Making Babies

"Cameron Mitchell."

Cam spun around at the sound of his name being called and grimaced. Vala. He wasn't sure what to make of her and until he had some idea of what to expect he had intended on staying far, far away from her.

He had gotten in deep with a few girls that she reminded him of before and little of it had turned out well. Avoidance was a great strategy that he intended to take very seriously.

By the glint in Vala's eyes, she had caught on to what he was trying to do, however.

Her next words only confirmed it.

"You've been avoiding me, Colonel," she stated slyly, "and I was hoping you'd tell me why." She moved closer to him and stared up at him with cool grey eyes, level, knowing. Far too knowing.

"I haven't been avoiding you," Cam brushed her off. "I've been busy." He paused. "And I thought you were all hung up on Jackson anyhow. Bored already?"

Narrowing her eyes, Vala shrugged. "Daniel is…preoccupied. I've been wanting to see you." She winked at him.

Taking a step back, Cam waved a hand about in protest. "Oh, no you don't! You want Daniel." He nodded in the general direction of the archaeologist's office.

"I want you," Vala corrected with a grin. "I reconsidered my first impressio of you and I think we've met before. In fact, I'm certain of it."

Their eyes locked for a moment and Cam felt his pulse quicken. Vala did look vaguely familiar. He just couldn't place how or where he'd have met her. "In another lifetime, maybe," he shot back, dismissing her. He made to head off down the hall, but Vala grabbed him by the wrist.

"Perhaps," she said. "Anyhow, I'm not done with you yet."


"You're lying."

Irritation building in his chest, Cam came to a stop. "Yes you are and no I'm not. I've got things to do now, so…"

"You don't," Vala interrupted. "I asked Daniel earlier and he confirmed that all of SG-1 is on stand-down for a week. You've been avoiding me."

He couldn't argue with that. "Fine. I've been avoiding you," he shot back. "Happy?"

She pouted at him. "Hurt."

"Well, I'm sorry, Vala, really. Please. Just…leave me alone, will you?"

Her eyebrows raised, she put her hands on her hips. "No. As I said, I'm not done with you."

He grimaced and waved for her to go on.

"I think we should have a go at," she began.

"What? We should have a go at what?" he asked impatiently.

She grinned. "Making babies."


He swallowed.

"So," she said. "How about it?"

He opened his mouth to reply and then closed it. He scrunched up his face. Blinked at her. Shook his head and finally, turned and walked away from her.

What could he say to that, really?

What could he say to her without lying?

The emotions her proposition had stirred up in him were not something he wanted publicised and if he was to let her in on them, that's what they'd be.

He didn't stop walking until he made it to his quarters. He slumped down on his bed.

Frowning, he spoke into the empty room. "Making babies? For real?"