"I love you, not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you." – Roy Croft

The coming months were some of the most trying, and rewarding, times of Draco Malfoy's life. Hermione never did let him forget all of those insults and prods he'd flung at her over their courting period at the shelter. Finally, in exasperation, he'd thrown his hands up, and shouted at her that he was sorry, but that he didn't regret it because it worked out well for them both in the end. She stopped needling him about it, after that.

Hermione moved out of her flat a month after visiting the memorial, finding a nice little house out near the Weasleys, whom she was now visiting regularly. The family had their reservations about Draco at first, but seeing the glow in Hermione's eyes and the flush on her cheeks was more than enough to convince them.

Harry was rather smug about the whole thing, embellishing his part in it all as Hermione blushed in Draco's lap. Ginny put him back in his place, telling him that it was her dress Hermione had worn, after all.

Draco let them have their fun. He knew, after all, that it was really all his suave moves and determination that got him the girl in the end. (He, of course, made no mention of this thought to Hermione; he didn't want her bursting his bubble.)

Two months after moving out, Draco showed up on her doorstep with a plaintive look. "I found this dog… and he needs a place to sleep as my mother really hates dogs and my flat is too small." Snuffing through a slit in the window of Draco's work car, Hermione instantly recognized Symon. Soon Symon was the most spoiled dog on the block, with his own room, chew toys galore, and a spot on Hermione's bed… at least until Draco had a stern talking to him about exactly who had the opposable thumbs in the relationship.

Hermione and Draco visited the memorial a year later, holding hands as they left flowers at Ron's grave. Walking from the memorial, Hermione had slipped Draco a key, smirking (like a Slytherin, he noted) at his confused look as she told him quietly that she expected him home by 9.

Later that night, in their house, with their dog, and in their bed, Draco pulled Hermione closer. It was about time Hermione got a happy ending, after all. And he was pleased as plums to be the one to help her there.

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