like books and CD's. Overall, he wouldn't really miss his apartment or the bigger objects he left behind.

To suit his already established lifestyle, Logan and Storm agreed to give him a more private room up in the attic and his own bathroom. He liked his privacy and it was one of his main concerns in joining the team.

Just off his bedroom, he had a small living area to himself where he set up his TV, stereo and gaming consoles, keeping only his couch, since that's all that would fit. He'd given up his kitchen and agreed to eat and cook with the rest of the team like a big, abnormal family. It would take some getting used to. Luckily, Rogue would be with him.

He'd miss his pool. Rogue was right. It was impossible to book in time for its use. He'd thought about midnight dips with her, sneaking from the mansion. But with so many people around, it was nearly impossible to do what they wanted to do in the water, even in the middle of the night. Someday, he'd steal that opportunity.

Remy wasn't used to being surrounded by mutants all the time. He was used to being a loner. Dinner time scared the hell out of him. It was loud, boisterous, pushy, and more often than not, he was bombarded with inappropriate and uncomfortable questions from the younger mutants. They couldn't seem to understand how a guy like him not only ended up dating Rogue, but also joining the team.

Some days he'd give anything for a kitchenette in his loft.

The rest of team seemed to accept him as a member right away with the only exception being Rogue's ex-boyfriend, but that was to be expected. He had proved his worth to the team the night he'd organized the Brotherhood caper, in which only three of them actually had to fight, and that was only as a diversion. Bobby and Colossus had drawn out the necessary amount of mutants while Storm covered from above.

The rest was all a stealth inside job. With Remy's thieving skills, Kitty's computer knowledge and Warren's expertise in banking, they had robbed the Brotherhood blind. They had transferred the funds as untraceable donations to various mutant organizations, like a research facility on Muir Island, a special task force in New York and various other places intent on helping rather than hindering mutants.

Remy's reasoning was simple. Without the money, the Brotherhood would be useless to the Marauders. By donating the funds, the money couldn't be found so easily, and as a nice bonus, Magneto would be honouring his friend, Xavier's memory in a more positive way now by helping.

Marie had laughed and laughed when Remy had told her the story, exclaiming that he was brilliant. Brilliance had nothing to do with him joining the team. She was the reason he was here. The reason he'd been given a second chance.

The first week when everything concerning his 'death' and new life was taken care of, Remy was sure Sinister would come after him, but Regan's illusion held up even in her death. At times, he wished that Hank would have had the common sense to take away her phone. That way she never would have received the coded message giving her the Marauder's instructions. Then she might still be alive.

The truth was Regan wasn't going to recover from the injuries she'd received from Wolverine, and had already been dying as she made her way to where Remy was ready to die for Rogue. His freedom was paid in blood and Remy would never forget that.

If anything, it solidified Remy's purpose here at the mansion. Sure, he was ultimately here for Rogue, but he wanted a peaceful existence for everyone as well. In the aftermath of Regan's death, it was easy for him to try and bring about Xavier's vision. Somehow, Remy was finally allowed to be one of the good guys.

He didn't feel so guilty anymore about his past, and it was safe to say he was slowly becoming more comfortable with himself. He had even taken to wearing short sleeved T-shirts without his gloves around the mansion. He even took it as a compliment when Jubilee mentioned how 'bad-ass' his scars were.

He'd garnered a fair amount of attention from the women and girls at the mansion, and it was unnerving to be checked out as often as he was now that he had no interest in other women. Rogue had told him it was because he was fresh meat, and the curiosity around him would die down once everyone was used to him.

He spent every free minute with Marie, and most nights she would tip toe up to the attic and spend her nights cuddled up beside him. Their new found relationship had taken a hit from Regan's illusions. Marie was insecure about all the things he could do with the illusion or any other girl for that matter and not her.

He'd told her flat out that there was an obvious difference.

He didn't love the illusion version, or any other girl for that matter. He loved her. He loved everything about her. He loved inventing ways to be with her. With her, his life was never dull or boring. With her he was free.

He was about to turn out his light for the night when he heard the soft knocking at his door. He got up and let her in, quite surprised, since he wasn't expecting her this evening.

He kissed her softly on her hair, and went to put on a shirt so he could sleep safely beside her. By now it was a common routine, much like brushing his teeth. She was already in her robe and ready for bed. When he returned to her she was actually not ready for bed, or more, ready for him.

The robe was on the floor at her feet, revealing what she wore underneath. It was the most exquisite whisper of fabric he'd ever seen on her or in his life. The pale blue satin let a tease of perky nipple show through and it was enough to undo him right there.

She had on arm length gloves tonight, which meant she planned on wrapping her arms around him. He was reaching like a robot for his gloves, mesmerized by the vision before him.

"Do you like it?" she asked shyly, her voice shaking from nerves.

Every compliment he wanted to give her stuck in his throat. He stood before her like a gaping idiot, bobbing his head up and down. She smiled shyly before moving closer to touch him and he'd beat her to it. His arms embraced her tightly pulling her with him straight to the bed. There was no way she would be escaping from his sight or grasp for the rest of the evening.

Both on their knees, she gasped in delight when he tipped his head towards the fabric trailing his lips down its length and back up again. He had no idea what saliva would do to the frail material. He'd buy her a new one if he wrecked this one, because there was no way he wasn't going after both of the nipples that perked up beneath the swell of blue. Her hands were around his neck and her upper body arched up towards his lips as she moaned softly in pleasure.

There were certain things he knew about timing, and tonight was definitely the night to prove to her that they were meant to be, to lay all her insecurities and doubts to rest. He could be with her, and he had no intention of slipping away into unconsciousness. Of course, he'd have to be careful. His fall back would be to charge something nearby in order to hang on if he slipped up and her mutation kicked in.

Rogue's biggest concern had been her previous experiences with her ex. Remy knew that Bobby hadn't been able to make love to her without passing out, but that was only because Bobby's technique and methods were flawed. Bobby moved too fast. Romancing Rogue properly would take time. It would have to be slow. He would need to pull away, to catch his bearings while simultaneously teasing her in his absence to still maintain the atmosphere and keep her interested.

He was sure he could do it, and judging by the surprise of pale blue fabric carefully covering everything he wanted so badly to see on her, he was sure that she knew they could do this too.

He had taken care to prepare for the event when it finally arrived, he wasn't anything if not prepared for all possible outcomes with women, and after much teasing above the satin he was ready to take it to the next step. She willingly let him slowly slip the tiny night dress from her body and up over her head, perfectly tussling up her hair.

The shock of pale flesh complimented by perfectly rosy nipples had his already hard member straining at the zipper. The girl had a knack for coaxing him to rise to certain occasions. He had almost forgotten that this was a two person show, until that delicate gloved hand of hers moved to undress him.

It was equally slow and he had to fight to keep from tearing his own clothes off in a heartbeat and let her do it. She was equally skilled in seduction, and Remy was sinking fast into a sea of bliss.

He hadn't figured out a way to kiss her deeply yet without having to resort to charging something, and the result of not kissing only heightened the erotic tension in air. He thought he'd come then and there when she licked her lips slowly, moistening up those fabulous pouty lips in a 'do me' sort of gesture.

Needless to say, he couldn't hold off on removing her underwear now. Things beyond either of their control had been set in motion as she mirrored his move, removing his own underwear. Neither took off their gloves. To Remy, it was incredibly hot to see his girlfriend with nothing on but satin gloves and smile on.

Marie refused to just sit there while he reached over to the drawer in his nightstand to retrieve the items they would need to do this as safely as possible. She stroked him with a natural ease and felt him shiver with delight in her hand. He'd even stopped his rummaging for a few moments to close his eyes and enjoy her touch.

He returned to her after he'd found what he was looking for, placing the items on the nightstand. He delicately guided her onto her back amongst the luxurious, soft sheets she so adored. He gave her one fleeting look of pure nerves, as though he was still checking to see if she was game. She was, and gave him her most reassuring smile. Whatever the outcome, they would try again, something different until they got it.

She was definitely in the mood, and it was hard not to get lost in the increasing desire and remember the risks involved, until Remy moved his body along side hers, carefully creating a barrier with the sheet. He leaned back grabbing the jar from the nightstand. Marie beamed at him.

They had snuck out of the mansion weeks ago to 'investigate' a fairly out of the way 'love boutique', just to have a browse around to see if they could find anything that might aid their attempts for contact that didn't rely in the silicone, battery operated sort of way.

The jar was gold and came with a blusher brush, with elegant black scrolled letters reading 'Honey Dust' on the label. It was a sheer, edible powder for licking off one's partner, but both had thought instantly that it might create a safe enough barrier.

He was opening the lid now, his hands a little shaky, as if the anticipation of this moment was too great for him to maintain calm. Of course he spilled some on the bed and gave a short, nervous laugh.

It sent tiny, delicate shivers up her spine as he began to slowly dust her body in a most taunting and seductive fashion. She appreciated how he could turn the most mundane prep work for their attempts at sex into the most pleasurable foreplay. One hand dusted softly while the other trailed down below her waist, firmly fondling between her legs.

"Oh God!" She gasped in unexpected joy when the smooth leather of his glove came in perfect contact with her skin creating tremors of ecstasy that started between her legs and moved up through her body and down to her toes.

Remy only smiled at her quickly before speeding up his pace, now making her moan in sheer bliss. He moved the powder brush to softly dust her nipples, creating a mixture of sensations in her until she couldn't take anymore and succumbed entirely to the pleasure he so readily offered her.

She hadn't realized she had arched her back up to him until she collapsed in wonder onto the bed. She lay in a euphoric daze panting slightly as Remy finished up with the last of his dust with a satisfied look on his face. Somehow amongst pleasing her he'd managed to dust himself too.

Time was meaningless when pleasure was involved.

He started it first, and removed his gloves. She followed shortly after. They both remained still, both wanting to make the first move yet, neither moving.

"It's now or never," she whispered finally and reached a tentative bare hand towards him, resting it softly on his stomach. She felt the tug a little quicker than it had been in the water, but not dangerously fast. She opened her mouth to ask if he was okay.

He reached for the condom. "Ready?" he asked quietly.

She nodded.

"If I have to pull away—"

"It's fine," she reassured.

And it was on every account. When he moved inside her it came naturally to her rise up and meet him, he had grabbed her breasts, eagerly massaging them within his hands, while marveling in the contact. Once or twice he had to pull away and catch his breath, using the time to sprinkle their bodies in more of the powder before going back to her for more.

It was a long and languid sort of lovemaking, which allowed a slow build up emotions and sensations to unite in perfect harmony, and when it was over they lingered together before pulling away.

They lay together in bliss for a long time before either spoke.

"I swear this was never what I was paying you for." She smiled at him with shiny, adoring eyes.

"That's good," he bantered back. "Because I don't charge for this. Call it a First Time Buyer's bonus."

"Well," she answered playfully, "you had better charge something quick."

Her lips were swiftly on his, as he grabbed the headboard, letting a magenta glow fill the room while her tongue slid past his lips.

It was the perfect start to a relationship that had originally been fabricated.