In The Cold

Around them, everything is white. From the highest branch on the tallest tree right down to the shortest blade of grass sprouting from the ground, the snow blankets it all. Not a splash of colour bar their distinctive windbreakers – his black and hers green – is present. It is truly a magical sight to be seen.

He grips her hand tighter and turning, grins stupidly at her. "Now this," he says, "is what I call a White Christmas!" He continues walking, backwards now, pulling her along with him. His cheeks are flushed red from the cold and his eyes sparkle as intense a blue as ever.

She smiles softly, though she's clearly she's still cautious about being so exposed to the weather.

"C'mon, doc," he teases. "You said yourself that as long as we don't stay out too long, we won't get frostbite. Live a little. Have some fun." His comment earns him a wide grin and a sheepish shrug.

"What can I say, Cameron?" she hurls back. "I guess all of us have our limits. Now if this was a mission to save someone, I wouldn't be so reluctant, but since it's not, I can't see the point of being out here in the cold. It's…it's crazy!"

He smirks and without warning, pulls her down to the snow.

She squeals and lands on top of him. "Cameron!"

She falls silent when his lips crash against hers and presses her body to his. She only stops and pulls away when she feel something dig into her arm. Searching the ground with one hand, her fingers wrap around a very cold, round object: a pocket watch, she discovers.

"I"ve been looking for that!" he exclaims upon seeing it. He slowly pulls her up and plants a kiss on her forehead. "Thank god we came out here. Must be fate."

Rolling her eyes good-naturedly, she grips his arm and drags him towards the house. "That's very nice, Cam, but how about we finish this inside?"

He nods. "Sounds like a plan."