Reaching Out

She's been reaching out and trying to get through to him for months now. Maybe years, depending on how you interpret the foundations of their relationship.

She has watched him go through the most painful things a parent can go through – losing a child – and she has been there for him since, even if he hasn't noticed (or has just been too damn stubborn and 'typical John' to admit it and thank her).

She doesn't mind. That is what scares her most. She is devoted to John in such a way that she wouldn't change it for anything, even if she never gets anything back from him.

As long as he is okay, she is okay. If he is sad, she is sad with and for him. That will be the way of it, even if nothing more eventuates. She will continue to reach out to him and she will be there for him no matter what.

Content as she is just to have that, there will always be a part of her that longs for him to one day reach out for her too.